Why You Should Consider Carrying an Old Navy Credit Card

Old Navy Credit Card

Owned by Gap Inc. Old Navy is one of the most popular clothing stores for families, which is why an Old Navy Credit Card could be a smart choice. The apparel at Old Navy is inexpensive, stylish and it’s for the entire family. Whether you are looking to shop for infants, toddlers, children, teens, adults, men, women, boys or girls, you will find everything you’re looking for at Old Navy. The store manufactures and sells not only clothing but swimwear, shoes, and accessories such as jewelry, hats, handbags and scarves. Everything a family needs to stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer is available at Old Navy. What makes this store so popular is the fact that it’s affordable and stylish, and the brand is one that people know and trust.

While the clothes are marketed more for teens than anyone else, it’s the premise of the store’s values that make it such a great place to shop. The store always has something on sale, whether it’s $5 holiday tees or flip flops for the whole family, discounts are happening all the time at Old Navy. Additionally, the store allows shopper to come into the store or shop online. Any purchase over $50 online ships for free, and the store almost always has an offer code that allows you to shop for a certain percentage off your purchase or certain apparel. Additionally, Old Navy has a credit card. This credit card is good for those who want to shop Old Navy, the Gap, or Piperlime – all of which are owned by the same company.

GE Money Bank is the issuer of the Old Navy credit card, and it’s a card you can use online or in-store at any of the stores mentioned above. One of the benefits of the Old Navy credit card is the fact that the card is very easy to apply for. Those with good credit who think that they will qualify for the card can apply either in-store or online. The application process is very simple, and it’s beyond easy to walk through the process to you know what to expect. However, it is important for consumers to understand that Old Navy does not issue a credit card to just anyone. You must have good credit to qualify for an Old Navy credit card.

Without good credit, your application will either be denied on the spot or you will find out that the store will send you a letter within 30 days informing of you of their decision to issue credit. A good credit score is something you’re likely to have if you always make your payments on time, in full and responsibly. If you are declined for an Old Navy credit card, you have 30 days to contact the company to ask why they made this particular decision so that they can go over their choice with you – and perhaps help you learn how you can improve your credit and perhaps become accepted for a card in the future.

Applying for an Old Navy Credit Card

The application process for an Old Navy credit card is very simple. It can be done in the store or online, and it takes only a few moments. Both applications are going to ask you the same kind of questions, the only difference is that one you will fill out by hand and the other you will fill out electronically on your computer.

When applying for an Old Navy credit card online, you simply have to visit the Old Navy website and choose the “Get a Card,” link at the top of the page. You will then be asked to provide certain information that includes the following:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact information (phone and email)
  • Your employer
  • Your annual income
  • Your mortgage or rent payment information
  • Your Social Security Number

You may be asked to provide some additional information not listed here as well, but it’s very simple and straightforward information. Once you enter all of this information onto the form, it’s imperative that you double check to make sure all your information has been entered correctly. Incorrectly entered information can cause your application to be declined. Once you have reviewed your personal information and decided that it’s accurate, you will then read the terms and conditions that Old Navy offers. You should read this thoroughly and carefully. Once you have completed this, you will then submit your application and wait a few moments for a decision from Old Navy.

You will then receive one of three different decisions. The first is acceptance. Old Navy will congratulate you and let you know that your card will arrive in 5 to 10 business days to the address you provided the company. The second decision is that the company needs to further review your information. You will receive a letter from the company at a later date either accepting your application and issuing you a credit card or a letter of decline outlining the company’s reason behind denying your application. The third decision is a declined application. The company will say thank you, but no thank you, and explain that they will mail you a letter in the next few weeks telling you why they decided not to accept your credit application.

You can ask for an application in the store when you are shopping. You can fill it out right then and there and allow an associate to enter your information into her computer so that you can receive a discount on your purchase. You can also take home the application, fill it out there and bring it back to a store for approval or you can mail it to the company at the address listed on the application. It’s a very simple process that you can easily accomplish.

Old Navy Credit Card Reviews and Benefits

Some of the benefits of using the Old Navy credit card are what make people want to use this card so much. The benefits are substantial. One of the biggest benefits of having this card is the fact that you can save 10 percent on your first purchase with the card. When the holidays arrive, this first purchase savings is often raised to 15 percent for cardholders, which is a significant savings for those who love to purchase items from Old Navy, Gap and Piperlime.

Another one of the best benefits of having an Old Navy credit card is the fact that you get exclusive information about sales before anyone else. Additionally, some of these sales are only for cardholders at first and not for regular customers until later. It’s a great way for cardholders to save when they shop at Old Navy and its affiliate stores. Those who have an Old Navy credit card will also have birthday savings available that regular customers do not get, and they are given exclusive offers not available to others. Finally, those who have an Old Navy credit card are able to access their account online any time of day, make payments by phone or online, and through the mail. The benefits are big.

There are often sales at Old Navy that are beneficial to everyone, but even more beneficial to cardholders. For example, a sale that’s offer 25 percent off your entire purchase online might seem good, but sometimes for cardholders that same sale will give you 35 percent off your order if you shop with your card, which is far better.

While the benefits of the Old Navy card are outrageously good, many consumers with the card say that the card is not worth it. One of the biggest complaints about the card is that the company will hold your payment as long as they possibly can. For example, instead of holding your online payment for a day or two until it posts, the company will often hold the payment as many as 15 days. They will give you credit for paying on time and they will not charge you a late fee, but what this does is show that your account balance is higher than it should be so that more interest is charged to the account. It’s something many consumers complain of, but it’s perfectly legal for the company to hold the funds for as many as 15 days.

