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How Joe Scarborough Achieved a Net Worth of $25 Million

News anchor Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough, a renowned lawyer and media personality, is estimated to be worth $25 million. Joe tied the knot with his co-host, Mika Brzezinski, sparking reactions on their net worth and work life. Although the couple has remained private about their lives and affairs, many bloggers and paparazzi were out to find more. It was long suspected that the couple had some chemistry but no one could prove it until late 2017 when they announced their engagement. Now that Joe and Mika are married, we are likely to have their wealth calculated cumulatively. They have all enjoyed long public careers and are believed to own various high-end properties. So how exactly did Joe achieve his wealth of $25 million? Is he richer than his wife?

Sources Of His Wealth

Joe's wealth has been accumulated over a long public service career. Although his wealth is spread out in assets, private investments and savings, Joe accrued most of his money through work. He has enjoyed several high paying jobs before becoming the TV host he is today. Joe was a lawyer long before his life became public. He started receiving publicity after becoming an MSNBC contributor. He was featured on several political analysis shows and offered contributions on many legal matters. His position in the limelight must have boosted his legal career, giving him a ground to win high paying court battles. After several years in the public, Joe served as a member of Congress for the Republican Party from 1994 to 2001. During his 7 years of service as a member of Congress, Joe received public attention. He worked on many government projects and got a chance to enjoy bonuses associated with his duties. While in Congress, he served as a member of the Judicial Committee, a position that exposed him to more bonuses.

Even though Joe had enjoyed a long period of public services as a congress member, he did not relinquish his law career. In fact, his government position only served to expose him to high paying cases. After leaving Congress in 2001, he immediately embarked on his legal career. Joe worked as a lawyer for a prominent Florida Law Firm Headed by Fred Levin. In his tenure with Fred Levin, he practiced securities litigation, a segment of law practice that is deemed to pay heavily. A securities attorney can pocket heavy returns in commission for winning a single case. He also practiced Environmental Law during this time. All along, Joe had enjoyed media attention and appeared on several Tv shows to give his opinion on various national and legal matters. In 2007, Joe landed his current Job as a TV host together with his current Wife Mika. His Tv host job gives him a cool $8million annually salary which is just an addition to the wealth he accumulated over the years. His wide knowledge in different fields has helped him gain his net worth of $25 million. With that said, Joe recently got married to another millionaire Mika Brzezinski.

Mika Brzezinski’s Net Worth

It is not possible to talk about Joe's net worth without mentioning Mika Brzezinski. She is the latest addition to his life and she comes loaded. The TV host beauty has enjoyed a long career as a journalist. She began working in 1990 as an assistant at ABC News Desk. She slowly developed her trade and became a weekend news anchor for ABC's Hartford Connecticut in 1995. Her rise as a news anchor and TV host has seen the beauty queen rise through the ranks and serve in many high profile positions. Mike has served as a CBS and MSNBC TV host. She is known for her strong stand against reporting fluffy celebrity news. Besides her journalism career, Mika has stretched to other areas of life. She is an accepted author having written several books among them Things at Once and Knowing Your Value. Mika seems to focus on women empowerment and giving women the go-getter attitude in her books. As a woman that is looked upon by many women in society, Mika has succeeded in creating an environment for herself and other women who aspire to rise.

According to Cheatsheet, Mika Brzezinski is estimated to be worth a cool $20 million. Throughout her career, she has accumulated a lot of wealth through salary, her books, and advertisements. She remains a public figure and is invited to make appearances at public events. With her new romance, she receives much public attention creating a way for more incentives. Her $8 million annual salary just ads up to her wealth that she has accumulated over the years.

Mika and Joe Scarborough Combined Net Worth

Yes, the two are an item now and we are allowed to refer to them with one name. The two got married in a private wedding in 2017, bringing their wealth together. Given that Joe is worth $25 million and Mike $20 million, the couple is worth well above $45 million. Given that they all have wealth and are in their late years, it is evident that the couple got married for love. They seem to be in a genuine relationship that is not driven by money or circumstance. Both Mika and Joe have been married before, with Mika only getting out of her marriage in 2016. Mika had been married by reporter James Offer until 2016 when the couple split up. Mika and Joe will be enjoying their last years together. The two have children from previous marriages too.


Joe Scarborough has enjoyed a long career as a public servant. His $25 million net worth is just an indication of his hard work and dedication. The long-serving lawyer has been successful in his law career, thanks to the public image he holds. He has been a contributor on several TV shows and has also enjoyed public service as a member of Congress. Joe became a member of Congress in 1994 up until 2001. After his congress tenure, Joe resumed his law career before becoming a TV host. His marriage to his co-host only compounds his wealth since she is worth well over $20 million herself.

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