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How Ian Somerhalder Achieved a Net Worth of $12 Million

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder is an American model and actor who has achieved a high mark of success in his career. As of February of 2021, his estimated net worth is a fortune of $12 million. When we learned this it made us wonder how he earned his massive estate in a tough industry where some thrive and others struggle to survive.

We checked into his personal and career history to determine if he earned his fortune in the entertainment business or if he had sideline ventures that contributed to his current status of wealth. Here is what we learned about him.

Ian's early years

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ian was born in a small town in the South. His home town is Covington, Louisiana. He was born on December 8, 1978. His parents are Edna and Robert Somerhalder.

His mom was a professional massage therapist and his dad an independent building contractor. The actor was raised with two other siblings and was the middle child in the family. He was sent to a private Catholic school before transferring to Mandeville public High School.

He started his professional career as a child

Somerhalder started his modeling career when he was just ten years old. He got an early start in the work world, modeling until he was 13 years old. He landed his first acting gig when he was 17 years old. It was a minor role but something bigger was awaiting him. He was cast in the WB series "Young Americans in the summer of 2000.

This was his first starring role. The series was a spinoff of the popular series "Dawson's Creek." This helped him to gain some needed exposure to open up other roles in the future. The series only lasted for 8 episodes before it was canceled. His next role came 2 years later in 2002 when he was cast as Paul Denton, a bisexual character in "The Rules of Attraction."

This showed his versatility as an actor. In 2004, Ian got his first big break when he landed the role of Boone Carlye in the hit series "Lost." Although they killed his character off in the first season of the show, he made appearances throughout the series up through the finale. His next gig was in "the Tournament" in 2009.

"Money Rules the World"

According to Shout Me Celeb, Ian gained his personal philosophy on success from his father. His father taught young Somerhalder that "money rules the world," and this is a principle that he still lives by. Ian knows the value of a dollar and he has been wise in how he handles his finance. He currently owns 2 cars including an Audi A8 and a Lamborghini.

The Audi is worth a little over $80,000, and the Lambo between $150-$200k, and for a multi-millionaire, that's not a lot. Ian doesn't go overboard but he does enjoy the fruits of his labors with a few nice things. He lives in a nice home in Malibu that is estimated to be valued at $590,000. He and his wife Nikki Reed purchased a Venice apartment that is 2-stories tall for $2.8 million. It has since increased in value by another million. He lives comfortably and enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, but he hasn't taken it over the top with lavishness.

A successful career in Hollywood

According to Celeb, Ian is 42 years old. He was awarded a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for his acting in "Lost" in 2006. On his 32nd birthday, he founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

He was paid $40,000 per episode for his appearances in "The Vampire Diaries," from 2009 forward. The actor was cast in the role of one of the most popular characters Vampire Damon Salvatore in the show. He has also won multiple Teen Choice and Peoples' Choice Awards for his acting in the show.

Ian volunteers to improve the natural environment

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation is his way of contributing to the betterment of the earth. Ian helped with the cleanup o the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling catastrophe in the spring of 2010. He was there to help out by cleaning wildlife that had been saturated with oil from the spill. Ian also taped PSAs to keep the public informed about the ramifications of the event.

Ian also attempted to advise them on how best to help in the cleanup effort. He has held fundraising events to support the St. Tammany Human Society. Somerhalder has remained active in helping to educate people about the necessity of protecting vulnerable animals. He believes in protecting the innocent animals along with the environment that we all live in. He is also concerned about climate change and supports initiatives aimed at reversing the phenomenon.

His personal life

Ian Somerhalder married fellow actress Nikki Reed in 2015. Two years later, they were blessed with their baby daughter Bodhi. He is a family man who has enjoyed a very successful career in the television and film industry and he continues to pursue his career in this field when he's not busy doing his part to save the planet.

Final thoughts

Ian Somerhalder has earned the bulk of his fortune through hard work in the acting profession. Ian has had a few lucky breaks that have helped him along with way, but in general, he is a self-made man who has made some wise decisions and applied himself to his craft. Somerhalder is a popular actor who has a promising career ahead of him, hopefully with many good years left as an actor.

Ian remains active in supporting worthy causes that will create a better environment for everyone, both humans and animals. He has given generously of his time and money to support the charities that he believes in. Somerhalder and his wife Nikki live a life of luxury, but they're not excessive in their spending. He knows the value of money and although he lives comfortably, he doesn't have a garage filled with 20 vehicles. He just has two. Ian is a well-balanced guy who is enjoying the benefits of a life well-lived.

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