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How Mimi Faust Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million

Mimi Faust

Are you familiar with television personality Mimi Faust, from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”? You might be surprised to learn that she has a net worth of approximately $2 million. Granted, she did the reality show, but you're probably still wondering how she ended up with a net worth so extensive.

As you might have already imagined, it doesn't all come from starring on a reality television show. If you're ready to dive deeper and find out how she made the money, keep reading.

Reality Television

Granted, she's been involved in several seasons of her current reality show, and the amount of money she's been paid for it is definitely not something to be ignored. As a matter of fact, it's been reported that she was paid a whopping $20,000 per episode for some time.

Without a doubt, that has definitely contributed significantly to her net worth. There's one thing that's also worth noting here. She started doing this show back in 2012 and continues to be involved to this day. When you consider the fact that each season has roughly 8 to 12 episodes and she's been paid as much as $20,000 per episode, you realize that it adds up very quickly. It doesn't contribute entirely to her net worth, but it is a significant factor.

Business Endeavors

It's also worth noting that in addition to her aforementioned endeavors, she’s also a successful business woman. As a matter of fact, she is quite the entrepreneur and has always been very much at home with the idea of starting and running her own business.

She founded a cleaning service called Keep It Clean, Inc. The business provides upscale cleaning and interior decorating, almost exclusively for celebrities. It’s based in one of the more prestigious neighborhoods in Atlanta, one called Stone Mountain. She’s also been the star of a couple of high profile music videos that were done throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s.

One involved Pharrell Williams (“Frontin’”) and the other was for “It’s Gonna Rain” by Kelly Price. Faust still receives royalties for both of these videos to this day.

Other Activities

Faust is also a successful author. She even has a blog where she details the lives of both her and her daughter.. Much of the time, she also does a vlog, feeling that it's more personal and is therefore more capable of reaching her fans on a deeper level.

To a certain extent, she likes to share things about her young daughter Eva, whom she shares with her ex-husband, musician Stevie J. Although the two of them are no longer together and don't even necessarily get along, they do come together for their daughter.

While she undoubtedly received a certain amount of money as a settlement after the two of them split up, it's not fully known to the public exactly how much of her net worth comes from such a settlement. One can assume that a certain amount of her net worth is made up from the settlement, but the two of them really prefer to keep that information private.

Sex Tape

At one time, she was associated with Nikko London. In fact, the two of them were together for some time. In 2014, a tape was made public that featured her and London having sex. At first, it was believed to be a huge scandal, one worth rocking the entire city of Atlanta.

Eventually, it was revealed that the tape was actually released by Vivid Entertainment, a leading pornography company. Even though Faust initially said that the tape was meant to be kept private, she later admitted that it was filmed with the intention of being released.

In fact, she was even nominated for an AVN Award for Best Celebrity Sex Tape (she didn’t win). Regardless of the details involved, it was later reported that she made a staggering $30,000 from this tape alone. As a result, the sex tape has contributed a great deal to her net worth.

Final Word

Clearly, Faust has shown that she’s more than capable of reinventing herself time and again. Unfortunately, she was forced to do that when she was quite young. That being said, she herself admits that the struggles she faced as a child have helped to shape her into the person she is today.

Whether she’s starring in a show, running a business, or writing, she has a number of income sources that all contribute directly to her net worth. In addition, she continues to grow her net worth with each passing year. Granted, much of that comes from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” but this certainly isn’t the only thing contributing to her net worth.

She is an individual who enjoys staying busy. Thankfully, she has the mind of an entrepreneur and is therefore capable of making money as she pursues her various endeavors. That’s precisely how she managed to make a net worth of $2 million so far. When pressed about her desire to make even more, she is quick to comment that she does it all for her daughter because she wants her to have whatever she wants in life.

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