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How Brandon Fugal Achieved a Net Worth of $450 Million in 2024

Brandon Fugal

As someone who is certainly well acquainted with the concept of having money to blow, Brandon Fugal's net worth has been the topic of much discussion. Now that his net worth has climbed to a truly staggering level, it is time to closely examine how he has amassed a $450 million fortune. While some members of his tax bracket have a singular endeavor driving their success, Fugal wears a number of different hats.

His frequent appearances on the History Channel and his work with Colliers International may be his primary sources of income, but that is not all we have to discuss. How has Brandon Fugal amassed his current net worth? What does the future hold for him?

This guide has the answers to all of these questions and then some. Those who are curious about his business endeavors are more than welcome to read on and learn more.

Early Life and Career

Brandon Fugal may be on top of the world now but he comes from extremely humble beginnings. According to Equity Atlas, Fugal grew up in a small town in Utah, which is not exactly the most auspicious location for a future multimillionaire. From a young age, he knew he was destined for bigger and better things.

Even when he was young, he knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. It did not take long for him to follow this dream. By the time he was a teenager, he was already taking all of the necessary steps to achieve his dreams. In fact, he had established his first business before he had even finished high school. His ambitions were outsize, and he had the ambition to chase them.

Fugal’s initial business venture was unlike anything most teenagers would work on. He sold computer software, setting the stage for everything that would come after. Once he got a taste of entrepreneurial success and strengthened his business acumen, this set the stage for what was to come.

How Did His Career Begin?

According to Eduvast, Fugal’s career began in earnest in 1994. He was allowed to work with Utah Realty Group, taking on the role of vice president. He would remain in this role until March of 1996. Shortly after, Fugal became the CBC Advisors chairman, making the decision official two years later. This is a title that he would hold for nearly two decades.

In 2016, he was allowed to go into business for himself. The Cypher Corporation was founded alongside a business partner. This is not the only venture he was involved in then, either. In October of 2013, he also joined forces with Coldwell Banker Commercial. He served as a chairman for Coldwell, and in 2020, Zenerchi LLC brought him on.

He worked for the company as a strategic advisor. Believe it or not, this is still not all that he had going on during this stretch. Fugal co-founded Texas Growth Fund IIIC and he remains a member of the board in the present day. He remains closely involved with the fund and does not appear ready to relinquish this position any time soon.

How Did Brandon Fugal Make His Money?

Fugal has amassed his fortune with a number of different ventures. Let’s take a closer look at each of them and how they have each allowed Fugal to achieve all of his goals and objectives.

Colliers International

As you would expect, this partnership will surely serve as a springboard to a much higher net worth. Colliers International is one of the country's most high-profile real estate firms, providing Fugal with ample opportunities. He has been able to handle real estate deals for a wide range of lucrative companies, making him one of the most important figures in America in this regard.

Colliers touts itself as the number one commercial real estate firm in the Intermountain West, which is a lofty position to hold. The company could never have reached such lofty heights without the assistance of Fugal, and they have since risen to the enviable position of becoming one of the world’s largest commercial real estate firms.

Fugal has been named the 2022 CCIM Utah Office Broker of the Year, an honor he has enjoyed for the lion’s share of his tenure at Colliers International. Because of these achievements (and many more), Brandon Fugal has built a top-notch reputation for himself. In addition to his entrepreneurial acumen, he has done peerless work as an advisor and an expert on business infrastructure.

His knowledge of business infrastructure is not limited to the region he resides in, either. In addition to his regional know-how, he is trusted nationally. There is no shortage of special projects with Fugal’s fingerprints all over them, including the 512-acre Skinwalker Ranch, which is located in the state of Utah.

Real Estate

Of course, Fugal’s work in real estate is also a primary contributor to his sizable net worth. Because of the aforementioned positions that he holds, this provides him with plenty of opportunities to participate in highly lucrative real estate deals. He benefits directly from each deal that he takes on, and Brandon Fugal's net worth has also been a major beneficiary of these collaborations.

Because he founded the company and maintains a major stake in it, his level of financial influence is not going to wane until he decides to sell. his also means a lot of lucrative real estate deals that are handled daily, and he is the beneficiary of each one, considering that he founded the company and still has a major stake in it.

As more and more of Brandon Fugal's net worth is derived from these efforts, it is clear to see that he has secured his future. In addition to securing his own, he has enough in his coffers to secure the future of many others. These are not the only endeavors that he is involved in, though. He has other gigs that you certainly would never expect.

