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How Liam Payne Achieved a Net Worth of $70 Million

Liam Payne

Liam Payne is an English singer and songwriter who began his career in 2008. He is known as both a solo artist and as a member of the boy band One Direction, which is one of the most successful boy bands of all time. Payne's success in the music industry has made him a rich man, and Liam Payne's net worth is now $70 million. Here is how the singer accrued his wealth.

Payne's Early Life

Liam Payne was born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, on August 29, 1993. He became interested in performing as a child and first took to the stage when he was 12 and became a member of the Pink Productions Theatre Company. The singer also performed at a Wolverhampton Wanderers match in front of 26,000 people.

His Career with One Direction

At the age of just 14, Liam Payne auditioned for the first time in 'The X Factor.' He made it to the boot camp stage but was then cut by Simon Cowell. However, Cowell then changed his mind and invited Payne to the judges' houses stage of the competition. Cowell then cut the young singer from the competition for a second time but encouraged him to return in two years. Payne took Cowell's advice and returned to the competition in 2010 for a second shot. Although Liam Payne was a strong contender, he did not make it to the judge's house stage. However, the judges decided to create a boyband from some of the strongest male contestants, including Liam Payne. The other members of the newly formed group, One Direction, were Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan. Despite finishing in the third position in the competition, One Direction have gone on to become the most successful act to have begun their careers on 'The X Factor.' After the show, they signed with Cowell's company Syco Entertainment.

In 2011, One Direction licensed the release of the book 'One Direction: Forever Young (Our Official X Factor Story).' Later in the same year, they released their debut single 'What Makes You Beautiful,' which topped the charts in seven countries. Two months later, the group released their debut album, 'Up All Night.' One Direction became the first UK group to top the album charts in the United States with their debut album. The success of the album led to a sell-out international tour. Although Zayn Malik quit the group in 2015, One Direction continued to record music and released a fifth studio album. Later in the same year, the group announced they were taking a break to pursue solo projects. Initially, they said the break would last for around 18 months, but the group has yet to announce if they are reforming or if they have split permanently. During their time together, One Direction released five studio albums, two video albums, 17 music videos, 17 singles, and 10 EPs.

Liam Payne's Solo Career

Payne began working on solo projects in 2014, prior to One Direction's hiatus. He began working as a producer alongside AfterHrs, remixing several tracks. One of the tracks he remixed was Cheryl Cole's 'I Don't Care.' He also wrote 'I Won't Break,' a track off Cole's 'Only Human' album. Later in the same year, Payne founded Hampton Music Limited, a company of which he is also the director. He formed the publishing company specifically for his solo projects. Payne is also a director of One Mode Productions Limited. In 2015, Payne began collaborating with other artists on various projects. Alongside Juicy J, Payne worked on seven tracks and plans to continue the collaboration in the future. Other people the singer collaborated with in 2015 include Will Singe, Jamie Scott, Pharrell Williams, Miguel, and DJ Mustard. A year later, Liam Payne featured on Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J's track 'You.' Liam Payne signed a recording contract with Republic Records, although he did not release his debut solo single, 'Strip That Down,' until May 2017. He co-wrote the song with Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac. Payne then released the single 'Bedroom Floor,' followed by 'Get Low,' which was a collaboration with Zedd. The singer's next collaboration was with Rita Ora, as they recorded the single 'For You' together. The song featured on the soundtrack of the film 'Fifty Shades Freed'. Payne then released his debut album 'LP1' in 2019, and it received mixed reviews from critics.

Other Ventures

In addition to his music career, Liam Payne is involved in several other ventures. Since April 2020, he has hosted a weekly YouTube series. Payne is also a global ambassador for Hugo Boss, and he launched a capsule collection with the brand in 2020.

Liam Payne's Net Worth

After a successful career as both a solo artist and as a member of one of the most commercially successful boy bands of all time, Liam Payne is now an extremely wealthy man. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Liam Payne's net worth is estimated at $70 million. He has made this money from music sales and royalties from both his solo work and the music he released with One Direction. Payne has also made money from tours, television appearances, and merchandise sales. As he is still active in the music industry, the singer has the potential to continue earning money and to further increase his net worth.

His Relationships and Life Outside His Career

Liam Payne has had several high-profile relationships. He was dating X-Factor dancer Danielle Peazer from 2010 to 2012. Payne was then in a relationship with Sophia Smith, a childhood friend, between 2013 and 2015. Payne started dating singer and former X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole in 2016, although they split in 2018. The former couple has one son, Bear Grey, who was born in March 2017. Next, Payne began dating Maya Henry, a model, in 2019. The couple got engaged a year later but then ended their relationship in June 2021.

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