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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jaydeep Barman

Jaydeep Barman

The love of Kolkata’s Kathi rolls made Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee co-found Faasos. The start-up later changed its name to Rebel, and Barman is its CEO. It has been a journey of ups and downs, but now the business is taking the world by storm, growing at 100% per year and delivering 2.5 million orders monthly. He believes that as long as people are eating, his business will continue to thrive. Let’s tell you more about Barman.

1. He Describes Himself as a Lazy Person

In an interview with The Economic Times, Barman said that as a Bengali, he is lazy. Therefore, if there is a way he can have others do the work for him, he will find it. Luckily, he is the CEO and can hire smart people to do the job as he would like it done. He said that from the first day he started his business, he looked for dedicated workers. Thus, even if he is the CEO, the job is accomplished by his team.

2. His Biggest Lesson as an Entrepreneur

For five years, Barman worked at McKinsey, and loved the security that came with being employed. He never had to worry if the company was going through a rough patch because he would still get his pay. However, when Barman left his cushy job to co-found Faasos, he realized that he could no longer afford to sit back and wait for things to unfold. He had to make them happen because entrepreneurship is filled with uncertainties that he has learned to manage.

3. How He Came Up with an Idea to Start Faasos

When Barman and his friend Banerjee traveled to the US, they noticed food chains like Taco Bell and McDonald’s. While they were impressed by the food-on-the-run concept, they were disappointed that none of the businesses sold Indian food. Yet, they missed the Indian delicacies back home. Consequently, as Yo! Success details, the two friends decided to start a fast-food joint. They envisioned it to be the largest and first food technology business in India thus used their savings of Rs 35 lakh (almost $47,000) to establish Faasos.

4. How the Name “Faasos” Came to Be

Barman disclosed that he and Banerjee did not take the time to research the name for their intended business. Regardless, they knew they wanted a unique name that did not sound like any other associated with burgers and pizzas. Therefore, they settled on “Fanatic Activism Against Substandard Occidental Sh*t” or Faasos. The name worked in raising curiosity and drawing customers driven by intrigue.

5. He Loves Mountaineering

On HTDS, Barman is described as the mountain man, a name derived from his love for mountaineering. He even likens running a business to climbing a mountain, reasoning that each bend hides something. Unfortunately, he does not have much time to spare as an entrepreneur. When he has some free time, he pursues his hobby of mountaineering. Barman’s passion for the sport is such that he knew if he ever became an entrepreneur, he would run a business related to food or mountaineering.

6. He Does Not Expect Resumes from Job Applicants

The entrepreneur discourages prospective employees from applying for jobs by sending their resumes. Instead, he prefers a detailed essay in which the candidates explain their interest in joining the company and what excites them about it. It is not the first company to use this method to assess the right fit for the vacant position. Other CEOs believe that a resume only displays the skills and attributes but does not reveal the personality. Therefore some firms, such as those offering coding classes, even opt for blind auditions.

7. His Parents Expected Him to Get a Degree

According to Mint Lounge, Barman’s father is a retired professor while his mother is a math teacher. As an educated couple, they wanted their son to pursue higher education; thus, encouraged him to get his degrees. However, the entrepreneur believes the insistence is because they knew he would be lazy and wanted him to have job security. Barman, therefore, studied engineering at Jadavpur University and did his master’s in Business administration at the Indian Institute of Management, now known as Lucknow.

8. He is an Exercise Freak

Most people say they do not exercise because they lack the time, but anyone determined to have a fitness routine will find the time. Barman thinks he is an exercise freak because he cannot afford to be out of shape; he, therefore, runs 5 to 10 kilometers daily. Other CEOs reason that exercising is the best way to ensure they have enough energy to take on their daily tasks. Mark Zuckerberg once said he works out thrice a week because staying in shape is important to him.

9. His First Job was a Waste of Time

After graduating with his master’s degree, Barman got a job at Onida, an electronics company where he was expected to sell television sets in an area plagued by power cuts. It was frustrating, and the entrepreneur felt like he was watching his life go down the drain, so he sought another job. He ended up at Brainvisa Technologies, a start-up that would play a critical role in shaping his insight into the world of start-ups. He climbed the ladder to become the vice president.

10. He Insists on Workers Dressing Properly

Even if he is a lazy Bengali, Barman usually shows up unexpectedly at the company’s premises, especially on weekends. He expects everyone to dress appropriately, and if he finds a worker not following this rule, he gets worked up. He recalled noticing someone about to deliver food without wearing a helmet and giving him an earful, only to realize the man was a customer wearing a T-shirt in the same color as the staff uniform.

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