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How Jim Parsons Achieved a Net Worth of $70 Million

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons is the beloved smart guy who is just learning how to comprehend human emotions on the hit comedy series "The Big Bang Theory. As the series is in its final season, we'll miss his dry and mostly unintentional humor, but he'll leave the show a much richer man. It's come to our attention that Jim Parsons has amassed a net worth of a whopping $70 million. Was this strictly from his involvement as a cast member of the show or did he do it some other way? We checked it out and here is what we discovered.

His early life

Acting is something that seems to come naturally to Jim Parsons. He had his very first experience with performing when he scored a role in a school play at the tender young age of six. It was from this early age forward that he was bitten by the acting bug and it's something he knew he would end up doing as a career. After high school, Jim enrolled in the University of Houston studying theater. After graduating with his undergraduate degree, he went on to attend the Old Globe/University of San Diego Graduate Theater Program. In 2001 he had earned his master's degree and was awarded his degree in fine arts. Similar to his character, Sheldon Cooper on "Big Bang Theory," Parsons is an educated man.

His career

Jim's first real acting job was on the television series "Ed" where he played the role of Chet. He would accept a variety of minor roles on different television shows. The firsts recurrent role of Jim's was as Ro Holbrook in "Judging Amy" in 2004 where he portrayed the character for a year. His really big break came in 2006 when he auditioned for and won the role of Sheldon Cooper, one of the main characters on "The Big Bang Theory."

He's also a voice actor

Many fans of Parsons are not aware that he also did a voice over role for the "Glenn Martin DDS" series as Draven in 2010. He was also privileged to work with Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna on a DreamWorks film "Home."


Parsons is also finding success as the producer of a new spinoff of "The Big Bang Theory" titled "Young Sheldon." He's produced two other shows including the documentary called "First in Human" and the movie "A Kid Like Jake."


It's only fitting that Jim Parsons was chosen to represent a tech product. He's a celebrity representative of Intel. He landed the endorsement in 2014 and it couldn't be a more perfect fit. We're certain that Intel is pleased with their choice of Jim as their ambassador. His fans enjoyed it.


Jim Parsons was named by Forbes to an elite group of actors in the highest paid TV actors category in 2017. His earnings for last year alone was $27.5 million. He made a whopping $1 million for each episode and with 24 episodes in a season, the math is simple. Parsons along with other members of the Big Bang crew all agreed to allow their pay to be cut by $100,000 each so Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik could make more money to help bring them closer to parity with other veteran members of the crew.

How Parsons walked away from $50 million

Jim decided that it would be time for him to leave the show after the 12th season. CBS wasn't quite ready to end the popular hit series but without the main character, moving on seemed pointless. Execs made a few bids to attempt to persuade him to return for two more seasons, but Jim was adamant and he turned down an offer of $50 million to stick to his original convictions.

Plans for a "Big Bang" ending

Chuck Lorre Productions, CBS and Warner Bros issued a joint statement thanking fans for their support throughout the past 12 seasons. They made the formal announcement that this season will culminate in the last finale and the show will officially end. As for Jim Parsons, he has a family at home and a husband whom he recently married and we're certain that he's going to be busy enjoying his domestic life. Although we've not heard yet if he plans to star in any other television shows, we're confident that if he wishes to continue this aspect of his career, he'll have no trouble landing a major role.

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