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How Gavin McInnes Achieved a Net Worth of $10 Million

Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes is in more ways than one a renaissance man and an aesthete. He has done so much in so many forms of art making it the only way to describe him. Moreover, not only has he contributed so much to art, but he has also made a huge fortune while doing it. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gavin McInnes has a net worth of over ten million dollars. Even though it is as clear as day that Gavin has been around and done a lot over the years, many people still do not know how he was able to achieve such a huge net worth. The raison d'être of this article is to try and break down his life, and how he has managed to accumulate a net worth of ten million dollars.

Early life

Gavin McInnes is a Scottish Canadian creative director and writer. He was born in Hitchin, England, on the 17th day of July 1970. His father is James McInnes and his mother is Loraine McInnes. He grew up in the heart of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England. When he was four, he and his parents moved to Canada, and they would stay for the long run. As a teenager, Gavin was in a band; Anal Chinook. The band mainly played punk music, but it did not last for long, and no sooner was it formed than it was disbanded.


After his high school graduation, Gavin soon enrolled at Carleton University, which is based in Ottawa, Canada. There, he studied for a degree in English. He graduated from the university in 1992.


Two years after he graduated, in 1994, he co-founded the magazine that would come to be known as Vice. For the duration that he was there, he served as the editor for the magazine. He even earned himself a nickname while working there 'The Godfather of Hipsterdom'. He stayed with the magazine for more than ten years, watching it morph from a small paper with minimal circulation to eventually an internationally appealing magazine. In 2007, it was reported that he had left Vice because of creative differences. However, rumors in the grapevine stated that he had actually been paid to walk away, a sum of around ten and twenty million dollars. It must be said that any amount in between that range is a lot of money. However, that is nothing compared to what would have needed his share value had he stayed with the magazine. Today, his stake in the magazine would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and some have said that this value could even surplus a billion dollars.

His own endeavors

After walking away from the magazine, Gavin went on to set up his own advertising firm and marketing consultancy agency Rooster NY. He also started the website

On the screen

Gavin, while in Canada, appeared in a Canadian reality show called 'Kenny vs. Spenny.' This was his screen debut. After the show, he was approached to play a role in an Adult Swim program called 'Soul Quest Over', a role he accepted. This happened, in hindsight, not to be a very prudent move, for the show was a massive failure, and only aired four episodes before it was cancelled. Gavin has stated that the main reason that the show did not succeed was that the other cast members were not as funny as him. Gavin has also done a few comedy shows, and he was at some point in time a part-time comedian. He made his acting debut with an independent comedy film called 'How to be a Man'. The leading role in the film, 'Mark McCarthy', was played by Gavin, according to ABTC. The movie received mixed reviews. It was criticized for its problematic male-dominated premise but was praised for its writing and comedic prose and dialogue. He has also starred and acted in a couple of other shows. In 2011, he was in Soul Quest Overdrive, in 2013 he was in The Independents, and in 2015, he was in The Greg Cutfled Show, One More Time and Creative control. The last show he started in was in 2016. It was called Long night and Short Mornings.

Writing shows

Gavin would go on to write, direct and produce a couple of more shows. His first show to write, direct and produce was a short film called Sophie Can Walk. He also wrote and directed the short film, 'Are Women as Horny as Men?'. He also wrote and produced 'How to Be a Man.' Moreover, he has also made a documentary. He released it in 2013, and the documentary was called 'The Brotherhood of the Travelling Rants.'

Writing and books

While he was the editor for Vice, he was occasionally a writer for the magazine and media. He had adopted the hipster lifestyle, ergo the name The Godfather of hipster culture in Canada. For the magazine, he wrote extremely provocative articles like, 'The Vice Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll' and 'The Vice Guide to Picking Up Chicks.' As a result of his controversial and somewhat political comments, he became popular for his comments, especially in hipster culture. Gavin is a prolific writer, and after leaving Vice, he wrote a myriad of books. Some of the said books include 'The Death Of Cool', 'Adios America', 'The Un-Civil War', 'Dare Hill Doesn't Live Here Anymore,' and 'So You've Been Publicly Shamed.' Most of these books have done fairly well when it comes to sales, and that is the reason why his net worth is in the tens of millions. Moreover, he continues to make guest appearances on podcasts and shows, and has a very vibrant media following, especially on Twitter. On Twitter, Gavin has continued to show his comedic and controversial side and is known for posting long treads about his thoughts on current situations, especially the political climate.

Personal life

He moved to New York City in 1999 and has resided there ever since. He is married to Emily Jendrisak, who he wedded in 2005, and together they have three kids, according to Net Worth Bro. He has often stated in his podcast appearances and books that having children is one of the greatest things that has happened in his life.

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