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How Colleen Hoover Achieved a Net Worth of $6 Million

Colleen Hoover is a 43-year-old American author who has found great success writing in the genres of contemporary romance as well as young adult fiction, despite the fact she began her career as a professional social worker.

Hoover was first a self-published author. She wrote several novels but became well-known for her breakout romance novel, It Ends with Us, in 2016. Eventually, she was picked up by a publishing house.

Colleen Hoover has since sold about 20 million books. Colleen Hoover net worth is approximately $6 million, according to several reliable online sources, like Forbes (2023). Many consider Hoover among the most successful of current novelists, as evidenced by her many books that have landed on the New York Times Best Seller list. Indeed, no one can dispute the size and loyalty of those who love her work.

Colleen Hoover's Personal Life

Hoover is a Sagitarrius, having been born on December 11, 1979, to Eddie Fennel and Vannoy Fite. She was born in Sulphur Springs, Texas, but grew up in nearby tiny Saltillo, Texas, with a population of less than 1,000. Hoover has three sons from her 2000 marriage to Heath Hoover.

Hoover attended and graduated from the Commerce campus of Texas A&M with a social work degree. She began working in various teaching and social work positions before hitting her stride as a best-selling author.

Colleen Hoover’s Professional Life – The First Steps

Hoover began her professional career as a writer at the end of 2011, when she began writing Slammed,although she admits that she had no intention of trying to get the written work published. She notes that a snippet of an Avett Brothers’ lyric – “Decide What to Be and Go Be It” - inspired her to write Slammed – even going as far as including parts of the lyrics within the story.

Slammed was self-published at the beginning of 2012. Colleen explains that her main objective was to get it published so her mom, who was the proud new owner of an Amazon Kindle, would be able to read the story digitally.

Shortly after, Hoover published Point of Retreat, a sequel to Slammed. Several months later, a well-known book blogger (Maryse Black) gave Slammed a five-star review – which created a buzz that caused sales of Colleen Hoover’s first two novels to skyrocket. In fact, by August of 2012, Slammed hit #8 on the NY Times Best Selling List, with Point of Retreat not far behind at #18.

With the critically acclaimed reception, Atria Books republished both of Hoover’s novels in August 2012. By April 2013, This Girl became the third book in Hoover’s series.

Becoming a Full-time Writer

After the success of Slammed, Hoover made the decision to leave the field of social work and devote her career to full-time writing.

While Slammed was enjoying success, Colleen Hoover self-published Hopeless at the end of 2012. The novel – which stayed atop the NY Times Best Seller list a month later for three weeks, tells the story of a girl who had been home-schooled until she attended a public high school. Hopeless and Colleen Hoover hold the honor of having the first self-published book to ever top the NY Times list. Losing Hope, the companion novel to Hopeless, was published later year.

Hoover’s Other Work

The next project for Colleen Hoover was in 2014 when she published Finding Cinderella, a free novella that depicted several characters from previous stories.

Maybe Someday was published in 2014 and was the first in a small series about a boy and girl who, while writing and creating music, fall in love. Hoover added a unique touch in which there were links (or scannable QR Codes) that take the reader to a website where musician Griffin Peterson’s soundtrack to the book can be heard.

Never Never, which Hoover wrote as a collaboration with Tarryn Fisher, was first a three-part story that was initially sold as three books. However, Never, Never was later republished as one complete book.

It Ends With Us is Published

In 2016, It Ends With Us was published. This, Hoover admits, was the hardest story she had written; she did it to help advocate for victims of domestic violence. It Ends With Us deals with sensitive issues like domestic violence and is inspired by Hoover’s own childhood marred by domestic violence. The main character, like Hoover, not only witnessed domestic abuse of her mother at the hands of her father, but she also experiences domestic violence as an adult by becoming involved in a violent and abusive relationship.

Hoover’s popularity as a writer or novelist surged again in 2021 when her work garnered attention in a TikTok community known as #Booktok. The result – It Ends With Us hit #1 on the NY Times list of best sellers at the beginning of 2022. Hoover’s novel has sold more than a million copies globally – having been translated into more than 20 languages since written. Currently, production has begun on a movie version of It Ends With Us.

The sequel to It Ends with Us – which is entitled It Starts with Us, was published in October 2022 by Hoover’s publishing company – Atria Books. The extensive marketing for this novel was managed by Simon and Schuster. Ultimately, It Starts With Us became Atria Books' most pre-ordered books ever! In addition, the United Kingdom’s Simon and Schuster has acquired the rights for two distinct or standalone novels, which are scheduled for release in 2024 and 2026.

Recap of Colleen Hoover’s Written Work

In 2022, Colleen Hoover held an impressive number of NY Times paperback fiction spots – six of ten! The following is a list of Hoover’s that have made the NY Times list for best sellers.

  • Slammed
  • Point of Retreat
  • Hopeless
  • This Girl
  • Losing Hope
  • Maybe Someday
  • Ugly Love
  • Confess
  • November 9
  • Never Never
  • It Ends with Us
  • Too Late
  • Without Merit
  • Maybe Now
  • Verity
  • Finding Perfect
  • Regretting you
  • Heart Bones
  • Layla
  • Reminders of Him
  • It Starts With Us


Colleen Hoover founded a nonprofit book subscription service and bookstore – The Bookworm Box - in her hometown of Sulphur Springs.

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