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Why You Should Consider a Kay Jewelers Credit Card

Kay Jewelers is one of the most popular chain jewelry stores in the world and provides high-quality goods at reasonable prices. They also provide a credit card that buyers can use to purchase multiple items, including things like engagement rings, necklaces, and much more.
If you're interested in Kay Jeweler's credit card, it is important to know the many ways that it may benefit you. This credit card has several unique advantages that make it more than worth it for many people. Here are a few reasons why you should consider one of these credit cards.

It Can Be Managed Online

When you sign up for a Kay Jeweler's credit card, you get access to a unique online platform where you can track things like purchases, payments, and much more. This unique financing site is a huge benefit for those who need help managing their payments or who need to be careful with their budget.

For example, you can adjust your payments to pay off your card when you have a little bit more money in one month. You can also check your APR and interest rates and see how much of your payment goes to interest and to the premium. In this way, you can ensure that you keep track of your finances. Other benefits include:

  • Scheduling your payments to meet your needs, including just after pay periods
  • Identifying unique financing options that may help minimize your debt
  • Contacting Kay's customer service support to get help with your financing and planning
  • Applying for various deals that may only be available online on Kay's financing platform

Checking out their online platform is a great idea if you plan on buying multiple pieces of jewelry and want to avoid spending excessive amounts of money. By getting your finances under control in this way, you give yourself the best chance of finding great jewelry at great prices.

It Can Improve Your Credit

Did you know that getting a new credit card can improve your credit score? That's because it boosts your available credit and shows that you can be trusted with credit. As a result, it is worth getting a Kay Jeweler's credit card if you want to boost your credit for any reason.

For example, getting a credit card from Kay's can boost your credit enough to help you quality for things like auto or home loans. Now, you may be asking why a Kay's credit card is a better choice than other cards available on the market. After all, you can only use them at Kay's and nowhere else.

Well, Kay's credit cards are typically much easier to get than some other credit card options. As a result, it should be easier for you to apply for and receive one of these cards. Later, we'll highlight Kay's credit card requirements and how meeting them is easier than many other card options.

It Provides Multiple Perks

Another great thing about Kay Jeweler's credit card is that it comes with multiple perks that make it an interesting option for many people. These perks include multiple benefits that you can't get with other credit cards and which are available to anyone who gets a Kay's credit card.

Let's take a deep look at these unique benefits to help you decide whether or not you want to apply for this credit card option. Remember that these perks are typically things that you receive every year, which means they can add up to big savings over time.

A Birthday Gift Card

When you sign up for a Kay's credit card, you get a birthday gift of $100 off every year. This coupon can be applied to any purchase you make with Kay's, including necklaces, bracelets, and much more. While $100 isn't a large discount on jewelry, it's better than getting nothing.

Anniversary Gift

Wouldn't it be nice to get a discount on your anniversary to buy your special person a beautiful piece of jewelry? People with a Kay's credit card get $100 off on their anniversary every year. That helps make their great jewelry a little more affordable to the average person.

Twice-a-Year Sales

You can also get $100 off twice a year whenever you want, though your discounts can't stack with other savings, like your birthday gift. That means you can pick two times that you want to get discounts and apply them to your purchases. These discounts reset at the beginning of each year.

Exclusive Deals

Kay's credit card holders also get access to exclusive year-round savings as well as cardholder events that aren't available to anyone else. These include huge discounts on high-quality jewelry, which you can purchase directly with your credit card.

Early Sales Alerts

When you have a Kay's credit card, you get alerts about sales long before they happen. This means that you can plan your jewelry purchases around these times and ensure that you not only save on the sale but get the item that you want by buying it well ahead of time.

Inspection and Cleaning Reminders

Kay's sets up regular inspection and cleaning alerts for people who buy jewelry using their credit cards. These alerts let you know when it's a good time to get your jewelry checked out, which helps to ensure that it stays strong. It can also help you catch minor imperfections.

Free Shipping

How does everyday free shipping sound? Kay's credit card holders can get free shipping on all their purchases, minimizing their expenses and ensuring that they get the jewelry that they want. Kay's also provides expedited shipping on qualifying orders.

It Can Help With Those Who Have Poor Credit

Kay's claims that it's credit card is intended for “personal use” for people with poor or limited credit histories. The company that provides them, Comenity Bank, says that Kay Jeweler's credit card is available for people with recent or past flaws or problems with credit histories.

Typically, it is given to people with a credit score as low as 604, which is far below the excellent level. It is not required to have a credit score at this level but recommended for maximum approval opportunities. While the APR is fairly high, it is a good choice for those who can't find credit elsewhere.

What does a high APR mean? It means that you might pay more for the jewelry over time due to a higher interest rate. That might be frustrating to many, but can be avoided if you pay off your jewelry and improve your credit and qualify for an even better credit card option.

It Offers Multiple Financing Options

Buying jewelry typically requires some kind of financing that helps to make it more affordable. Kay's credit card holders can apply for various types of financing, depending on the purchases that they make. The options available for people with this card include:

  • 6-Month Financing: Available on purchases as low as $300 and up.
  • 12-Month Financing: Available on purchases as low as $750 and up.
  • 18-Month Financing: Available on $3,000 purchases and up.
  • 36-Month Financing: Available for $1,500 purchases and up.

Note that you can apply the birthday deal or the cardholder anniversary deal on these purchases to decrease how much you spend. Talking with Kay Jeweler's can help you choose a financing option that makes the most sense for your needs, including the quick six-month payment period.

It Can Provide Free Cleaning

Kay's not only provides great jewelry options for their customers but also includes things like repair and cleaning. Cleaning is a particularly popular service because it can help restore your items to their beautiful look and feel. Thankfully, Kay's card holders can get free cleaning.

This free cleaning is great when paired with Kay's cleaning alerts. This lets you plan your jewelry cleaning services whenever you need it and pay nothing. Make sure that you talk to local Kay jewelry stores to understand whether this option is available there or if you have to send it elsewhere.

Note that you still have to pay for repairs when using this card. However, there are often sales on repairs and other types of services. Thankfully, the previously mentioned sales alert should let you know if repair deals are available and what kind of jewelry they apply to in Kay's.

It Makes Buying Easier

If you already know what kind of jewelry you want, Kay Jeweler's credit card can make buying easier. Rather than having to go in a store and look through a large array of items, you can simply select which you want, choose your size, set up a financing option, and pay directly with the card.

You won't have to save up for your big engagement ring purchase or try to find another borrowing option for your purchase. Instead, you can work directly with Kay's to produce a simple and effective purchasing setup. For people new to jewelry purchases, this is a great option and can make this process that much easier.

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