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10 Things You Didn't Know about Loggi CEO Fabien Mendez

Fabien Mendez

The ecommerce industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors, and at the moment, it features several players. The improvement in technology is one of the main reasons that this commercial scene is flourishing by the day. Loggi is one of the companies gracing this scene, and according to IFC Insights, it is part of the new wave disrupting business in Latin America. It deals in deliveries, where it connects the couriers to the consumers. At the helm of the company is Fabien Mendez, who is its founder and current CEO. To know more about the man in charge of Loggi, we present you with ten things you probably did not know about him.

1. Early Life

It is not clear when Fabien was born but estimations put his current age in the mid-thirties. He is French, and according to StartSe, he grew up in the village of Le Bosc, on the French Riviera. He spent most of his childhood here and later on, moved to Spain as a teenager. Not much information is available on his family, such as the identity of his parents and whether he had siblings or not.

2. Education

For his tertiary studies, he briefly attended Fundacao Getulio Vergas, a higher learning institution in Brazil. It is a top think tank and one of the well-managed in Latin America. He graduated with a degree in business administration in 2007. He then proceeded to the Paris Institute of Political Studies for his postgraduate studies and graduated with a master’s degree in finance and strategy in 2009.

3. The Entrepreneurship Bug

The move to Spain, while he was a teen, helped grow his entrepreneurial ambitions. He experienced a different environment and it boosted his interest in business. During his time in Brazil, he was impressed by the vibrancy of the country's economy and is probably one of the factors that brought him back when he was ready to start his company. He started his journey to the commercial scene by co-founding GoJames in 2012. The company had a similar model to Uber, but it failed to pick. He describes the venture in his LinkedIn bio as an epic failure. It probably gave him an idea of how to tread in the competitive commercial scene.

4. Work Experience

Once he completed his studies, he worked as an analyst for various companies. He started with J.P Morgan, where he was the mergers and acquisition analyst for six months, beginning January 2009. He then moved to BNP Paribas in Sao Paulo, holding a similar position for fourteen months. He then became an associate at EY, still in charge of mergers and acquisitions in Sao Paulo, remaining at the position for fifteen months. He then tried his hand at entrepreneurship by co-founding GoJames, sailing its ship for a year, before he co-founded Loggi, where he is still at its helm.

5. Founding Loggi

He founded Loggi in 2013 after GoJames failed to hit as he envisioned. He cites curiosity and hard work as the critical factors behind the success of Loggi, and he is sure that in a matter of years, it will be one of the game-changing companies in the commercial scene. The combination of willingness to solve problems and elegance is the key to success, according to the entrepreneur. With Loggi, his biggest challenge was to keep it afloat in the first five years of its existence and it gained root in the market.

6. Advantage of being in the Financial Technology Sector

His stint in the financial industry as an analyst gave him the proper boost to set up his company. He understood the growing financial technology sector that, at the turn of the 2010s decade, was moving at a fast pace. Brazil, which is one of the fastest-growing economies, provided the right environment for his ideas to grow. He foresees the company being a game-changer in the logistics aspect in ten years.

7. His Love For Reading

Growing up, Fabien Mendez loved reading books and magazines about icon figures such as Steve Jobs, who is also his role model. His reading culture is probably a significant contributor to his ideas that will change the commercial scene in Brazil and the entire Latin America region. It is not clear which books he is reading at the moment.

8. He Is Multilingual

Fabien grew up in different countries during his youth, and he picked up several languages. He is fluent in his native French and also Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Knowledge of several languages is an advantage to an entrepreneur as it gives him or her a broad market base to explore. His fluency in Portuguese allowed him to set up shop in Brazil with impressive results. Should he decide to venture into other markets, it will be a straightforward undertaking.

9. Social Media Presence

Social media is one essential tool in ecommerce, and it helps in connecting with potential clients. Fabien has a Twitter and Instagram handle. He joined the former in 2012, and at the moment he has 206 followers. He is not active on Twitter if you judge by his last tweet, which was almost five years ago. He is quite active on Instagram, and he has 526 followers presently and 21 posts. His account is private, and he needs to follow you before you can view his posts. He is also vibrant on LinkedIn, where he has over 500 connections.

10. His Relationships

Fabien is very private when it comes to his life outside the office. As such, it is not clear if he is dating or not, and the same applies to if he has kids. It is an excellent move to keep his personal and professional lives apart.

Final Thoughts

Fabien Mendez is the CEO of Loggi, a delivery company that promises to change the face of logistics in Latin America in a few years. Above are some of his lesser-known details that you now know about. Follow him on social media and in news articles to see what he is up to.

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