How JoJo Siwa Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million

JoJo Siwa has many talents. She is a dancer that has appeared on numerous shows. Beyond that, she loves to act, is a model and a musician, and has become quite the Internet personality and sensation. All of this has amounted to quite a popular following for the American teenage celebrity. Even with that, you might be wondering how she has achieved a net worth in excess of a staggering $8 million while she is still in her teens. You are about to find out.

Net Worth$8 Million
NameJoelle Joanie Siwa
BornOmaha, Nebraska
Birth DateMay 19, 2003
Source of WealthDancer, Singer
CountryUnited States

Music and Dancing

To accumulate such a sizable fortune in such a short time, Siwa has made numerous appearances that have put her in the spotlight. One of those appearances was on Dance Moms, and this is credited with turning her into a household name. That popularity spun over to her song Boomerang, which has been listened to a staggering 180 million times in less than a year. Much of her money comes from her YouTube channel. On her channel, she posts a lot of vlog videos, combined with a number of songs and other random content.

The Power of YouTube

To understand how JoJo Siwa has earned her millions, you first have to know about the monetization of the popular video sharing site YouTube. Siwa has a channel there that has amassed roughly 10 million subscribers. She has not stopped there, as her subscriber numbers are growing at a rate of 8,000 per day. This has contributed to her various videos and vlogs being viewed more than 2.5 billion times already. Each of these amounts to real money in her pocket.

Show Me the Money

You might wonder how much money she can possibly make on YouTube. Keep in mind that her channel receives 2.4 million views on an average day. This amounts to gross revenue of roughly $9,600 each and every day, regardless if she does anything that day or not. This means that Siwa is making $3.5 million a year just from the advertisements placed on her videos. This is not bad for a year’s work. Imagine what she could be worth in just a few years time.

Siwa has a lot of energy, as evidenced by her videos. Because of this, she has not stopped at just her YouTube Channel. She has also created an exclusive vlog channel that has accumulated more than 2.5 million subscribers. Out of this, her vlogs have been viewed 300 million times. This alone amounts to about 400,000 unique views a day. Out of this, she is getting about $1,200 every day of the year for an annual total of $150,000. All of this is being done at little to no cost for Siwa, which only serves to enhance her net worth.

The Facts Behind the Numbers

To make money on YouTube, Siwa has taken advantage of the monetized views concept. She earns between $2 and $5 for every 1,000 views on her channel. This is after YouTube takes a certain percentage. The actual amount that she makes depends on a variety of factors, one of which is how many advertisements are placed on a video and how many people actually skip over the promotional message.

She also makes money via the Google Preferred program where major companies can place targeted ads that only make their way onto the most popular of channels on YouTube. As you can tell from the numbers, JoJo Siwa’s channel definitely makes the cut from this. The rates that advertisers pay for these types of promotional campaigns are much higher, and that puts a lot more money in Siwa’s pocket every year. The longer a person spends on her channel during any given viewing session, the more money she makes.

Beyond YouTube

As if she didn’t make enough money from just YouTube, Siwa also has other streams of income that she is able to take advantage of. She has at various times been a model and actress with such companies as Beauty Bakerie, LolSurprise, and Nickelodeon. She has also launched her own signature line of big hair bows, and these are now sold exclusively at Claire’s Accessories. All of this and more has contributed to her net worth of more than $8 million.

So, there you have it. You now know how it has been possible for this teenage sensation to make millions by using the power of YouTube and some hard work. The question is who is going to be the next individual to take vlogs and songs to the next level and make some serious money.

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