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How The Game Accumulated a Net Worth of $25 Million

The Game

Born, Jayceon Terrell Taylor, The Game was born on November 29, 1979 in Los Angeles, California. He is an American rapper and actor and now has a reported net worth of $25 million. The Game grew up in a rough part of town that was very low-income and riddled with crime. Gangs were just part of the society where he lived, with the notorious "Crip" being the dominating gang in his neighborhood, however, despite the high numbers of the "Crip" gang around him, The Game grew up to join the "Bloods." The Game describes his family dynamics as very dysfunctional. He was frequently in trouble during his teen years and endured many challenges and hardships through his adolescence. Two of his biggest challenges were being placed in foster care at age 7 until the age of 14, and the loss of his older brother, Jevon, who was shot and killed when The Game was young. His story is an interesting one. He beat the odds of tragedy and despair to become a successful artist and create a wealth for himself that surpassed even his own imagination.

The Game turned to music

The Game turned his focus from trouble-making to music. His career began when he was laid-up in a hospital recovering from gunshot wounds back in 2001. He asked his brother to buy the latest hip hop albums and bring them to him. In a five month span, The Game had studied all the variations of rap, then designed his own plan to turn himself into a rapper. His efforts paid off when in 2002, The Game and his brother, Big Fase, released a mixtape, the first of his career. You Know What It Is Vol 1, which got him his first record deal with Get Low Recordz, a label independently owned by the Bigga Figga. Two years later in 2003, he signed his first recording deal with Aftermath Entertainment label, by Dr. Dre. Here, he had the experience of working with the infamous rapper, 50 Cent, since he was signed under this label as well.

The Game's music breakthrough

2005 was The Game's first big breakthrough when he released his debut album, The Documentary. The album reached number One on the Billboard 200 and one of the singles, Hate it or Love it, brought him two Grammy nominations. The album continued to be successful, especially when in 2006, he made a follow-up alum, Doctor's Advocate and the Recording Industry Association of America certified the, The Documentary Album, a double-platinum album in '05. 

While his first album was rising on the charts, it was during this time that he also made his first appearances in two music videos with Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Young Buck and Fabulous. These accomplishments, in 2005, were what catapulted The Game into stardom in '05. His rise to fame was quick, and his name became well-known in the rapping industry almost overnight.

His rising career despite conflict

Although his career was already on a successful path during 2005-2006, his fame and fortune were just in the beginning stages but headed upward, even despite a feud with 50 Cent and the label, G-Unit that ensued that year and would continue for the next two years. The continued feud between the record label and Game sparked several new songs for Game in an effort to diss the label, G-Unit and 50-Cent. In the end, Game left G-Unit and wound up signing on with Geffen Records during the summer of 2006. It was under this label that Doctor's Advocate, the follow-up album to The Documentary, was released. The album was a hit and sold over 358,000n copies in just the first week alone. New York Times named the album the best hip hop album in 2006. Game released his third album, LAX, two years later, followed by his fourth album, which wound up being a big success for The Game, which topped the Billboard 200 at number One. Game continue to follow-up his successful albums with another one. His fifth album, Jesus Piece, was another big hit for Game, which came in at number six on the Billboard 200 and sold 86,000 copies during its first week of sales. According to Nielsen SoundScan, as of July, 2013, it has sold a total of 281,000 copies.

Game continues to build his $25 million net worth

Since Game began his career in 2001, he has released eight albums, five of them studio albums and has sold over 10 million records worldwide, and it's been said that he is working on his ninth album. He has also released many successful singles and mixtapes through the years that have added to his building wealth. Game has also ventured into other areas of entertainment, outside of rapping. In 2012m Game started his own record label, Rolex Records as well as he has appeared on TV in the show, Change of Heart, in 2000. He played a small role, voicing a character on "B-Dup", in a video game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and in 2006, he made his film debut as "Big Meat" in Waist Deep, and has plans of filming two more movies.

Aside TV and movies, Game bought a substantial amount of shares for the Inglweood Cobras, which were established in '05 and played for the American Basketball Association basketball franchise team during that year. Game is also the designer of his own shoe, the Hurricanes, which he partnered with 310 Motoring to do. He did donate a portion of the shoe sales proceeds to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but he has also brought in a hefty profit for himself with the sales.

Many celebrities have always tried to cash-in on the health and fitness craze that has been around for years now. Game is no exception and in 2012-2013, he was busy promoting his 60 Days of Fitness Challenge regime he put together with his brother and trainer, Byrd. All of his ventures he's embarked on, have supported his growing bankroll and have propelled his net worth up into the multi-millions it is today.

Game is not only a very influential part of the rapping business, but he has been credited with helping to revive West Coast Hip-Hop and restore it back to a mainstream status. He has also, on several occasions, expressed his sympathy for those involved in the Armenian Genocide and taken the time to honor the memory of those who died. Outside of his fame and fortune, Game is the father of one daughter and two sons.


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