Skinwalker Ranch

Unless you have been spending a significant amount of time under a rock, there is a good chance that you have heard of Skinwalker Ranch at some point. It has served as a major aspect of both American and Native American folklore for decades now. With no shortage of lore surrounding it, a wide range of people are looking to learn more.

There are spirits present of the premises, if you take the various legends about this location into account. Whether you are a believer or not, it is hard to ignore the fact that there are things here that do not happen anywhere else. In case you have not already put 2 and 2 together, Brandon Fugal is the current owner of Skinwalker Ranch, and this is another successful venture in his considerable portfolio.

While Fugal purchased the ranch in 2016, he kept the purchase secret until 2020. So, how does this purchase actually add to Brandon Fugal's net worth? The answer is actually a relatively simple one. Since people are drawn to the location and regularly want to know more, Fugal has dedicated time and effort to studying the location. To that end, a History Channel show entitled The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch has been launched, which we will discuss in further detail.

Fugal’s History Channel Deal

It was not hard for Fugal to find a television network that was just as interested in this property as he was. Before long, he had entered into a deal with the History Channel to broadcast the goings on at this location. Once the network decided they wanted to do a regular show, the rest was history (see what we did there)?

Fugal has become a major focal point of the History Channel show because he is the one who is responsible for leaving the audience behind the proverbial. As someone who believes in all of the aforementioned legends about the spirits that are present on the property, it is a role that he clearly relishes.

The deal also adds to his net worth because he and the network have entered into a deal for an undisclosed amount. While he has been somewhat cagey regarding divulging the exact amount that he takes home from the show, it is safe to say that it is a notable sum. Let’s face the facts here: the History Channel badly wanted this show to take place, and Fugal has the financial savvy to negotiate a rich deal for himself.

Additional Endeavors

As any reader might expect, one or two ventures do not define Brandon Fugal's net worth. The real estate mogul happens to have a major interest in aviation and has also been able to spread his proverbial wings in this field.  Aero Dynamics, Inc. is his brainchild, allowing him to turn another area of personal interest into a legitimate moneymaking venture.

He does not chase money, he lets his interests dictate his decisions and he has been rewarded handsomely for this instinct. Instead of passing off these companies to other executives, he remains closely involved on a day to day basis. This also contributes to his growing net worth, as his fingerprints are visible on all of the major decisions that are made at his companies.

Brandon Fugal’s Automobile Collection

As with many others in his tax bracket, Brandon Fugal likes to indulge his taste for the finer things in life, according to Eduvast. Automobiles are one of his favorite areas of exploration, and he has built quite a collection over the years. Specifically, Fugal has a taste for Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Porsche, and Lamborghinis. Not content to stop there, he’s even purchased his own helicopter and jet.

Historical Tome Collection

In addition to his unique collection of vehicles, Fugal takes great pride in his collection of various historical tomes. He is a particularly avid collector of LDS Church scriptures and theology. He is even in possession of a Shakespeare folio, which is something that very few people will ever have the opportunity to view in person.

Fugal, a history buff by nature, makes his purchase of King Charles II’s 1655 Stonehenge deal an even more intriguing one in the context of his real estate career. Think of this purchase of King Charles II memorabilia as an homage to one of the earliest deals of this nature.

Fugal’s Future Prognosis

One thing is certain: Fugal is not the type who will ever rest on his laurels. He continues to make deals that will allow him to remain at the forefront of whatever advances occur. To that end, he is already looking to make waves in the world of artificial intelligence. Per Business Wire, Fugal joined the board of directors at OmniTeq in 2023.

The company has already made a strong name for itself, serving as one of the most prominent providers of customized artificial intelligence solutions for various commercial and government clients. Fugal's executive-level decision-making experience will serve as a major asset to the company going forward.

Companies like this one must make data-driven decisions immediately and will always prioritize partnering with executives like Fugal. General Lance W. Lord is the OmniTeq chairman of the board and he spoke glowingly of Fugal when the decision was made. They were thrilled to welcome him to their board of directors and referenced his operational expertise and experience when the decision was made.

This is why he is expected to continue making major waves in the future. He remains committed to staying on the cutting edge and is not the type to dedicate every waking moment to any one company in particular. Thanks to this mentality and his willingness to outwork the competition, it is easy to see why Brandon Fugal's net worth will likely continue to increase in 2024 and beyond.

Fugal has an uncanny knack for knowing what is next, and he combines this zeal with a lust for life that he never stops indulging. While there are many multimillionaires who would be more than happy to explore their interests, he turns them into legitimate ventures. For those reasons, we look forward to seeing what comes next for Fugal in the coming years.

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