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The 10 Best Golf Courses in Sedona, Arizona

Oakcreek Country Club

Whether you’re a rookie golfer or a seasoned pro, you’ll love the abundant range of golfing experiences on offer in Sedona’s vast number of golf courses - not to mention the stunning settings and breathtaking views that many of them afford. With everything from traditional links-style layouts to target courses, short courses to long, challenging play to fun rounds, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect option on our round-up of the 10 best Sedona golf courses.

Hilton Sedona Resort Golf Course

10. Hilton Sedona Resort Golf Course

With its breathtaking location and stunning views over the famous Red Rocks, the Hilton Sedona Resort Golf Course is sure to please even those with only a casual interest in golf. True enthusiasts, meanwhile, will find much to enjoy on the Gary Panks designed course, which offers a great, stimulating game with wide fairways, strategically placed bunkers and dramatic elevation changes. With the option to take a few lessons with the club’s team of seasoned instructors, along with the chance to rent equipment if you haven’t bought your own, it’s understandable why the resort has become such a firm local favorite.

Poco Diablo Resort Golf Course

9. Poco Diablo Resort Golf Course

For an affordable golfing experience, Poco Diablo Resort Golf Course is among the best. Along with great rates, the course offers a stimulating game that’s as enjoyable for pros as it is for those with less experience. With only 9 holes, it’s perfect for those who want to enjoy a game but don’t have a full day at their disposal. A few of the added attractions on offer include a separate putting green (ideal for those who want to practice their precision before heading to the course), and the option to rent golf clubs if you forgot to bring your own.

Continental Country Club

8. Continental Country Club

Measuring 6029 yards from tee to green, the Bob E. Baldock designed 18-hole championship course at Continental Country Club offers a fast, challenging game that will test even the most experienced golfer with its undulating fairways. The range of amenities on offer (which include a practice facility, a golf shop, golf lessons & clinics, and golf tournaments) is excellent, while the rates are some of the most affordable in Sedona.

Pinewood Country Club

7. Pinewood Country Club

Pinewood Country Club offers an 18-hole golf course that manages to be both challenging and immensely playable. Measuring 6,625 yards from tee to green, it’s a great spot for all ages and skillsets to practice their game. In addition to its championship course, the club offers an excellent restaurant and bar to enjoy a refreshing after game beverage or two, along with a great range of amenities that cover everything from golf practice facilities to licensed fishing at Lake Odell.

Coyote Trails Golf Course

6. Coyote Trails Golf Course

“This is a 9-hole par 33 that is quite lovely. It's short but there are challenges and opportunities to lose a ball or two. It's fast enough that you can get a round or two in before or after a trip to Sedona”… so says one reviewer on Trip Advisor, and we’re inclined to agree. For those looking for a fun, fast game, this may well be the perfect place.

The Club at Seven Canyons

5. The Club at Seven Canyons

The Tom Weiskopf designed course at Seven Canyons is a thing of beauty. Ringed by national forest and offering gorgeous views over the surrounding valleys and mountains, it’s as much of a treat for photographers as it is for golfers. Measuring almost 7000 yards in total, the course utilizes the rugged terrain of its setting to create a challenging experience full of dramatic elevation changes, tight fairways, narrow landing areas, and hidden bunkers. If you want to test your skills to the limit, this is the perfect place to do it.

Canyon Mesa Country Club

4. Canyon Mesa Country Club

Canyon Mesa Country Club’s 9-hole golf course is the perfect spot for novices and pros alike. While short enough not to intimate newbies, the narrow, difficult greens provide enough of a challenge to keep even the most seasoned golfer engaged. With affordable pricing, great service, and the chance to finish 9 holes in less than 2 hours, it’s the ideal location for those who want to take in a round of golf but don’t have 6 hours to play with.

Sedona Golf Resort

3. Sedona Golf Resort

Sedona Golf Resort’s 6,646-yard, par - 71 course is a regular fixture on round-ups of the best courses in Arizona- and for very good reason. Offering breathtaking views at every turn, the course winds through the red rocks of Sedona, providing an engaging, exhilarating game that will test even the most seasoned pro. As well as the superb golfing experience on offer, guests at the resort are also free to enjoy the delights of the clubhouse, grille, and well-stocked Pro Shop.

Oakcreek Country Club

2. Oakcreek Country Club

The 72 par, 18-hole golf course at Oakcreek Club was created by legendary designer, Robert Trent Jones. Offering breathtaking views over the surrounding landscape, exceptional service and a rewarding game that’s as fun as it is challenging, it’s unquestionably one of the highlights of the Sedona golf scene. A quick glance at some of its accolades (#1 in Arizona Golf Rankings, 2016, # 10 in Top 25 Courses in Arizona by GolfAdvisor, 2014, and #4 in Arizona's Top 10 Hidden Golf Treasures in 2015) should more than convince you this is one golfing experience you don’t want to miss.

StoneRidge Golf Course

1. StoneRidge Golf Course

There’s no denying StoneRidge Golf Course occupies a prime location. Tucked away beneath the foothills of the Bradshaw Mountain, it offers golfers the chance to experience a challenging, rewarding game with some of the best views they’ll come across in the state. The course is suitable for all ages and skill levels, from the youngest newbie to the most seasoned veteran. The Pro Shop and Instruction Course offer all the equipment and tuition you’ll need to improve your swing, while the excellent Prescott Club provides a great place to relax with some good food, refreshing beverages, and superb service.

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