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Where to Get The Best Chinese Food in Plano, TX

Plano, Texas

Texas is a southern state that is known for its southwestern cuisine. While it's delicious and sticks to the ribs, some people like a break from the regional fare. If you're a fan of Chinese food and going to Plano, Texas, the list of Chinese restaurants is long. Some are better than others. Check out our list of the ten best places to get Chinese food in Plano while you're there.

10. Little Sichuan Cuisine

240 Legacy Dr, Plano

Little Sichuan Cuisine is a replaced restaurant specializing in Sichuan Chinese cuisine with other styles of authentic Chinese fare. The restaurant is known for serving the best Sichuan in the city. A few of the favorites are the onion pancake, shrimp fried rice, and orange chicken. The food at Little Sichuan Cuisine is fresh and delicious, made with fresh ingredients. Little Sichuan is in Central Legacy Plaza and offers dine-in services only. The restaurant opens at 11 am for lunch and dinner guests.

9. Mei Mei China Restaurant

405 Legacy Dr, Plano

Mei Mei China Restaurant has been in Plano for over two decades. It's a staple in the local neighborhood. It's a small and welcoming Chinese restaurant that offers cafe-style accommodations in a small setting. In addition to authentic Chinese dishes, it also offers some Vietnamese menu items. You can always find a daily lunch special. The portions are ample and the prices are among the lowest in town. The signature dish is the house sesame chicken. The restaurant orders dine-in and takeout options. It's popular with office workers who call in their orders and pick them up for working lunches.

8. Mah Jong Chinese Kitchen

4025 Preston Rd #604, Plano

Mah Jong Chinese Kitchen offers the best authentic Chinese food in Plano. It's a refined and intimate venue open for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is so popular that you must reserve a table or face long wait lines, but it's well worth the wait to enjoy the extensive menu of Chinese dishes including dim sum, wonton soup, sweet and sour chicken, and dozens of other options. Guests may also enjoy eating on the patio and retire to the full bar to enjoy its signature cocktails and brews.

7. La Chine Chinese Cuisine

6145 Windhaven Pkwy #120, Plano

La Chine Chinese Cuisine is a premier Chinese restaurant in Windhaven Park. It's an upscale restaurant with a comfortable and elegant ambiance. When you're in the mood for Chinese and you want to experience fine dining at its best, La Chine is among the best options for an enchanting experience. The waitstaff is friendly and efficient and the authentic Chinese food is delightful. It's an opulent restaurant guaranteed to give you a memorable visit. Reserve your table online.

6. Yao Fuzi Cuisine

4757 W Park Blvd #108, Plano

Yao Fuzi Cuisine is a Chinese restaurant in Berkeley Square. It's a high-end restaurant with luxurious surroundings, friendly waitstaff, and an extensive menu. The plating style is appetizing and visually appealing. The portions are moderately sized, and the prices are reasonable for a fine dining establishment. No trip to Plano is complete without reservations at Yao Fuzi Cuisine.

5. Dumpling House

221 W Parker Rd #525, Plano

The Dumpling House is a Chinese restaurant in Ruisseau Village. It's a casual restaurant named after its house specialty, handmade dumplings. The cuisine features fare from the Northern region of China. They offer an extensive menu with authentic Chinese dishes including their signature pork/chive dumplings, sweet and sour chicken, and lo mein.

4. Chen's Restaurant

2220 Coit Rd Ste 430, Plano

Chen's Restaurant is in Park West Plaza. It serves traditional Sichuan Chinese dishes with an extensive menu. The portions are large and the prices are moderate. You can opt to dine in, have your food delivered or pick up takeout orders. The restaurant is clean and comfortable. Friendly waiters serve food that is hot and fresh. The locals give it a 4.6 out of 5-star rating.

3. Sichuanese Cuisine

315, 2001 Coit Rd, Plano

Sichuanese Cuisine is a Chinese restaurant in Park Pavilion Center. It's been in business since 1992 serving Sichuan Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices. The food is always fresh and the waiters are friendly and courteous. The restaurant maintains high standards. The portions are large and the prices are inexpensive. The restaurant is located in a strip mall for fast access. It serves everything from quick snacks to full meals. It's a no-frills establishment that offers delicious authentic Chinese for sit-down meals or food on the go.

2. Chong Qing House

2901 N Central Expy#109, Plano

Chong Qing House is a laid-back restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that serves authentic Sichuan-style Chinese food. The waiters are friendly and attentive. Guests have an extensive menu of dishes to choose from. You may dine-in or order takeout. Locals give Chong Qing House high marks for fresh ingredients and top-notch authentic Chinese cuisine. House specialties are orange chicken and scallion pancakes. You can customize the spiciness of your order from mild to hot. Chong Qing House serves food the way you like it.

1. Wu Wei Din Chinese Cuisine

2909 W 15th St, Plano

Wu Wei Din Chinese Cuisine is a simple restaurant with a comfortable and contemporary vibe. The environment is informal, but the food is traditional Chinese fare served in large portions at reasonable prices. The menu is extensive with signature pork chop fried rice, xiao long bao, and dozens of other options. Guests may order single plates or family-style dinners. The Chef specializes in Chinese and Taiwanese dishes. The locals rate it as the place to get the best Chinese food in Plano.

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