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How Kenny G Achieved a Net Worth of $100 Million

If you’ve never heard of Kenny G or he’s a new artist to you, he has a history of music that spans decades. While some people love his smooth jazz style, others dismiss his music as commercially pandering garbage. Yet this musician is still going strong, adored by many, and can boast an extraordinary net worth.

The TV Show That Started It All

Many kids who watched The Ed Sullivan Show were inspired to form bands and become rock stars, but not Kenny G. He saw someone playing the saxophone on the show and latched onto the instrument. He started playing the sax and clarinet when he was ten.

He played as much as possible in lessons alongside his school’s band and orchestra. The future music star got his first big break while still in school and hasn’t slowed since then.

Big Breaks Don’t Get Much Bigger Than This One

Kenny G was simply in the right place at the right time for his first taste of playing music professionally. When the saxophonist was 17 years old, Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra was playing in Seattle, and Barry’s orchestra was looking for a saxophone player.

Word got around, and the best fit for the spot was Kenny G. He had the sound and talent to not only keep up with the orchestra but to hold his own playing alongside seasoned professionals. This opportunity inspired Kenny to keep on playing music for famous artists at night while finishing his accounting degree during the day.

Since Kenny G nurtured his love of music while getting a practical degree, he showed some financial savvy in pursuing his passions. This set the stage for an awe-inspiring career.

Jazz Fusion and Making Music for a Living

Kenny G didn’t just head into the recording studio and make his first album. Instead, he spent four years learning the remarkable sound of Jeff Lorber’s band before taking the plunge into his solo career.

How Did He Go From a Slow Start to Skyrocketing Success?

Working with Jeff Lorber proved to be a good choice for Kenny G. Lorber helped the saxophonist produce his first album, Kenny G, which eventually saw some success after the release of Kenny’s breakthrough record years later.

The music artist saw more success with most of his work throughout the years. His discography includes the albums:

  • G Force, 1982
  • Gravity, 1985
  • Duotones, 1986
  • Silhouette, 1988
  • Breathless, 1992
  • Miracles: The Holiday Album, 1994
  • The Moment, 1996
  • Classics in the Key of G, 1999
  • Faith: A Holiday Album, 1999
  • Paradise, 2002
  • Wishes: A Holiday Album, 2002
  • At Last…The Duets Album, 2004
  • I’m in the Mood for Love…The Most Romantic Melodies of All Time, 2006
  • Rhythm and Romance, 2008
  • Heart and Soul, 2010
  • Namaste with Rahul Sharma, 2012
  • Brazilian Nights, 2015
  • New Standards, 2021

Kenny G also has live albums, EPs, and other appearances on various albums. A career this prolific is bound to make some significant contributions to Kenny G and his net worth.

Kenny G Plays More Than Jazz Music

Early in his career, Kenny learned how impactful working with other artists can be for exposure and entertainment. He started with the song “Missing You Now” by Michael Bolton in 1991. You can also find the saxophonist features in:

  • “Every Time I Close My Eyes” by Babyface featuring Mariah Carey and Kenny G in 1996
  • “How Could an Angel Break My Heart by Toni Braxton featuring Kelly G in 1997
  • “Use This Gospel” by Kanye West featuring Clipse and Kenny G in 2019
  • “In Your Eyes (Remix)” by The Weeknd featuring Kenny G in 2020

Big names, big songs, and big exposure lead to new fans, more sales, and a bigger paycheck. Kenny G keeps making smart moves to ensure his net worth stays solid.

Kenny G’s Music, Nominations, and Awards

The unique mass appeal of Kenny G’s music has brought him recognition within the music industry. He’s been nominated for countless awards and has even won a few that include:

  • Soul Train Awards for Best Jazz Album, Silhouette, in 1989
  • Grammy for Best Instrumental Composition for “Forever in Love” in 1994
  • American Music Awards for Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist in 1994

The kind of recognition artists receive often opens doors to more opportunities. This is definitely the case in Kenny G’s impressive career.

Get Your Kenny G Music and News on Social Media and Other Services

Albums still make a music artist good money, but it’s the exposure and connection with fans that bring them to buy your music, merchandise, and concert tickets. Kenny G has a presence on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

You can also visit Kenny G’s website for everything that has to do with the artist. Be one of the first to know about his upcoming events and other exciting announcements by following him wherever you have a profile. You can also sign up to receive his newsletter on his official website.

Kenny G’s music is also available for sale on Apple Music, Spotify, and more. Having physical and virtual access to music is sure to be helping Kenny G keep his net worth at a pretty comfy level.

Did You Know That Kenny G Is in Commercials?

Musicians like to have fun while making some extra cash, so why not Kenny G? According to Ispot.TV, he’s been featured in:

  • Snickers Bites “Poker Night”
  • Cameo TV “Kenny G Surprise”
  • Busch Light’s “Voice of the Mountains”
  • Farmer’s Insurance “Mulligans in Life: Communication”

Although commercials don’t bring in a continuous stream of income, there’s little doubt that Kenny G was able to name a reasonable price for his appearance in these. This shows that the musician continues to be smart about his money and what he’ll do to stay financially comfortable.

Kenny G Knows His Real Estate and Investments

Over the years, Kenny G has purchased, rented, and sold several properties. In 2022, he listed his Seattle estate at an asking price of $85 million. His Malibu home, which he bought in 1998 for $12.5 million, has an estimated value today of $20.9 million.

The saxophonist knows how to do more than buy and sell his homes. He’s reported in legal filings that he earns $600,000 monthly from his rental properties!

Kenny has also shown investment savvy regarding startups. Long before the artist was known worldwide, he became an early investor in Starbucks. The musician also shared with a reporter in 2015 that he has stakes in Microsoft, Apple, and United Airlines, giving him a whole other stream of substantial income.

Divorce and Spousal Support

Kenny G has been married twice, with his most recent marriage dissolving after 20 years in 2012. The artist has been paying alimony to his ex-wife in the amount of $40,000 per month since the divorce. However, Kenny recently asked for a reduction in his payments due to a significant drop in income during 2020.

While Kenny G may be feeling some financial strain from his divorce, he’s still doing what he can to maintain the net worth that he’s used to. Undoubtedly, the musician is still doing well in his career and will be comfortable for some time.

What Exactly Is Kenny G Net Worth?

Kenny G has a net worth of $100 million. Whether the bulk of his money is from his wise investments, real estate, or music, it’s clear that he can live a luxurious lifestyle for years to come.

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