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10 Things You Didn't Know About Justin Davis

Justin Davis

Justin Davis is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is also the chief executive officer of Spectrum Labs. Davis has an impressive career and stands as a solid example for upcoming aspiring entrepreneurs. Here are ten things you didn't know about Justin Davis that you may find inspiring.

1. Justin Davis became a business owner in 2018

According to Crunchbase, Davis worked for other companies until he worked himself in a position to step out into his ventures. He founded Spectrum Labs in 2018, and also stepped into the role of chief executive officer. He stands at the helm as the top executive leader of the firm that helps consumer brands by providing information and solutions to empower them to respond appropriately and effectively to toxic behaviors that happen within their online communities.

2. Justin Started as a salesperson

Justin Davis worked his way up, starting with his first job at Accipiter, as an inside sales representative. He started at the company in February of 2007, selling Accipiter AdManager and Atlas Publisher tools. His job was in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina region. After 8 months in the job, Microsoft acquired the company he was working for.

3. Justin was hired at Microsoft

Justin became an employee of Microsoft in September 2007. He was promoted to Sales Engineer from his previous position. he worked at the job for one year before being promoted to the position of Solutions Architect. He served as a technical pre-sales engineer and architect for 6 core publisher product solutions for the United States, SAPAC, and Latin America. He spent an additional 11 months with Microsoft before leaving in July of 2009. Along the way, Justin picked up numerous skills in ad serving, forecasting, business intelligence, and rate card analysis.

4. He continued to climb the business ladder

Davis left Microsoft to pursue an employment opportunity that was more challenging and offered greater responsibility. He took a job as Sales Manager for a company called He spent just three months in the position, before taking a voluntary buyout to help launch aiMatch. At this point in his career, the employers made him the director of Business Development at aiMatch. He worked in the rank from January 2010 to February 2012. Davis worked at the headquarters in San Francisco, California when his employer sold to SAS in 2012. Justin joined the new company to launch its ad delivery platform. He served as the Senior Solutions Architect from February 2012 to August 2012.

5. Justin Davis followed a solid strategy

Mr. Davis established a pattern of working at a job, gaining new skills, and moving on to the next best opportunity for growth and professional development. Mr. Davis made wise decisions with his employment options/status, staying with one job until a next-tier job opportunity opened up. Justin moved deliberately to seize each chance to grow and move up in the management field, building his resume with skills and experiences that helped prepare him for leadership in the executive world.

6. Justin Davis advanced to Senior Manager

Following his plan for continuous advancement, Justin Davis left his job as Senior Solutions Architect to accept a position with Adobe Primetime as Sr. Manager of Business Development. He worked at the New York, New York location from August 2012 to February of 2014, helping Adobe to launch Primetime with the Go To Market team, according to his LinkedIn profile.

7. He left Adobe Primetime for Krux Digital

Justin left Adobe Primetime to accept a position as Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives and Products with Krux Digital in June of 2014. Davis spent a year and 10 months helping the company bring multiple strategic products to the market. He got promoted to the job of Head of Product, Link Data Cloud. Davis continued in the job until the company was acquired by Salesforce in November of 2016. Davis continued with the Salesforce team for another fifteen months as the director of product management, Salesforce Data Studio in the San Francisco Bay area. Justin's impeccable resume reflects that he has never had a problem securing meaningful employment. Each new job experience helped to sharpen his skills and provide him with a stronger track record of success.

8. Justin Davis is a member of the Forbes Technology Council

In December of 2020, Justin Davis became a member of the prestigious Forbes Technology Council. As a member, Davis meets with other senior technology executives within the exclusive community to network with other leaders in the industry and to share their insights. he has been a member of the FTC for more than a year now. His invitation and induction into the group is a recognition of the respect that he has earned as a leader in the technology sector of the business world.

9. Justin Davis is an investor

In addition to being a businessman, executive leader, and successful business owner, Justin Davis is also an investor. He invested in a accompany called Spaccebacck in July of 2017. The company is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Davis also serves as an advisor for the SoundSwell accompany, and as an advisor for a company called Blockthrough.

10. Justin Davis co-founded the Oasis Consortium

In July of 2020, Justin helped to establish an organization called the OASIS Consortium. The Consortium helps to create standards for the online industry for brand safety, to help restore confidence and trust in the internet with a focus on safety and privacy. The consortium brings stakeholders in the industry to the table. The group shares their perspectives and engages in meaningful conversations. Their purpose is to develop a platform for advocacy for brand and user safety through the internet. They set standards that may reasonably be achieved as actionable items. The team works toward setting them in place. The group is comprised of advertising executives, government agents, safety leaders, and industry influencers to gain diverse perspectives on urgent concerns. Davis puts the knowledge and insights he has gained through the years to the best possible use to help others to protect their brands and the consumers they serve.

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