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What are the Different Ways to Fly Private?

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Private aviation has been tied to exclusivity and luxury for years.  With rapidly advancing technology, the accessibility of this niche is starting to improve. With ever-changing travel preferences shaping the demand for private air travel, there are now several ways for customers to avoid long lines and stuffy cabins on economy flights.

Whether you’re thinking of going private for the first time or you’re no stranger to champagne in the air, it’s worth refreshing your memory on the ways you can take a private jet. Let's explore private flights. Here are four ways to fly in style. 

1. Private jet charter

Charter makes a popular choice for vacations, business trips, and luxury adventure. Best suited to group travel, this is essentially private jet rental and gives you exclusive access to the jet, pilot, and crew throughout the flight.  Charter is consistently popular for corporate groups because it removes the need to go through the usual time-consuming tasks at the airport. Private flight passengers never sit next to strangers in the cabin - and there’s no wait at baggage claim either. Plus, charter comes with zero commitments to the aircraft, fuel, or any associated admin.

2. Ownership

Outright ownership involves purchasing a private jet. To do this, you’ll also need to employ a pilot and cabin crew, pay specific maintenance fees, liaise with air traffic control, and pay to keep your jet somewhere on the ground.  It’s undoubtedly the most expensive options, but private jet ownership ensures near unlimited access to the aircraft. For those looking to use a jet regularly, without any financial concerns, it’s the most empowering and incredible option. You can fly anywhere in the world, from private islands to star-studded stops like John F. Kennedy in New York City.

3. Fractional ownership

For those seeking a sense of exclusivity without the all-out commitment of private ownership, fractional ownership could make an ideal choice. It allows two or more individuals to purchase shares of an aircraft with others. Co-owners pay a purchase price upfront, plus a share of monthly operational and management fees. Hourly flight times might also be included in the shared fee. While a jet can’t be used entirely by one party all the time with fractional ownership, it’s the second-most flexible option. It comes with near-guaranteed availability for pre-planned tours and trips.

4. Membership options

Many private jet firms offer specialized membership schemes. These allow individuals or companies to pay a subscription fee, which warrants limited use of private air travel. Flights usually need to be pre-booked, though might occasionally be available on the desired travel date.  Occasionally, repeating memberships might not be required for last-minute flight requests. Clients can also join programs to access deals by filling seats on private jet flights that would otherwise go empty. There are so many ways to take a private jet. 

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