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How Brooke Ashley Hall Achieved a Net Worth of $1 Million

As Brooke Ashley Hall continues to make a bigger name for herself, there are more and more questions that need to be answered about her rise. For starters, how did Brooke Ashley Hall come to prominence in the first place? What is Brooke Ashley Hall net worth? What is her background?

While those who spend a sizable amount of their time on TikTok or YouTube are probably well aware of her already, there are others who may not be. That’s why we are here to provide a closer look at the rise of this popular social media influencer and how she has been able to rise to the top of a very crowded lane.

What Is Brooke Ashley Hall Net Worth?

Brooke Ashley Hall has managed to amass a net worth of $1 million already, which is impressive for someone who got their start as a content creator on YouTube. In addition to her sizable audience on the video-uploading platform, she has also built massive followings on her TikTok page and her Instagram. This is not too shabby for someone who has yet to reach the age of 30.

Brooke Ashley Hall Upbringing

Some may be surprised to learn that she was raised in a Christian household. However, she spent much of her childhood dreaming of becoming a celebrity. Her father was a businessman and her mother stayed at home with the children. She attended high school in Warren, Ohio, where she spent much of her time pursuing her interests in fashion, modeling and dancing.

Once it was time to attend college, she decided that she would study nursing. She attended a local private university and eventually received her degree. From there, she worked as a licensed practical nurse before taking the plunge into the world of content creation. This did not stop her from dreaming about a life spent as a fashion model/celebrity.

Brooke Ashley Hall Family Life

Brooke and her husband, professional boxer Marco Hall, are quite secretive about their family life. That does not mean that they refuse to showcase their love for one another and their children, though. For example, the couple is happily married but they did not let anyone know when the wedding was going to take place.

Brooke is a proud mother to three sons: Braylon, Cannon, and Cadeon. She had already given birth to Braylon before meeting Marco, but that has not stopped him from loving the child as his own. Brooke met Marco at a stoplight in Warren and the sparks flew from there. They both share a passion for content creation and the love that they share is evident in all of their videos.

How Did Brooke Ashley Hall Build Her Career?


Of course, everyone who finds out about Hall’s rise to fame wants to know exactly how she pulled it off. It all started back in 2019. She created her own YouTube channel, which is called the Beverly Halls. It was not long before the channel started to experience a sizable amount of growth. The views began to roll in and Brooke realized that they were onto something.

The channel currently sits at 6.4 million subscribers, which is an impressive total. The channel is home to a number of different types of videos, giving viewers the chance to laugh at funny pranks and enjoy a day in the life of the Hall family. Brooke’s personality allowed her to build a fan base almost instantly. From there, Hall created a spin-off channel.

This one is named after her and allows her to focus on more specific aspects of her day to day. This is where she goes to post her beauty and fashion tips, amassing over 155,000 followers in the process. She is said to generate $550,000 per month off the Beverly Halls channel alone, if not more.


Once TikTok started to gain popularity, Hall decided to join as a means of relaxing and having a good time. It was not long before she came to a crucial realization: the platform would be immensely helpful to her and her family. Brooke and Marco started sharing couples videos on TikTok and their This is What I Wear: Couples Edition video took off in a major way.

Everyone loved their outfits and this sparked interest in added content from the couple. Hall now has 13.8 million followers on TikTok, with numerous videos that have received over 1 million views. The most popular family videos have been known to receive 10 to 20 million views and it is clear to see that her popularity on this platform is only going to continue to increase. This allows her to pad her YouTube-based income on a monthly and yearly basis.

Brooke Ashley Hall Additional Revenue

TikTok and YouTube are not her only streams of revenue, as Hall continues to form key partnerships with a wide range of brands that rely on exposure to her massive audience. Instagram also allows her to add to her current earnings, as brands have been reaching out to her for promotional assistance. A number of well-known beauty and fashion brands have asked her for endorsements, including Olay, Fashion Nova, Classic Palette from KKW, and Wood Wood Clothing.

This is how Brooke Ashley Hall net worth is tallied. Between TikTok, YouTube and her Instagram promotional deals, it is safe to say that she is already in the $1 million range and we fully expect this number to continue to climb during the months and years to come. She’s a full-time content creator, but she has been able to continuously diversify her revenue streams with ease.

It would be easy for her to lose sight of what is truly important in the midst of all this attention, but she remains a dedicated mother to her three children and a loving wife to her husband, Marco. This is why so many people can relate to her and it is why she will continue to be one of the bigger stars in the social media influencer realm.

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