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How Joey King Achieved a Net Worth of $3 Million

Joey King

Joey King is an American actress. She was born in the year 1999 in Los Angeles in California. She is an actress, singer, voice actor, and model. Joey King started acting at the early age of 4 years as a child model. She was very successful, and from then she never turned back, going ahead to get her first recognition in the comedy Ramona where she acted the role of” Quimby” and “Beezus.” Since then, she has gained a lot of popularity by acting in many films and, among them, a leading role in the Kissing Booth in the year 2018, according to She has also become an in-demand personality from industry and fans, enabling her to achieve wealth through her performances. The following are several means through which she has been able to achieve this phenomenon wealth.


Joey King is an actress who has managed to feature in many movies at a young age, which has helped her generate a lot of income, especially in comedy. Joey rose to fame when she took the role of Ramona Quimby in the film Romana and Beezus. For example, she has also been nominated in many series, a prime time Emmy where she took the role of Gypsy Rose Blanchard in the true crime. Joey's career has spanned for several years but worthy of mentioning is that by age 6, she had 100 commercials under her belt, an indication of when she started earning. According to, Joey started having her pockets loaded with money by acting over the years.


Joey King has appeared in several commercials such as AT&T, Eggo, and Kay Jewelers, which in countries like the United States of America is a very lucrative job. According to, as of June 2021, the average pay for those doing commercials is estimated to be $71327. AT&T, one of the companies that Joey has appeared for, has been recognized as one of the major and best-paying companies explaining why she has made much money. The other factor that makes those in commercials make a lot of money is because they are paid every time the commercial is aired, making famous personalities like Joey King earn more. Companies for which commercials are made also are known to contract famous personalities even when they are not appearing for them to avoid them being poached by their competitors, making them earn continuously.


Although she is still very young, Joey's achievement of that vast wealth can also be accredited to her involvement in music. She had appeared in Taylor Swifts Music video when she was young. She also performed at VMAs the Kissing Booth 2. One unique characteristic of her career is that she prefers appearing rather than the actual recording. This has enabled Joey to participate in music and still carry on with other activities like acting, ensuring that she can get income from several sources.

Talent Manager

Joey is represented by a talent manager Dan Spilo who is a renowned Hollywood agent. This has been identified as one of the key factors that have contributed to the success of many celebrities. This is because the manager can handle things like scheduling the events, public relations, and at times offering even financial advice. Therefore, the person can concentrate on his core business of perfecting and showcasing their talent, making them more successful, as with the case with Joey.

Voice acting

Joey King as a voice actress, is involved in voicing animated characters such as in China doll and Katie. She also acted in a Disney film called OZ: The Great and powerful, where she appears briefly as a girl in a wheelchair but plays a large part of the film giving voice to the animated China girl. Voice actors are known to be paid handsomely, even up to $ 10,000, especially for those performing a starring role. It can even be more for the famous actors/ actress when acting the lead role like for Joey in China doll and Katie.


Joey King has been nominated for several awards, such as Primetime Emmy Awards in 2019, Behind the Voice Actors Awards in 2014, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards in 2020, and Canadian filmmakers’ in 2016. Getting awards is known for making someone famous, thereby attracting the attention of the industry. This, in turn, positions such persons to bag lucrative deals either in movies or commercial ads, earning them a lot of money. This is the case of Joey, where she has appeared in the recent famous Disney film OZ.


Joey King also features modeling for various outfits, mostly in major events. For example, in an event at Hotel Vivier, she featured modeling an outfit by Christopher Kane minidress. These kinds of events are known to pay well as companies seek to showcase their designer ensembles. She is also very creative in combating the current challenge of Covid19. She has been very innovative by venturing into virtual modeling, where she models designer ensembles for Netflix.

Keynote Speaker

Joey King is usually hired as a keynote speaker or to appear at corporate events, private parties, fundraisers, tradeshows, social media campaigns, and endorsement projects. This can be connected with her fame due to her acting, comedy, and voice acting. Hiring the services of such famous personalities is known to pay well as they promote the brand, leading to increased sales.

Stable family background

Though Joey's father did not have links with the entertainment industry, he has been a champion in arm-wrestling, demonstrating a financially stable family. Joey's maternal grandmother was herself a former actress who inspired her two elder sisters into acting careers. This way, Joey did not struggle to get her foot into the acting industry as she had good role models ahead of her. It s for sure she had a good foundation, which also played a part in venturing into the music industry at an early age and started earning.

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