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10 Things You Didn't Know about Jordi Romero

Jordi Romero

When you hear the name Jordi Romero, you might think about the company that he has founded called Factorial. This is especially true if you just happen to be an individual who works in Human Resources, considering that is precisely what his company deals with. It's important to realize that he didn't just come up with the idea for the company, he is also currently its CEO. Perhaps the bigger question is, what is Jordi Romero like as an individual? What do you know about him apart from his company? If you really want to know more, here are 10 things about him that might surprise you.

1. He's fiercely proud of his native Barcelona

A native of Barcelona, he absolutely loves the culture and the atmosphere there and is quick to point out that there is no place that he would rather be. As a matter of fact, he is so proud of Barcelona that he has openly said in the past that he would likely turn down his dream job if it meant that he could never go back there. There is no doubt that he is a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it.

2. He has a reputation for making money

Obviously, any successful entrepreneur worth their salt is going to be able to get a significant amount of money out of investors. That said, most of them are not capable of getting as much money out of their investors as he does. In addition to securing substantial amounts of money for both his current and previous startups, he also works with a team of upper echelon investors at a specialized organization called itnig. It may have a funny name, but it is composed of some of the most influential investors in the entire world. You don't get an audience with these people until you have genuinely done something worth getting their attention and he has clearly accomplished that goal many times over. After all, he doesn't just have their attention, he sits at the same table with them as he makes decisions on whether or not to invest in other people's products. That's a far cry from beginning life as an entrepreneur who was scrambling to make ends meet and doing whatever odd jobs he could find to keep his dreams afloat.

3. He believes in doing more than just staying busy

A lot of people might think that it's too much to be the founder of a company while simultaneously acting as its CEO and serving on what amounts to a very exclusive board of directors that essentially decides the fate of other entrepreneurs, but it's all just in a day's work for him. He says that he is happiest when he is busy because that allows him to be in his element. He says that he feels free to create the life he wants for himself when he stays busy. It is when he has down time that he starts to wonder what he should be doing next.

4. He's also not afraid to cut his losses when something isn't right

He is a highly driven individual that wants to succeed but he's also not afraid to cut his losses and walk away when the price for success is too high. This can sometimes be a risky move on his part, but it is a quality that has obviously paid off.

5. He's not afraid to take risks

An entrepreneur who is afraid to take risks might find themselves in a situation where they are essentially paralyzed by their own fears. There is nothing wrong with being fearful or even cautious. That's something that he's quick to point out. In fact, he says that any entrepreneur that claims they never have fear is lying to themselves or to everyone else. The difference is being afraid and then choosing to take those risks anyway.

6. He wants to help others succeed

He knows how difficult things can be as an entrepreneur. In fact, almost every entrepreneur knows how challenging that life can sometimes get. As such, he is determined to work with itnig and other teams of investors to help those who are up-and-coming experience success on the same level that he has enjoyed. For him, it's all about bringing others along with him as opposed to doing whatever is necessary to get ahead.

7. He's always looking for that next opportunity

Entrepreneurs have a tendency to constantly be searching for the next opportunity and he is no different. While he thoroughly enjoys the position that he is currently in, he's also open to creating new ideas to put him in more challenging positions in the future. For him, it's all about professional and personal growth while simultaneously having the opportunity to make a significant amount of money.

8. He loves startups

He has personally referred to himself as an enthusiast for startups. As far as he is concerned, there is just something about the excitement of a new startup that can't be matched through any other endeavor. As such, it's something that he enjoys doing himself. He's also quick to support other startups if he believes that they have what it takes to succeed.

9. He likes to stay active

Romero has a tendency to stay very active so when he's not working, he's usually participating in yoga or some other type of physical activity. He says that he especially enjoys yoga because it gives him an opportunity to control his mind while simultaneously strengthening his body.

10. He also likes to spend time outdoors

One of his favorite activities involves sailing. In fact, he says that the only activity he enjoys more is climbing. Clearly, he enjoys things that involve an element of adrenaline but he also likes to keep both his mind and body active and do things that bring him a great deal of joy.

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Written by Allen Lee

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