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How Maddie Ziegler Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler might still be young, but she has already made quite a name for herself across America and around the world. In fact, she is quite wealthy now so she might never have to worry about money ever again if she is careful. To this point, you probably know Maddie Ziegler from her role on Dance Moms. She has a creative technique when it comes to being on the dance floor. Her enthusiasm and contagious, and the way she dominates the pyramid has left people around the world mesmerized. It has actually been eight years since that first appearance on Dance Moms and she is still going strong in various media circles. All totaled, she has already achieved a net worth in the area of $5 million. Here is how she did it.

Her Early Days

Maddie Ziegler first started to make a lot of money when she began to appear regularly on Dance Moms. In fact, she was an original member of that show, so she really goes back in time. This is what helped her develop into something of a household name. Many people remember her because she got a lot of slack for how close of a relationship she developed with Abby Lee Miller. That did nothing to hold her back, however, as she quickly became a producer and crowd favorite. This translated into her being given a number of dance solos, each one of which she would end up performing flawlessly. It was quite often that she would easily place number one at virtually any competition she was entered in.

It was not just the championships that developed Maddie Ziegler into the wealthy woman that she is today. She would end up making about $2,000 for every episode that she was in. Since she was on the show for six seasons in total, she would end up making about $400,000 during her time on Dance Moms. That is an incredible amount of money if you think about it. During that time, she was also socking away money from other endeavors, particularly a number of endorsement contracts that she was able to sign thanks to her popularity.

Another Claim to Fame for Maddie

While the $400,000 that she earned during six seasons on Dance Moms is certainly a respectable amount, it does not quite explain how quickly she has amassed more than $5 million. Another part of the equation is her appearance in the music video ‘Chandelier’, performed by Sia a popular artist. This one music video alone has been viewed more than 2 billion times on the popular media outlet that is YouTube. Many people that did not know who Maddie Ziegler was because of Dance Moms were introduced to her for the first time via this music video. She was only 12 years old at the time, but people around the world could not believe the dance moves that she already possessed. That performance would soon lead to her performing right along with Shia Labeouf. This would be during another dance routine for a music video performed to another song by Sia entitled Elastic Heart. This would end up being viewed online more that one billion times. This would literally catapult her into stardom as she has since then performed in a few other music videos for Sia as well.

Other Ways of Making Money

As with many popular young stars today, Maddie Ziegler has become quite adept at making money in several different ways. She is not just a dancer on television. She has branched into other areas, many of which have proven to be quite lucrative for her. Through the years, she has been paid to make a number of posts for social media. You could say that was one of the first social media influencers, and it has earned her quite a bit of money. People who wanted Maddie to endorse their products would pay her to participate in digital marketing campaigns online. These would end being quite profitable for both Maddie and the companies involved.

When she was only 16 years old, she would up being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation. If this does not speak to how successful she already was at an early age, then nothing does. She was already so respected so much as a dancer that she was chosen to judge other performances on one of the most popular dance shows on television. It was not long after that she also ended up being featured in her first ever movie. This was in 2017 and it was on Book of Henry. She would end up performing right along Naomi Watts. Maddie Ziegler is much more than just a dancer. She has also written several books already in her young career. The first one was titled The Maddie Diaries. This would end up becoming a New York Times Bestseller. She would also continue the three-part fiction series by writing The Audition and The Callback. These books continue to be popular on Amazon, so the money just keeps coming in. As if all of that were not enough, she also developed her own clothing line back in 2016. It is named after herself, Maddie and those clothes are also sold in partnership with Amazon.


So, as you can see, it should come as no surprise that Maddie Ziegler has been able to earn more than $5 million thus far in her young life. It is quite impressive if you come to think about it. In fact, she already has more money than Abby Lee Miller, so that should give many critics reason to reflect. Since she still has many more productive years ahead of her, and she is not even 20 years old yet, she will likely continue to amass even more money in the future.

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