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How Jack Harlow Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

Jack Harlow, officially Jackman Thomas Harlow, is an American rapper and songwriter. Although he only hit the limelight in 2020, Jack’s short dance with fame has been prosperous. His current net worth as of 2022 is $5 million, and he’s also among Forbes 30 under 30. Read on to discover more about this fast-upcoming rapper.

Jack Harlow Basic Information

  • Real name: Jackman Thomas Harlow
  • Net worth: $5 Million
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: March 13th 1994
  • Place of birth: Shelbyville, Kentucky, U.S
  • Profession: Rapper, singer, songwriter
  • Height: 6’2 feet

Early Life

Jack’s journey began in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1998 when he was born to Maggie and Brian Harkiw and is of French and Irish roots.

His brother, Clay Harlow, was born two years after him. Shortly after, his family moved to Shelbyville, where he and his brother were brought up on a horse farm.He attended schools, including Atherton High School,, where he was a member of the varsity soccer team. During his years in high school, Harlow formed a group called Moose Gang with his friends and performed at sold-out shows throughout famous Louisville venues such as the Haymarket Whiskey Bar.

Career Growth and Rise to Fame

Jack Harlow's first claim to fame was in 2020, but the Kentucky-born rapper was a household name long before this monumental year. His interest in rap music goes back to when he was a teen. Jack would pair up with his friend when he was 12 and make Eps and mixtapes about skipping high school and his favourite burrito place- (basically the normal shebang you’d expect a 12-year-old to talk about in a rap song). They even released a CD, ‘Ripping and Rappin.’ They would later sell these mixtapes to the nearby middle and high schools.

The ‘Handsome Harlow,’ his first-ever commercial EP, went live in 2015, kickstarting his journey to the top, but it didn’t exactly get him on the global stage. He released a second mixtape, 18, after graduating high school in 2016 and continued pushing out more mixtapes and singles for the next two years without any significant success. In 2017, the Louisville rapper released two singles—’Routine’ and ‘Dark Knight.’ They helped steer his career in the right direction, and the latter single even became the lead song on his 2017 mixtape—’Gazebo.’

In 2018, Harlow began working at Chick-Fil-A to supplement his income as he worked towards his musical success. This is when he met DJ Drama and, shortly after, signed on to his record label, Generation Now Label, an Atlantic Records subsidiary. This marked the beginning of his dance with Hollywood’s fame and success. He rolled out a video for the single ‘Sundown’ immediately after he was signed n to the label, and later that year did a North American tour. In 2019, Harlow paired with Bryson Tyler to release the single Thru the Night, marking the beginning of his U.S. Tour.

His Big Break Came in 2020

Jackman Thomas got his big break in 2020 after his single, ‘What’s Poppin,’ went viral, earning him over 155 million views on YouTube. The young man leveraged this high to release his debut album “That’s What They All Say”. This proved a smart move because, within no time, it went platinum-rated, earning him massive commercial success and marking his spot in the global hall of rap fame.

He then hopped on Lil Nas’s hit single—’Industry Baby,’ which hit number one on the Hot 100 billboard, becoming his first chart-topper and earning him even more recognition. Jack Harlow released his second album—’Come Home the Kids Miss You,’ in 2022, and it was also a major success as with his previous one. It peaked on Billboards, and its Single, ‘First Class’ also became a major hit on almost every platform. ‘First Class’ was his sample of Fergie’s popular hit song—’Glamorous.’

Harlow has since been nominated for notable awards like the Grammys and even bagged a Billboard Music Award. The 24-year-old has also featured and collaborated with the crème de la crème of Hollywood, like Drake, Lil Wayne, and DaBaby, among others. He truly is within the cusps of his career success.

Endorsements, Deals, and Business Ventures

Jack Harlow's surprisingly-high net worth isn’t by chance. He is a major presence on YouTube, where he has 1.99M subscribers and over 8 million views, consequently earning him about $1.2 million in ad revenue per year.

In addition to YouTube, Jack Harlow moves merchandise like crazy. His current merch sales surpass worth over $1 million.

His net worth is also significantly amplified by his brand sponsorships. The young man has a long-standing collaboration with New Balance, a partnership that saw him not only add to his net worth but also gain a signature sneaker for his album.

The 24-year-old is currently the face of KFC, a deal which was only fitting given that he is from Kentucky. His partnership with the brand continuously earns him more money and fame, not forgetting lots of free finger-licking food packages from the Kentucky-based brand. As if not impressive enough, Jack Harlow also has endorsements with Buffalo Wild Wings, Tommy Hilfiger, Call of Duty, and Cheetos. He is the co-founder of Private Garden, a famous music collection from which he released his first-ever album. He owns several properties across the country, including Tennessee and New York.

Personal Life

As with most Hollywood celebrities, Jack Harlow tries to keep his personal life private and has been pretty good at it because there’s not much known about it. There were speculations he is dating TikTok Star Addison Rae, but he neither confirmed nor denied it. Jackman has also been linked with Saweetie.

He lives in Los Angeles and boasts an incredible expensive jewellery collection. The man does truly love his jewellery. He celebrated his big break by splurging on a set of championship rings, each worth $110,000. Jack Harlow is also a popular sneakerhead and owns a pretty impressive collection which includes sought-out pairs like the Jolly Rancher X New Balance. However, he is quite modest in luxury cars and designer brands and believes in investing over splurging on such items instead.

On social matters, Jack Harlow is quite the philanthropist. He regularly donates to charity and according to Forbes, he has helped raise over $1 million for nonprofits in Louisville by having brands like Instagram and KFC join his courses.

Jackman is also big on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaigns and even went the extra mile to console a black woman who experienced police harassment during one of his shows. It’s also safe to say that he is a man of strong moral resolve and doesn’t do things out of pressure. For instance, while every artist was quick to cancel Tory Lanez after the Megan Thee Stallion scandal, Harlow let the man remain on their single because he believes it’s not in his place to judge.

Awards and Recognition

Jack Harlow is the new kid on the block who seems to get everything right, and the world has been giving him his credit where it’s due. In just two years since he rose to prominence, Jackman has been nominated for quite a handful of awards and bagged several others. Awards he’s won include:

  • Billboard Music Awards for the top rap song in 2021
  • MTV Video Music Awards for the best collaboration of 2022
  • MTV Best art direction 2022
  • MTV Best visual effects 2022
  • MTV Song of summer 2022
  • Shots Awards Music Video of the year 2022

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