Another one of the most common complaints about the card is the payment process. Many people have said that after speaking to store representatives about their payments being posted late and about late fees being charged that they didn’t apply for, they were told that the company will hit you with late fees unless you pay 26 days in advance. The company has told many customers that the only guaranteed way to avoid late penalties and have your payment processed on time is to pay this far in advance. For example, if your card balance is due on the 30th of the month, it’s recommended that you pay your bill on the 4th of the money, nearly a full month in advance.

Another of the most common penalties is that some people who pay early are penalized and hit with late fees and collection notices because they are accused of not paying in a particular month. For example, if your bill is due on October 2 and you pay the bill on the 1 and then you turn around and pay your November 2 bill on October 30 and then you pay your December 2 bill on December 1, the Old Navy system will show you never made a payment in November. Even though you did make the November payment, the fact that you did not make any payment during that particular month sometimes appears as a nonpayment issue in the Old Navy system and it often resorts in collection calls and late fees, penalties and sometimes it will result in your card being declined in stores.

Finally, the other most common complaint from Old Navy cardholders is the fact that many cardholders believe they are unfairly treated. They pay their bill in full each month and their cards are cancelled. It appears to them that the company does not like when consumers pay in full, so they will simply cancel their card. There are many different complaints from many different users that say this has happened to them on more than one occasion, and that each time they’ve had to call back to the company and have their card reactivated.

However, not all Old Navy cardholders have a negative experience with the company. Many feel that the card is wonderful. One of the most common praises of this card is the fact that it’s good for people with a lower-than-usual credit score. For example, those who have credit score in the 500s tend to be approved for this card with a low credit limit. Those who continue to use their card regularly and pay it on time each month are offered frequent credit limit increases, which is not something every card company does for their card holders.

Another benefit of the card is the fast response time of the card. Many report that they only need three minutes to apply for the card in-store, which allows them to save significantly right from the start since you can receive a discount on your first purchase if you apply for the card.

There are many benefits to having an Old Navy credit card. If you are good about paying on time each month and always paying at least the minimum – though you should always pay in full – when you do pay your bill, you will see plenty of rewards. However, making late payments will result in a negative report to your credit bureaus, which can have a negative impact on your credit score. Like any other credit card, this one requires that you use it wisely and that you use it only when you can pay it off in full.

It is also important to note that most people who use this card report good things about it. And like any other credit card on the market, the benefits and bonuses you get with the Old Navy credit card do change from time to time. However, this card does make shopping online very simple.

10 FAQs about The Old Navy Credit Card

1. Do I have to pay any fees?

The good thing about having the old Navy Credit Card is that you will not pay any annual fees. Unfortunately, it does not offer any special introductory rates that you can get from other cards. The ongoing APR is 26.49% which is variable. Late payments can accrue penalties of up to $35; therefore it is in your best interest to pay off your card every month.

2. Are there benefits to going paperless?

If you are among those who prefer to do everything online, the Old Navy Credit Card will reward you for it. If you provide an email address by visiting the website where you can choose to get offers and updates from Gap Inc. brands, you will get 500 points. If you decide to go paperless with your billing, you will get an additional 500 points. The total 1000 points translate to $10 reward.

3. How do I become a Navyist cardholder?

You can only climb to the Navyist cardholder status if you earn 5,000 points excluding returns and bonus points within a calendar year. Even after reaching the 5,000 points you have to make the minimum payment by the due date and keep your account in good standing. Once you qualify, you will get your upgrade within 90-120 days but to maintain the status, you will have to re-qualify every calendar year.

4. Where should I redeem my reward points?

Since Gap (GPS) owns The Old Navy credit card, you can redeem the points only at Gap Inc. brands such as Gap, Banana Republic Factory Store, Old Navy and the rest. One thing you should note is that you can make purchases using the rewards, but you cannot get cash back.

5. Is there a limit on the rewards I can earn using my Old Navy credit card?

You are not limited to the rewards you can earn, but instead, you have other caps imposed on you. For instance, you can only get a maximum of $50 at a time, and each billing cycle has a maximum of $250. Also for every 500 points you earn, you get a reward of $5. Consequently, any amounts less than $5, or those that push you to over $250 will roll over to the next billing cycle.

6. What benefits do I get from the Old Navy credit card?

The primary benefits of using the Old Navy credit card include a 20% off your first purchase, a 5 points reward per each dollar you spend across Gap Family brands and a 60-day 10% saving pass. If you get the Old Navy Visa credit card, you will earn one point for each dollar you spend at other retailers that accept Visa.

7. What do I need to apply for the Old Navy credit card?

Synchrony bank is the card issuer, and you can get either a store card or a Visa card. For you to get any of these, you must have attained 18 years, a United States address, a taxpayer identification number and meet the credit history and income requirements.

8. How do I apply for the Old Navy credit card?

There are two ways of applying for the Old Navy credit card; you can do it online or in person. If you prefer inline, the process will take a few minutes; you will have to visit the Synchrony financial website and fill out the retail credit card application. The final decision about your application will take 7-10 days by mail or 3-4 days by email. You can also visit your nearest Old Navy store and inform the cashier that you want to apply for the card. You will get an instant decision, and if you fail to qualify, you will receive an explanation by mail within 7-10 days.

9. What is the return policy on Old Navy credit card purchases?

If you made a purchase using your Old Navy credit card, you should not expect to exchange the item unlike when you make a physical purchase. Instead, the amount you spent will be credited to your credit card within 3-4 business days. If you lost your receipt, then Old Navy will pull it up with your credit card within 45 days of purchase.

10. How do I cancel my Old Navy card?

The best way you can cancel your credit card is by enquiring from the customer service contact number which you can find at the back of your credit card.

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