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How Angela Bassett Achieved a Net Worth of $25 Million

Angela Basset

Angela Bassett is an American actress who was born in 1958. She is renowned for her strong female characters in films. She has produced star performances to portray powerful female characters such as Tina Turner, Dr. Betty Shabaz, and Queen Ramonda in Black Panther. Recently, American Magazine Ebony reported that Angela Bassett had become the highest-earning female actor of color in television history. The Yale University graduate made her debut in the film industry in the movie “Boyz n the Hood” where she acted as Reva Styles, and “What's Love Got To Do,” where she portrayed Tina Turner. The former role was her major breakthrough leading to her garnering her first Academy Nomination for Best Actress. Angela Bassett has previously admitted that she has turned down roles that have demeaned her image.

For example, Angela turned down the role of the lead actor in the movie Monster’s Ball, which was later given to Halle Berry. She said that she turned down the role due to its sexual content. The role would later earn Halle Berry an Academy Award. Recently, Angela Bassett was reported to be earning an estimated $450,000 per episode in the show 9-1-1, which airs on Fox. Mind-blowing figures, right? Not only is she an actor in this particular show, but she is also the executive producer alongside its spinoff 9-1-1 Lone Star. This just proves that her net worth has been on a steady rise. We have compiled a list of movies and TV shows that have enabled Angela Bassett to achieve her $25 million net worth.

What's Love Got to Do with It

Angela Bassett auditioned for her role in the film just one month before production began back in 1992. Luckily, she got the coveted role that would set her up for a successful film career. She immediately had to learn how to talk, dance, and move like Tina Turner, who the movie was all about. The movie garnered positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes mainly due to Angela Bassett’s powerful performances. This led to Angela Bassett being nominated for Best Actress in the Academy Awards and winning The Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture Award at the NAACP Image Awards.

American Horror Story

The hit series “American Horror Story” is not the most significant break in Angela Bassett’s career. However, her lasting impression on the hit series has added a substantial value to her already increasing net worth. She appeared in seasons three, four, five, six, and eight of the series. American Horror Stories is known for giving its actors and actresses recurring roles throughout the film, and hence Angela portrayed different characters throughout the film.

Black Panther

With a production budget of over $200 million, “Black Panther” was a real blockbuster. Most of the actors in the film, including Angela Bassett, were able to pocket some good cash in the process. Angela plays the role of Queen Ramonda in the movie. With his fellow actor, the late Chadwick Boseman, earning a cool $5 million for the film, it is alleged that most of the high-profile actors in the movie made between $1 million - $2 million. Angela must have earned some big bucks from this one.

Gunpowder Milkshake

“Gunpowder Milkshake” is an action-packed thriller film that features a star-studded female cast that includes Karen Gillan, Lena Headey, Carla Gugino, and of course Angela Bassett. The movie is about a 12-year-old Sam (Karen Gillan) who was abandoned by her mother, Scarlet (Lena Headey), a trained assassin. She was brought up by “The Firm,” a notorious syndicate for which her mum worked. Sam goes on a mission to clear out her mom’s messes, resulting in her reuniting with her mother’s lethal associates, who are librarians. They include Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh, and Carla Gugino. The film was released on 14th July 2021, where it grossed $63,795 in its first week.

London Has Fallen & Olympus Has Fallen

In both movies, Angela Bassett portrayed Lyn Jacobs, a Secret Service Director. “London Has Fallen” was released on DVD on 14th June 2016. The total budget for the movie was $60 million, and the film went on to gross a total of $205.8 million. In the USA and Canada, the movie grossed 21.6 million during the first week following its release, taking the second position behind Zootopia, which grossed $75 million. On the other hand, Olympus Has Fallen which was the first installment of the “Has Fallen” series, depicts an attack on the White House by North Korea. The film had a production budget of $70 million and grossed more than $170 million in sales. Angela Bassett must have raked in some good money over the two hit movies.


“Survivor” was shot in London for two weeks before completing its production in Sofia, Bulgaria, for the final three weeks. The movie was released on 29th May 2015 and had a budget of $20 million. The film’s plot is about a foreign service officer in London trying to thwart an attack in New York City. However, the officer is forced to hide after getting framed for crimes that she didn’t commit. In the film, Angela Bassett acts as Maureen Crane, the U.S Ambassador to England


Angela Bassett is not only a good actor, but he is also a great director too. In the movie “Whitney,” Angela directs the movie, which revolves around the famous musician Whitney Houston and her rocky relationship with Bobby Brown. The film was released in 2015 upon mixed reviews from critics who praised Angela Bassett’s direction while also criticizing Arlen Escarpeta’s casting and accuracy.

9-1-1: Lone Star

In the hit series “Scandal,” Kerry Washington was reportedly earning $80,000 per episode, which later increased to $250,000 per episode as the series approached its finale. By then, she was one of the highest-paid female actresses of color. However, those figures are dwarfed by Angela Bassett’s $450,000 earning per episode on 9-1-1, which makes her the highest-paid female actress of color at the moment. This pay compensates her for her role as the executive producer of the series and its spin-off, as well as her on-screen duties.

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