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How Joel Osteen Achieved a Net Worth of Over $100 Million

Joel Osteen once said, “You cannot expect victory and plan for defeat.” This quote summarizes his life work and his ability to have a lucrative career in the spiritual space. Joel Osteen is a famous televangelist who has established himself as a prominent leader in the spiritual space. What is Joel Osteen net worth, and will he continue to make more money in the coming years?

Who is Joel Osteen?

Joel Osteen is a preacher known for his TV evangelism, speeches, and books. He is one of the richest religious leaders, and he is also the bestselling author of several books like “Become a Better You” and “Your Best Life Now.” “Become a Better You” sold over four million books. The latter book was on the New York Times Best Seller list for 200 weeks. With fifteen books and counting, book sales, as well as personal appearances, are a big part of Osteen’s career.

Because his father was a TV preacher, Osteen did not go to a formal seminary school, but he learned how to be a good preacher from his father, and he inherited the Lakewood Church that was his father’s. However, Osteen did not let his father’s legacy become a shadow. He strived to grow the church, and he was very successful in that endeavor.

Osteen built a life as a prominent preacher, and for his entire career as a preacher, he was ambitious. He renovated his church’s ministry so that they could have a more global reach. Additionally, he has around 50,000 people come to his church for service each week, which is an astonishing number that is not nearly as high as the 7 million weekly viewers of his TV sermons.

He got attention from many notable people after his $105 million dollar church renovation. The grand opening of his renovated church had political figures like Nancy Pelosi and Rick Perry, among many other notable names. He also attended an Easter breakfast at the White House for Easter by Barak Obama in 2010.

Joel Osteen’s Early Life

Born in Houston, Texas, Osteen was born to John and Dolores Osteen on March 5, 1963. His parents had six children, and his father also had an older son from another marriage. Thus, he grew up surrounded by a lot of his family. His family was already a prominent name among religious circles when Osteen was a child, and Osteen’s father was a Southern Baptist pastor of Lakewood Church.

Osteen’s father was a long-time TV preacher, and for nearly two decades, Osteen served as a producer of his father’s televised sermons. However, when his father died in 1999, Osteen took over his father’s role. Osteen did not have much experience as a pastor at this point, but he did grow up learning from his father and his father’s show.

Why Do People Like Joel Osteen?

Many people think that Joel Osteen is a lovable figure because he is inspirational and helps connect people to God and spiritual practices. People appreciate that he has brought religion into the homes of many people and has grown his ministry significantly from when his father led that same ministry.

Joel Osteen Controversy

While Osteen is beloved by many, Joel Osteen isn’t loved by everyone. He has been involved with several controversies, and many people are concerned that he is exploiting religious people to make money and is living too extravagantly.

His “mega-church” has been the subject of some concern from outsiders. Many people worry that mega-churches are more focused on bolstering the leader’s income than revolving around a good religious life. Some people even compare mega-churches to cults.

Osteen was also criticized in 2017 when he didn’t offer support for people during Hurricane Harvey, and he didn’t even offer his huge church as a shelter for displaced people.

He has been criticized for his association with prosperity theory. This theory suggests that people who have material wealth are being blessed by God and that God will bless those who give their wealth to the church. Some people think this theory is only a con for TV preachers to get more money for their personal purposes rather than actually spreading the goodwill that religious people want to spread.

Too Many Luxurious Perks?

Osteen has been seen with many luxuries like a Ferrari, and he also bought a $10 million home in 2010, so he’s clearly doing very well financially. While he doesn’t take money from his role as a pastor, many people think it is strange that he has so much personal wealth ascertained by followers, money which he doesn’t always give back to the church’s mission.

Another controversy came as a response to federal funding as a response to Covid-19. He got $4.4 million in funds for his church, which was the biggest for businesses in Houston. While Osteen and his church have said that they need the loan for their employees in need, many people have been skeptical about the huge funds.

These controversies show that Joel Osteen is a complex person, and what he has done to earn his money and how he has used his money has not been well-received by everyone.

What is Joel Osteen’s Net Worth?

IBT suggests that Joel Osteen has a net worth that is around $100 million, which is significantly higher than most pastors in the United States. He has earned much of this money from his TV specials. He has also gotten a lot from his many books. Osteen gets a significant income from special events that earn him ticket sales, and he has gone on several tours in the United States. While Osteen says he doesn’t take money from his role as pastor, he clearly isn’t hurting for income.

What is Joel Osteen’s Life Philosophy

Osteen’s life philosophy has impacted his ability to build a long-lasting career and inspire people looking for spiritual guidance. He said of having a positive attitude, “Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.” Joel Osteen believes having faith in God and a positive attitude can get you far in life. This point of view can be seen in his books and his sermons, so he’s been very consistent with this spiritually-driven philosophy.

How Does Joel Osteen Make his Money?

Joel Osteen makes his money through his various ministry services. As a televangelist, he has made a lot of money from his TV specials. He has also made money as an author and a pastor of a mega-church in Hoston. However, he has not accepted payment from his church since 2005, so the bulk of his income currently comes from speaking fees, calendars, book payments, and merch.

What is the Value of His Property?

In 2010, Joel Osteen bought a home in Houston, Texas. While he paid over $10 million for the house, the house is now worth up to $16 million dollars, so it was a solid investment property.

What’s in Joel Osteen’s Future?

Joel Osteen no doubt has a good nest egg, and he continues to be active in his career, and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. He seems to like staying engaged with his followers and continuing his church mission.

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