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How Simu Liu Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million

Whether you know Simu Liu from his early work or recent blockbuster movies, he’s definitely come a long way from his early life in China. This Canadian actor works as hard now as he did during his stock photo modeling days. Keep reading to see Simu Liu’s net worth and how he’s earned every penny of it.

Humble Beginnings and the Struggle to Achieve Big Things

Liu was born and raised in China until he was five years old, but he’s a Canadian citizen now. His parents defied all odds and were able to bring him to Canada, determined to break the cycle of poverty and trauma they had both endured in China.

Liu wrote a memoir called We Were Dreamers, released in 2022, chronicling his parents’ struggles in China and Canada. The book chronicles how his parents’ experiences deeply impacted his life and expectations to be the perfect, highest-achieving son in the family. While the subject matter is serious, it’s been well-received, creating a stream of income from the work.

Taking Small Steps Towards Success

Everyone in Hollywood has to pay their dues, and Liu is no exception. According to, the young future star posed for stock images used worldwide.

When fans discovered these photos, they surfaced all over social media, from single shots to group photos. You can find these photographs in ads and books around the world. While stock photos may seem like a poor way to pay the bills, the actor was paid and now enjoys free publicity from those photos!

Taking the TV Work as It Comes

Anyone in the entertainment industry will tell you that if you are offered a role when starting out, whether big or small, you take it. Simu Liu did just that by taking on television jobs beginning in 2012. Some of his evolving television acting career includes titles like:

  • Nikita as a Desk Officer in 2012
  • Omega as Dustin in 2013
  • Out with Dad as a Waiter in 2014
  • Warehouse 13 as a Bartender in 2014
  • Beauty and the Beast as EMT #1 in 2015
  • Blood and Water as Paul Xie in 2015
  • Taken as Faaron in 2017
  • Orphan Black as Mr. Mitchell in 2017
  • Slasher as Luke in 2017
  • Bad Blood as Guy in 2017
  • Fresh off the Boat as Willie in 2019

The most recent television work that Simu has done is for Kim’s Convenience. He played one of the main characters, named Jung, and appeared in 65 episodes from 2016-2021.

Television was an excellent place for Liu to wade into his acting career. These shows are just a small sampling of the work he’s done. You can find many more titles where he’s had a role or made an appearance, giving him a steady paycheck over the years.

What Was Simu Liu’s Big Movie Break?

You can’t talk about Liu’s career without mentioning his wildly popular character in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Back in 2021, when it was released, reported that the film was the highest-grossing release in the US. The movie earned $363.4 million globally and $196.5 million in the US.

The deal Liu made to star in this film probably didn’t pay him nearly enough for how it performed at the time. Not only was it insanely popular, but it also opened some doors and allowed Simu to enjoy some of his hard-earned cash.

More to Come Means More Income

According to, Liu has a handful of upcoming projects. The completed and post-production works name these titles:

  • Atlas is in post-production
  • Arthur the King is in post-production
  • Hello Stranger is in post-production
  • Barbie is in post-production
  • One True Loves is completed

Additional upcoming projects include:

  • TV Series Seven Wonders as Dr. Nate Grady, in production
  • Untitled Chang-Chi Sequel, pre-production
  • Last Breath, pre-production
  • Avengers: Secret Wars as Shang Chi, in development

It may take some time to see these projects released, but the actor has an excellent, long filmography to help tide you over. As it appears today, Liu won’t have any shortage of upcoming work to continue adding to his overall net worth.

Using Reality TV to Spend Some Money?

Did you know that Simu Liu contacted the popular Netflix show, Selling Sunset, to help him buy his home? According to Independent in the UK, the actor mentioned the show on Twitter, and the rest just fell into place. They offered help, and he accepted!

According to The Dirt, the actor spent $5 million on his nearly 5,000-square-foot LA Home. This is a great deal considering the actor has money coming his way consistently at this point in his career.

Simu Liu Doesn’t Just Buy Real Estate

Simu Liu’s roots run deep in Canada, so it makes sense that he’d have his name attached to a project in Toronto. But it’s not acting that’s brought him back to his home country. Instead, it’s architecture and design.

In a recent press release from the president of Capital Developments, Lui is coming on board for his insight and creativity in creating an actual living space that comes with all of the perks of staying in a hotel. Simu’s role will consist of selecting colors, materials, and other input relevant to the project.

When you can put a famous name to any project, it brings star power and an existing fan base. This may be his way of giving back to his country, but he’s likely making a good amount of money from it as well.

What Kind of Cars Does the Actor Own?

It’s not uncommon to see a newly minted actor investing in luxury vehicles, but not Simu Liu. Instead, his collection has a nice balance of fun and functionality.

The star’s collection includes:

  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Jaguar F Pace
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Toyota Camry

His collection tops out at over $200,000, much lower than what other actors spend on their vehicles. Liu shows that he values function while being able to have some fun with his car collection. It also says that his net worth can allow him to buy high-end when he thinks it’s worth it.

What About Awards and Other Recognition?

When you make Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People list, you know you’ve accomplished something extraordinary. The actor made this list in 2022. True Simu Liu fans can purchase an edition with the actor on the cover on the magazine’s website.

Liu has also received nominations for several acting roles. His wins include:

  • 2021 People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Action Movie Star in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  • 2021 BANFF World Media Festival/Rocking Awards for Canadian Award of Distinction
  • 2022 IMDB STARmeter Award for Fan Favorite
  • 2022 Hollywood Critics Association Game Changer Award for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  • 2022 Golden Schmoes Awards for Breakthrough Performance of the Year for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  • 2022 Gold List Honorable Mention for Best Actor in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Awards and recognition often open doors for actors, and Lui is reaping the benefits. The more roles an actor plays, the higher their net worth should become in the coming years.

Simu Liu's Net Worth

Any fan of Simu Liu knows he doesn’t shy away from minor or significant roles. This has given the actor an estimated net worth of around $4 million. While this amount may not seem like much compared to others, this actor stands to keep growing his net worth for a long time.

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