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Five Unforgettable Luxury Experiences in Rio, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro's vibrant nightlife, carnival celebration, and the iconic Christ the Redeemer landmark all draw millions of guests each year which has made the Brazilian city one of the hottest vacation destinations in the world. It's also home to two world famous beaches, Ipanema and Copacabana.  Its rain forests hold an incredibly diverse array of rare wildlife and exotic plants. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has a wide variety of attractions to see, including some outrageous excursions that allow you to experience the city like never before.

Here are five unforgettable luxury experiences that you can enjoy in Rio.

1. Experience the City's Finest


Zicasso offers some of the most decadent vacation packages in Rio, including a 14-day trip that's full of luxury experiences and amenities. It includes a stay at one of the city's hottest resorts, sitting right along Ipanema beach. A private helicopter tour provides a breathtaking view of the city, and that's just the beginning of what awaits guests who opt for this vacation.

The itinerary also includes a trip to the Amazon Rainforest and a riverboat cruise along the Amazon. Swimming in the river, hiking, fishing, and getting up close views of the animals there are just some of the things one can do, and the entire time guests will have the service of an expert guide and an entire boat crew. A professional chef is also apart of the package, and the menu offerings are tailor made to each guest's preferences.

Short trips to Bahia, Porto Seguro, and Trancoso beach are included in Zicasso's luxury package, as is the option to see Rio's many landmarks. Depending upon the optional excursions and upgrades chosen, this vacation starts at $9,700.

2. See the Wonders of Rio

Jacada Travel

Christ the Redeemer is Rio's most famous historical landmark, and the towering statue is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. However, Rio has many other significant sights including Igussu Falls. Jacada Travel's 12 day Wonders of South America vacation package takes guests on a private tour of some of Rio's most notable places as well as sightseeing around other places in South America, including the fascinating Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley.

The package takes guests on a privat train to see various ancient ruins, as well as a luxury boat ride through Iguassu Falls. Private guides are on hand the entire time to provide insight and help guests obtain the most out of their experience. When it's time to take a rest, this package doesn't disappoint. A five star resort, complete with just about every amenity imaginable, is included in the price, allowing visitors to see Rio's monuments in style. The price per guest starts at $6,667.

3. Go on a Brazilian Safari

Conde Nast Traveler Brazil

Conde Nast is a world renowned name in international travel, and the company also has its own luxury travel packages. One takes visitors to Rio on an exclusive safari where they can get thrillingly close to animals and see first hand what makes Brazil's rainforests so special and important. The 11 day, 10 night trip has an itinerary that hits just about every natural site around Rio de Janeiro, including Sugarloaf Mountain. Guests get the chance to take a cable car to the mountain's summit, where the view is absolutely breathtaking.

Other experiences include the opportunity to swim in the Amazon with dolphins, go canoeing, take archery lessons with native experts, spend some time at Pantanal, and go piranha fishing. The Amazon jungle has an abundance of animals that can't be seen anywhere else, making this trip even more remarkable. In addition, guests will get to dine at some of Rio's most superb restaurants and trek through the city's famed villages. This is one of Conde Nast's more family friendly packages, and nature lovers will have a wonderful time on this luxury vacation. The price per person starts at $5,995.

4. Enjoy a Boat Photography Tour

Caraggas Islands

There are many ways that one can see Rio, and whether you travel by foot, air, or through its waters, the city is a unique place with beauty all around it. To capture Rio in a whole new way, consider taking a boat photography tour. This seven hour excursion takes visitors on a luxurious ride past some of Rio's most popular spots such as Marina da Gloria, Red Beach, Ipanema, Copacabana Beach, and Guanabara Bay. Guests on the boat photography tour also get to see the elusive Cagarras Islands -- an archipelago with no inhabitants -- where they can go diving or swimming.

Not much of a photographer yourself? The tour includes the services of a professional who will capture amazing photos of the entire journey. At the end of each trip, guests receive a professional souvenir photograph and a digital album of all the shots taken along the way. The cost per person to take a private boat photography tour starts at $3,902.

5. Take a Surfing Excursion

Surfing Matuete

Those who visit Rio often hit the waters surrounding it, as the city is a beautiful place to swim, dive, snorkel, and surf. The latter draws professionals and novices alike, and surfing in Rio is not only luxurious but unforgettable. While some of the waters around Rio are best for veteran surfers, there are plenty of spots where you can learn, stay safe, and have tons of fun. Matuete, one of the most well known companies in Brazil that provides exclusive excursions, offers a surfing package that includes scuba diving. One of the highlights is a trip to Praia do Rosa, a legendary surfing spot that gained its reputation back in the 1970s. The fisherman's village is charming and a personal guide will ensure guests learn all about the area's cultural history.

The next stop on the 2 week surfing trip is Rio, where most of the itinerary takes place. Corcovado Mountain, the Arpoador stretch of Ipanema, Prainha, and Grumari are some of the stops along the way where visitors will experience a wide range of watersports and surfing opportunities. Plenty of time for leisurely walks along the beach, touring the area's local districts, and dining at authentic Brazilian restaurants is included. Plus, guests will enjoy luxury accommodation at a beachfront resort. The price for this surfing trip starts at $4,495.

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