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How Lele Pons Achieved a Net Worth of $3million

Lele Pons

Lele Pons was born in the United States of America in the year 1996. She is an internet celebrity, actress-singer, and a Youtuber. She started her career while she was quite young while still at school. A friend introduced her to an app called vine, where she started to create her own videos using her phone just as a hobby, and later she embraced it as a career. One of the reasons that can be attributed to the quick rise by Pons is that she is highly talented, enabling her to multitask, which increases the streams of her source of income as a YouTuber. She has become one of Forbes 30 under 30. She is a popular global entertainer, and in most cases, invited to be a guest speaker in major events. She runs her own Podcast called Spotify-exclusive (Best Kept Secrets with Lele Pons). These streams of income that have enabled her to make a fortune are as described below.


Lele Pons is a renowned YouTuber, and she prides herself on more than 11.1 million followers. She is the most followed female, with her channel getting 7000 new subscribers daily. This makes her generate money through ads and also from YouTube due to the high number of views. In 2014 she was celebrated as the first person to achieve a billion loops on a video site known as Vine. This popularity has provided her with opportunities like being invited to the white house by the first lady Michelle Obama in the year 2015 so that she can assist her in promoting her program of encouraging students to apply for college. One of the things that have endeared her to her fans is her natural personality, where she avoids controversial issues that can cause conflicts. She is known for playing by the rules of YouTube and Instagram, and she has gained results that have enabled her to improve her income.

Google preferred

Another source of Lele Pons fortune is Google Preferred, an online platform that allows companies to pair up their ads with hit videos in various categories such as music and news. Pons videos are so popular, a case in point being her first single, “Dicen,” which attracted a whopping 10 million views in four days, indicating why she is a darling of many companies using Google Preferred. She is, therefore, able to fetch higher income as rates in this platform are better compared to the normal platforms. Lele Pons also generates income through sponsored contracts on her videos which are very popular among all age groups and social accounts.

Sponsorship and endorsements.

The high appeal of Pons videos to a wider audience and across all ages has positioned her to receive premium services. Therefore, she has promoted different company products such as Tap Tap fish, where she has received sponsorships and endorsements. According to Washington Post, the other companies that she has promoted include Google, Tinder, and Dragon City. The other accolades include launching many enterprises due to her success on the internet, involvement in modeling jobs due to her physical attractiveness, and participating as a judge in the selection of miss universe in 2017, which usually comes with monetary rewards.


Lele Pons is ranked as the most popular female in terms of followers and viewers on Instagram. She has over 40 million followers on her Instagram accounts. She has many clips and videos that help her spread her popularity due to her creativity, generating huge income.


Lele Pons has authored a book called Surviving High School. The book describes the struggles she had in school, including being bullied and having a hard time with friends as she had a condition called dyslexia. The fact that she has come out openly in a book to discuss these issues that are usually discussed secretly makes her book very popular. The book is sold on Amazon, becoming another source of her extra income.

Influencer Marketer

Influence marketing is one of the popular electronic marketing methods being adopted by many companies. Lele Pons has recently partnered with EyeBuyDirect, one of the leading online retail businesses dealing with prescription eyewear. In this kind of engagement, she will play the role of an ambassador for this brand where the company seeks to benefit by looping in her wide base of fans as they are likely to go with her opinion concerning the company's products. This kind of deal also involves rewarding the brand ambassador due to increased sales. Lele Pons also generates income through sponsored Contracts on her videos which are very popular among all age groups, and her social accounts.


She has recorded music having many songs that have been so popular amongst her followers and those who view her videos. This has made her sell her music well and earning her extra income. She has also signed up a global contract with Universal Music Group, according to, giving even a wider audience on the global stage.


Lele Pons has appeared in several films and Television series as an actress. In most cases, some of them, like MTV’s Horror series (Scream) and Romantic comedy (We love you), has been a great success. She also creates sketch comedy in which she also acts them providing her with more income.


Lele Pons has won many awards such as a ten choice award for best Viner, worldwide Instagrammer, triple treat, Best ensemble cast, and Choice Viner. Although winning awards may not have monetary rewards, the fact that the winner becomes popular both to the fans and the industries, in the long run, ends up fetching a lot of money. This explains the reason why Lele Pons was able to get into a deal with EyeBuyDirect.

Personal Manager

Lele Pons has learned to avoid the pitfalls that many upcoming celebrities have found themselves in. They earn a lot of money but end up mismanaging it, leading to other problems like taking drugs and depression. She has engaged John Shahidi, a Shots Studios company manager that generates generic mobile content for renowned brands such as Youtube, Tik Tok, and Snapchat. Therefore by engaging these professionals, she has ensured that her finances are well budgeted and wisely invested.

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