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10 Reasons to Stay at Le Meridien New York, Central Park

Le Meridien New York Central Park

People from far and wide travel to New York City for both business and pleasure purposes. This diverse and vibrant city has plenty to offer its visitors as there are attractions and activities to suit people of all ages. To enhance your stay in this wonderful city, finding the right accommodation will make all the difference. There are some excellent hotels in this city, and each has something different to offer that will appeal to different people. One of the best hotels in the city that you should consider is Le Meriden New York, Central Park. Here are just 10 of the reasons why you should consider staying at Le Meridien New York, Central Park.

1. The High-End Rooms

One of the main reasons to choose Le Meridien New York, Central Park, is to enjoy the comfort and luxury of the high-end rooms. The rooms boast chic décor, and the amenities include high-end linens espresso machines, free Wi-Fi, walk-in showers, and flat-screen televisions. If you upgrade to a suite, there are also a separate sitting area, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a workstation. Some rooms also have a kitchenette so that you can prepare yourself snacks in your room.

2. The Fantastic City Views

A further reason to choose this hotel is the spectacular city views you can enjoy. Some of these views are across Central Park, while others are views of the New York skyline. While the former is delightful in the day, the latter looks stunning at night. You can make the most of the views by booking a suite with floor-to-ceiling windows and by eating in the rooftop restaurant. Waking up to these views in the morning is a special element of a stay in this hotel.

3. Great Dining Experiences

There are two dining options at Le Meridien New York, Central Park. The first option is to dine at the street-level restaurant, Kingside. This features American classics that are made using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. The focus is on sharing plates, but there are other meat, fish, and pasta dishes. This restaurant also serves hand-crafted cocktails. The other option is The Roof, which is a rooftop lounge with an outdoor terrace with stunning views over Central Park and the city. This space was designed by renowned design firm Roman and Williams.

4. Ideal Location for Accessing Attractions

When people visit New York City, they usually want to spend some time exploring everything that the city has to offer. Fortunately, this hotel is ideally located for accessing all the local attractions, activities, and amenities. It is on 57th street, which is right next to Central Park. It is also close to Carnegie Hall, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Times Square, Broadway, Empire State Building, and Metropolitan Museum of Art. Travel a little further and you will find many more activities and attractions. The hotel is also close to shops and restaurants if you want to enjoy some retail therapy or enjoy a meal outside the hotel.

5. Excellent Fitness Facilities

One of the best features of Le Meridien New York, Central Park, is its fitness center. This is fully equipped with a range of cardiovascular equipment and free weights. This is ideal for those who do not want to divert from their fitness regime during their trip. It is also great for letting off some steam.

6. Perfect for Business Trips

If you are visiting New York on business, then this hotel is the perfect place to stay. The free Wi-Fi means that you can choose to work in the comfort and privacy of your room if you wish. The hotel also boasts a fully equipped business center that should meet all your business needs. The staff is more than happy to help you if you have any additional business needs during your stay.

7. Good Guest Amenities

There are good amenities for the guests at this hotel that will add to your comfort and the enjoyment of your stay. In addition to the restaurants, a business center, and a fitness center, there is also a bar, a hot tub, a lounge, and a concierge service. Each of the amenities aims to enhance the overall experience for the hotel guests.

8. Close to Local Public Transport Links

To explore the local area, you need to have access to public transport. Even if you have arrived at the hotel in your own car, public transport is still the easiest and most convenient way to get around New York. Fortunately, this hotel is ideally situated for accessing local public transport links. This includes both the subway and bus stops. You can also hire a taxi directly from the hotel. Whichever option you choose, you can easily get around the city and the surrounding area to access the activities of your choice.

9. A Child-Friendly Hotel

If you are traveling with children, then it is important that you find a hotel that is family-friendly. Families who have stayed in this hotel previously say that it is a child-friendly place to stay. There are family rooms available, and the hotel offers a childcare facility for an additional fee. The location of the hotel is another factor that makes it a good option for families as it is close to many activities and attractions that will appeal to the hotel’s younger guests.

10. Outstanding Customer Service

One of the main aspects of a New York City stay that is noted in reviews by former guests is the outstanding level of customer service they have received. They feel that this has made a significant difference in their overall enjoyment of a stay in New York City. The staff a Le Meridien New York, Central Park, always strive to meet the needs of their guests and offer a variety of services to make people’s stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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