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How Sukihana Achieved a Net Worth of $1 Million


Sukihana is a reality television personality. She is best known for her appearances on the television series "Love and Hip Hop: Miami." For those of you who wonder about her net worth, it's estimated at $1 million as of March 2022. Many of you may wonder how she became a millionaire. She's known for her fondness for expensive luxury items. Our curiosity got the better of us. We looked into her personal and career history to get to know Sukihana a little better and we made some enlightening discoveries.

Her early years

Wikipedia confirms that Sukihana was born as Destiny Henderson on November 15, 1991. She spent her early years growing up in her hometown Wilmington, Delaware. Her parents enrolled her in an Atlanta, Georgia creative art school while she was still young.

She later moved to Miami, Florida where she adopted her nickname Sukihana from a joke someone made at an Asian restaurant in the Christiana Mall. They told her she tasted like Sukihana and the rest is history. She took on the nickname as her professional name.

Sukihana's career

Sukihana is a multi-talented rapper, actress, and songwriter. She launched her professional career in 2016. Famous Face Wiki confirms that she started her career as a Youtuber and rapper practicing the art of hip-hop music. She became popular with fans after uploading her video "I Never Eat Yo wings Hoe."

By 2017, she had over 786,000 views on her channel. In 2020 she uploaded "Sukihana-No One." The video went viral with 2.4 million views. Her other music began getting more listens as her YouTube channel lit up with visitors. She released a mixtape called "Wolf Pussy," in 2020.

It wasn't long until she made a cameo appearance in "WAP" with Cardi B. Her big break came when she was invited to appear in the reality television show "Love & Hip Hop: Miami," for the third season.

Other streams of income

The salary she earned for her appearances on LHHM is not disclosed, but Sukihana has multiple income streams. She is a social media influencer with a large following of fans. It's well known that representing product brands brings in hefty sums for influencers with high traffic to their websites and social media pages.

She also has an Instagram account with over 1.3 million followers. Sukihana's career has come a long way in a short time. Her brief relationship with rapper Khaotic brought even more attention to her social circles, however, the relationship didn't work out. She was cast in the VHI reality television series LLHHM and became one of the main stars of the show. Sukihana's acting career enhanced her music career and vice versa.

Why is it surprising that Sukihana is a millionaire?

Sukihana has a lot going for her careerwise. She was invited back for the fourth season of Love and Hip Hop: Miami" per Reality Titbit. We saw her "momager" advise her that another child could cause problems for her career.

It left the impression that she may not make the best decisions when it comes to managing her budget and finances. She also pays hefty sums to her momagers and stylists.

Her viewers have seen her expensive tastes and they predicted that she would likely go broke because of the frequent spending. She responded to criticism by affirming that her goal is to provide the best possible life for her children. It's difficult not to respect her commitment to the kids.

The truth is that nobody knows what she does with the large sums of money that pour in from her hard work and smart business decisions. She likely spends within her budget, which is likely high because of her massive success.

Sukihana is no average reality star

Sukihana was practically an overnight sensation. She churns out quality content that thrills her fans. She has massive hits such as "Drug Dealer" and "5 Foot Freestyle.

She's surpassed expectations with her journey through the music industry and now in reality television. She enjoys a multi-level career as a songwriter, rapper, social media influencer, and actress.

Her social media content continues to go viral, and so does her wealth. Fans worried about her overspending can stop holding their breath. It's unlikely that she will go broke.

She's a professional who has her life together and lives within her means. Sukihana is a bright and emerging star. She achieved the status of millionaire. It took just a few short years when other rappers and songwriters to struggle to get by.

Final thoughts

Sukihana is a phenomenal young entertainer who recently broke into the reality television arena. She started her career as a social media personality with uploads featuring her rap videos to a YouTube channel in 2016.

Within a year, her audience of followers grew to over three-quarters of a million. Sukihana is a talented songwriter who anticipates what her audience wants to hear, and she gives it to them.

The snippets of her personal life we see on LLHHM are just snapshots in time and do not represent who she is as a gestalt. She is after all an actress and a little drama helps increase the show's ratings.

If Sukihana was the spendthrift fans accuse her of being, she wouldn't be worth over a million dollars. She's a devoted mother who looks after the well-being of her children. She can afford to give them the best and most luxurious things life offers.

It's no crime. She enjoys the fruits of her labor by buying expensive items, but it goes with the territory of the rich and successful in this world.

We feel confident in assuming that Sukihana has earned her status as a millionaire through her successful career as a rapper, YouTuber, social influencer, and actress. The entertainment industry has been good to her so far.

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