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The Top Five Luxury Experiences in Cancun, Mexico


Cancun sits in the diverse region of the Yucatan Peninsula. Although it is best known for its beaches, resorts and party atmosphere, there is much more to this magical city than sitting on the beach and enjoying unlimited free food and alcohol. To truly have a unique and magical Mexican experience, you must travel away from the city core and explore the small towns, jungles, caves, lagoons and cenotes.

The following is a list of the top five luxury experiences in Cancun, Mexico which whisk you away to have the ultimate experience in Mexico.

Kohunlich and Bacalar Lagoon by Air

Kohunlich and Bacalar Lagoon by Air

Enjoy an incredible day in the air that allows you to visit Kohunlich, an archeological site where archeologists and the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia have invested funds to study important artifacts, and Bacalar Lagoon, a lagoon of seven colors, by private chartered jet. Kohunlich is open of the most extensively studied archeological sites in the southern portion of Quintana Roo that is open to the public. The city was founded in 200BC as masonry platforms constructed in the Ya’axna complex area. However, it was not until 600-900AD that Kohunlich became a large settlement with most of the structures still being available to exploration today. In Bacalar, you have the option of swimming or participating in a private Kayaking Tour across the calm and turquoise waters. The three-hour excursion will take all round the lagoon for excellent photographs and provided lunch prior to hopping back in the airport transfer to the private plane.

Ultimate Uxmal and Merida Air Expedition

Ultimate Uxmal and Merida Air Expedition

Discover the unbelievable archaeological site known as Uxmal as well as the capital of the Yucatan, Merida on a privately chartered aircraft. IN 1996, Uxmal was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and is known as “The Thrice Built City,” due to the need for reconstruction three times. Uxmal offers some of the best Mayan architecture still in existence and the entire mythology of the site is built on temple design including, The Temple of the Sorcerer and the Quadrangle of the Nuns. Both of these structures are excellent displays of Puuc splendor which is comprised of smooth walls with intricately detailed stucco friezes.

Merida is a bustling city that is considered a UNESCO World Heritage City. From the air, you will gain a unique perspective of the lush topography surrounding the city, cenotes within the Yucatan Peninsula and an overview of the city. Once in the city, you can enjoy regional Yucatan cuisine and explore the historic center as well as take a carriage ride down the famous Montejo Avenue which was inspired by the Champs Elise in Paris.

8-Day Wildlife Photography Tour

Cancun Photo Tour

Partake in an 8-day photography tour from Cancun that offers one of the best experiences possible while in Mexico. You will have the opportunity to take underwater and land photographs of wildlife in some of the most beautiful natural settings on earth. The tour includes all accommodation and a professional photographer to help you maximize the beauty and experience of the photographs.

The tour begins in Cancun with a briefing from the photograph and tour guide. The following seven days include, reef snorkeling and photographs in the jungle with spider monkeys, reptiles, insects and other interesting animals, a visit to Sian Ka’an and Tulum, bird watching and a visit to Kantemo with an amazing natural occurrence of hanging snakes and bats that come out of their cave and Rio Lagartos and Valladolid. Later in the tour, you will have the opportunity to photograph the salt pools near Las Coloradas that feature different shades of pink, Chichen Itza, a whale shark tour on an amazing boat trip and snorkeling. The tour is much more than simple taking photographs. You can enjoy archeological ruins and a variety of water sports centered on photography.

10-day Yucatan Heritage Tour

Yucatan Heritage Tour

During this incredible experience, you are transported through the numerous World Heritage Sites across the Yucatan Peninsula. This once-in-a-lifetime tour is the ideal combination of core nature with cultural activities which completely sums up the Peninsula. You will have the opportunity to explore Sian Ka’an, the Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserves, Calakmul and the second largest coral reef in the entire world. Other highlights include the Mayan jungle, unique wetlands and a wide biodiversity within these ecosystems. This tour will allow you to truly understand Mayan history by visiting some of their most impressive sites like Chichen Itza and Coba as well as colonial cities of Merida and Valladolid.

In summary, you will visit the second largest coral reef in the world, the Siankaan biosphere reserve, wetlands, Coba archeological site, the colonial town of Valladolid, Rio Lagartos Biosphere, Chichen Itza, Izamal, the Church of Izamal, Merida and the Loltun Caverns.

11-Day Bird Watching Tour


During this 11-day bird watching tour from Cancun, you will have the opportunity to view half of the 1,040 bird species that live in the Mexican jungles. Your tour guide navigate you through the best birding habitats including, dry tropical forest, mangroves, estuaries and dense lowland jungles. You will also visit magical archeological ruins within the area and may find different types of birds including, Great Curassow, Lesser Yellow-Headed, Crane Hawk, Thicket Tinamou, Black-throated Bobwhite, Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Ruddy Crake, Rufous-Necked Wood-Rail, Yucatan Jay, Orange Oriole and Mexican Anttrush, to name a few.

The tour provides a close encounter with all of this wildlife in a small-group setting that is perfect for any skill level or age. The guide is informative and professional with snacks, beverages and airport transfer included in the tour. Locations include, Central Vallarte, San Salvador Ranch in Rio Lagartos, Ek Balam, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Edzna, San Cristobal, Palenque and Chiapa de Orzo.

Each of these experiences offers some of the best that Mexico has to offer. Between wildlife viewing, exploration of ancient archeological sites, learning more about the culture and heritage of the Mayan people and discovering the small towns and incredible people along the way, you will have the ultimate Cancun experience that is outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. While there are many tours available to fit every interest, the aforementioned are the most unique and interesting experiences that can give you a unique trip with your family or loved ones.

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