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10 Reasons to Stay at the Kimpton Fitzroy in London

Kimpton Fitzroy

As the capital of England, London is the most popular tourist destination in the UK. With so many historic buildings, beautiful parks, shopping destinations, and fun attractions, it is hardly surprising that so many people want to spend time in the city. If it is your destination of choice, you will find there is a vast array of accommodation options, ranging from five-star hotels to budget-friendly hostels. One place that you may wish to consider is the Kimpton Fitzroy in London. Here are 10 reasons to stay at the Kimpton Fitzroy.

1. The Proximity to Local Attractions

Location is one of the most important considerations for many travelers, as they want to stay somewhere that is close to activities and attractions they can enjoy during their stay. If location is one of your main criteria, then the Kimpton Fitzroy is an excellent option. It is in the Bloomsbury area of London and sits overlooking Russell Square, which is a small park area filled with greenery that is surrounded by buildings on all four sides. There are multiple attractions to visit within walking distance of the hotel, including the British Museum, Granary Square, Sir John Soane Museum, Coal Drops Yard, The London Silver Vaults, and much more.

2. Its Historic Beauty

The Kimpton Fitzroy is perfect for those who enjoy staying in historic hotels, as there are historic details both inside and out. Externally, the 19th-century building is constructed from stone and has ornate carving. On stepping inside the breathtaking lobby, there are pillars, copper-colored marble walls, molded ceilings, and a tiled floor with an intricate mosaic design.

3. The Contemporary Rooms and Suites

Although the hotel is a historic building that has retained the beauty of its original features in the public spaces, the rooms have been given a contemporary makeover that will suit most modern travelers. The rooms and suites at the Kimpton Fitzroy in London are decorated in muted tones. The highlight of many of the suites is the private bathrooms, each of which features a large, freestanding bathtub and showers with a stone seat for sit-down showering. All the rooms have amenities such as speakers, smart TVs, Nespresso machines, a complimentary tuck box, kettles, bottled water, yoga mats, and Perfumer's Story toiletries.

4. Amazing Dining Options

London is the UK's top culinary destination, and it has restaurants serving all types of cuisine from around the world. Therefore, you will have no problems finding places to dine out during your visit. However, there is no need for guests of the hotel to venture into the city to find great places to eat and drink, as there are plenty of on-site options. Some of the options include an upscale seafood restaurant, a coffee shop that also serves pastry, a tea house serving afternoon tea, and a cocktail lounge. Breakfast is also available for guests, although the room price does not include breakfast.

5. A Pet-Friendly Hotel

If you plan to travel with your dog, then you will significantly reduce your accommodation options, as not all hotels in London welcome pets. However, the Kimpton Fitzroy is a pet-friendly hotel, so it is a fantastic choice for those traveling with their canine friend. The position of the hotel opposite a park means that you will also have somewhere nearby to take your dog for a walk. Furthermore, the hotel offers an a-PET-tisers menu for pets visiting the hotel, so you do not need to worry about your furry friend not getting enough to eat during your vacation.

6. Fantastic for International Visitors

International travelers may sometimes have communication difficulties when traveling to England if English is not their first language. However, this is not a concern for the guests at the Kimpton Fitzroy in London, as there is multilingual staff on hand to help. Some of the languages spoken in the hotel are Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and German. The staff can help international guests with queries about the hotel and help them to understand the menus at the hotel's eateries. They can also help guests who have questions about the local attractions and getting around the area, thus making their stay problem-free and enjoyable.

7. Ideal for Business Travelers

Not everyone visits London for leisure purposes. Due to the city's position as England's financial, technological, and educational center, London also attracts many business travelers. Those traveling for business purposes should consider staying at the Kimpton Fitzroy, as it has a large business center that guests can use to work or for meetings. Visitors can also work in the privacy of their suite, as all the rooms come with free Wi-Fi and work desks.

8. Enjoy the Hotel's Amenities

There are multiple amenities for the guest of this hotel to enjoy during their stay. These include a 24-hour concierge service, a fitness center, free Raleigh bike hire, in-room massages, 24-hour room service, and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. The hotel also hosts evening drinks receptions and social hours, which gives the guests the chance to mingle and socialize.

9. Close to Transport Links

Regardless of whether you are visiting London for business or leisure purposes, you will likely want to explore the surrounding area at some point during your visit. Most people visiting the city use public transport to get around, and the Kimpton Fitzroy is ideally located close to many transport links. The hotel is just a two-minute walk from the nearest tube station, and there are also many bus stops within walking distance.

10. Great Views of the City

Beyond the interior décor and amenities in a hotel room, many guests want to enjoy views from their room. No matter what part of the building you stay in, you can enjoy amazing views. The rooms on one side of the room overlook the park in Russell Square. To the other side of the hotel, there are views across the city, including some of London's famous landmarks.

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