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10 Things You Didn't Know about Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier

Are you familiar with the name Louis Navellier? He is the founder of Navellier & Associates, a company that manages assets to the tune of more than 2 billion dollars. He also serves as the company’s CEO. That said, it seems that most people don’t really know a lot about him. If you have a desire to learn more, here are 10 things about him that you might like to know.

1. He comes from a big family

He is one of eight siblings. While most individuals that come from big families don't have as many opportunities when it comes to college, he is quick to point out that he made his own opportunities. It would be virtually impossible, at least from a financial standpoint, to send all eight children to college.

That said, he knew that the only thing that could really stop him from achieving his dreams was the limitations that he placed on himself. Therefore, he made it his mission in life to find a way to go to college and become successful in business, something that he has clearly done quite well.

2. He understands the importance of a good education

While he was growing up, he knew that in order to become successful in life, he had to first get a good education. He never doubted that that was the way for him to make a mark for himself in life. He did exactly that and he values that education so much that he currently serves on the board of directors for his alma mater in addition to routinely pledging large sums of money to the institution.

3. He’s also a writer

He currently writes for no less than four different financial newsletters, among them Bloomberg. He knows how to make money and in those newsletters, he teaches other individuals how to do the same thing that he has been doing for years.

4. He graduated college not long after most graduate high school

There is no doubt that he was a gifted student. As a matter of fact, he graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in business at the age of 20, only two years after most people graduate high school. That is definitely not something that most people are capable of accomplishing. It serves as a testament to both his intelligence and his drive to succeed.

5. He spends half the year in one part of the country, then the other

His company is based in Nevada, and he shares a home there with his family. However, he is a big fan of the East Coast. As such, he and his family spend half of the year in Nevada and then spend the other six months of the year in Florida. This isn't something that would work for everyone, but for them, it seems to work out just fine.

6. He enjoys hobbies that most would consider too expensive

One of the things that he enjoys doing most during his down time is collecting some of the rarest and most expensive performance automobiles that have ever existed. As such, he has developed quite the collection. This is a hobby that most people can only dream of. However, he has been extremely successful in his professional life and has more than enough money to purchase virtually any automobile that he chooses.

7. He keeps the majority of his business dealings private

Despite the fact that he has thousands of clients in which he personally manages, he makes it a point to keep the overwhelming majority of his business dealings private. In fact, he keeps most of it so private that people have no idea exactly what he is doing.

It is well known that he is very skilled at investing and that he manages literally thousands of portfolios for his customers. Aside from that, most people don't know a lot about him or his company. As you will see within the next few paragraphs, that has caused both confusion and speculation over the years.

8. His company came into existence as the result of a college assignment

It might seem odd that a company worth so much money will come into existence as a result of a college assignment, but that is precisely what happened here. During one of his college courses, he was given an assignment to create something that would rival the biggest businesses on Wall Street. He did exactly that. As a matter of fact, he was so thorough in creating the assignment that he ended up using it as the blueprint for the business that he still runs today.

9. He’s gained a reputation that precedes him

Throughout the years, he has created quite the reputation for himself, one that makes people want to gravitate toward him when they have. More accurately, his best customers gravitate toward him to manage their portfolio for him in their entirety, thereby alleviating them from having to worry about it in any capacity whatsoever. They pay him a great deal of money to manage their respective portfolios and trust that he will do what is in their best interest in order to make them the greatest amount of money in return.

10. That reputation has also gotten into some trouble over the years

Unfortunately, his reputation has also gotten the attention of the SEC over the years. In fact, charges were once brought against him when he was accused of issues related to insider trading. Of course, he has repeatedly denied those charges. When officials weren't able to find hardcore information to prove those charges, they were eventually dropped.

However, it did put him on the radar, something that most people in his line of work try to avoid. Nevertheless, he has continued to maintain his existing clientele, all while steadily gaining new customers over the years. Some might even say that he has gained even more customers since the charges were made, almost as if they serve as some type of badge of honor.

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