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A Luxury Traveler's Guide to the Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival

One of the world's largest music festivals is The Roskilde Festival, which takes place every year in the Denmark town of Roskilde. Not only is it the largest music event in Northern Europe, this fun celebration attracts well over 125,000 festival goers each year from around the globe. Most of the music acts on stage during the four day event are rock, punk, indie, and electronic bands, but sometimes pop, reggae, and hip hop artists also make an appearance.

Since its start in 1971, the Roskilde Festival has been all about gathering people together to hear great music and have loads of fun. The affair has seen its ups and downs since it first launched, but today the Roskilde Festival is stronger than ever. For those looking to attend the party in style, here's a guide to planning your trip to the Roskilde Festival.

Top Things to See

Land of Legends

If you're a fan of history or natural sights, you'll definitely want to visit the Land of Legends while you're in Denmark for the Roskilde Festival. It's a 106 acre open air museum that features archeological artifacts and displays. The area also houses the Centre for Historical-Archaeological Research and Communication, as well as fascinating reconstructions of ancient structures including villages, a Viking market, Stone Age camp site, artisans workshops, and a farm from the 18th century. Adult admission is $22.48, and the price is $14.24 for children aged 3 to 11 and students with a valid ID.

Roskilde's Viking Ship Museum is a national site that has incredible displays of ships from prehistoric times through the medieval era. The highlight is a group of five authentic Viking ships that were excavated in 1962, but there are also exhibits dedicated to exploring Denmark's marine archaeology, maritime history, and experimental fields of archaeology. There's a museum shop on-site, as well as a cafe that sells fresh sandwiches, coffee, tea, cakes, organic drinks, and ice cream. Children are admitted for free and, depending on the time of year that you go, adult admission is either $11.24 or $15.74.

If you'd like to tour a grand historical site on your trip, be sure to visit Roskilde Cathedral. This Gothic church was constructed during the 12th and 13th centuries, and the architecture incorporated into the building is gorgeous. There are also paintings and art inside, and the Roskilde Cathedral has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for over 20 years. In addition to its magnificent structure, Roskilde Cathedral holds the graves and burial sites of Danish royalty.

Best Places to Stay

Axel Guldsmeden

Just minutes from Trommesalen bus station and Tivoli Gardens is Axel Guldsmeden, a hotel with a casual and laid back vibe. The rooms are well appointed and decorated to encourage restful relaxation. There's an on-site restaurant that serves tapas style fare, as well as a cocktail lounge and bar, indoor sauna, and hot tub. If you want to get a moment to yourself, Axel Guldsmeden's garden area with plush seating and a crackling fireplace is ideal. The rooms at this hotel feature four poster beds, complimentary Wifi, flat screen televisions, mini fridges, and luxe toiletries. Family rooms are available if you're traveling in a group, as well as more lavish suites with private rooftop patios and jetted hot tubs. To give you fuel for the Roskilde Festival, a free breakfast is served each morning. The rate per night at Axel Guldsmeden starts at $121.

Glostrup Park Hotel is an upscale option that's situated close to prime shopping areas and Christiansborg Palace. The decor is elegant and sophisticated, and everything from the flooring to the furnishings is beautiful. Complimentary parking and a breakfast buffet provide nice extras, while the gym is a great place to get in a workout during your stay. Glostrup Park Hotel also has a fireplace lounge, sauna, and on-site restaurant that serves French and Danish cuisine. The rooms there have blackout curtains for privacy, minibars, flat screen televisions, and coffee and tea making equipment. The nightly rate starts at $195.

If you prefer unique accommodation with great service, consider Comfort Hotel Vesterbro while you're in town for the Roskilde Festival. It's located in Denmark's posh Vesterbro District and is about five minutes away from Copenhagen Central Station. An art museum and shopping boutiques are also nearby. Inside, Comfort Hotel Vesterbro features a distinctively modern aesthetic and the rooms are quite stylish and trendy. All suites include free Wifi access, televisions, and plush beds, but upgraded rooms also come with great views of the city. Comfort Hotel Vesterbro offers room service, and each morning a free breakfast buffet is served in the hotel's restaurant and bar. The rate per night starts at $133.

Where to Dine

Restaurant Mumm

The food of Denmark is a unique experience that you'll definitely want to savor while you're in Roskilde for the music festival. Restaurant Mumm serves traditional European fare, and the eatery also has a nice wine selection. You can eat inside or in the lovely garden, and the bread is something that many guests rave about. Local favorites from the menu include roasted pork, gazpacho, and Danish desserts.

Restaurant Vigen is a beautiful establishment with fabulous lake views, upscale decor, and dishes that are artfully presented. The ingredients are super fresh, and the four course dinner will give you a taste of different types of Danish fare.

Fans of meat dishes will love dining at Restaurant Flammen Roskilde. The selection of meats there is huge and it's all well cooked so that it's succulent and absolutely delicious. Restaurant Flammen Roskilde's atmosphere is relaxed, the decor is modern, and the side dish options perfectly complement the main courses.


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