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A Closer Look at the $43,000 Marte Omas Fountain Pen

Marte Omas Fountain Pen

There is a special group of people within the world of enthusiasts, fans and collectors who have a fancy for high quality and very expensive fountain pens. These are the folks who are not content with the cheaper versions purchased at the local dollar store, and even the higher end $250 iterations will not do. They demand the very best in quality, performance, and uniqueness and they're willing to pay for all of these attributes. The Marte Omas Fountain Pen is one such writing instrument that is valued at a price of $43,000 and there are loyal customers who think it's a good deal. This intrigued us to delve a little deeper into the particulars to learn what they find to be so special about this fountain pen that would impress them enough to spend tens of thousands for the privilege of ownership. Here is what we discovered.

A part of an elite collection

The Marte Omas Fountain Pen is an expensive luxury pen, and there are many people who wonder why anyone would be willing to pay $43,000 to own one. We learned that there are, in fact, several good reasons. While collecting luxury pens isn't everyone's cup of tea, pen enthusiasts are just as passionate as those who collect valuable high-end watches, automobiles or even valuable art pieces. The first very good reason is that it's something they're passionate about. Most people use these pens to actually write with because they're highly functional tools, so they're not only valuable, they're practical and useful. When it comes to the Marte Omas Fountain pen, however, this one is a part of an elite collection called Viaggi dell'Uomo, Travel of Man, Masterpieces collection and it's a custom designed fountain pen. It's a designer luxury writing tool which happens to belong to a very elite collection.

Premium materials

The pen is made of the best materials which increase the tangible value. For example, the cap alone is made with an encrustment of 2 full carats of small diamonds, according to this article and their expose of the most expensive pens in the world today. This pen features the use of 18K red gold which gives a nod to Marte, which is Italian for Mars. In this case, there is a duality in the name and its reference to the red planet as well as to the Greek god Mars. The nib of this fountain pen is made of rose gold and it quite uniquely displays a representation of Mars in an engraving. The time and effort required to accomplish this task show the quality of work that artisans have put into each pen through hand work. It's an exclusive piece that is also encrusted with rubies as well as diamonds. The cost of the gemstones adds to the overall monetary value of the pen.


One glance reveals the fact that this is no doubt, an expensive luxury class fountain pen, that is to the trained eye of a collector. You'll notice that the barrel of the pen displays craters, mountains, and deserts, like the ones you would find on the planet Mars. This design was intended to represent a map of the red planet. It also includes an accurate history of the landings of both Russian and American probes with the careful placement of the four rubies which mark these landing designations. The diamonds on the cap represent the polar ice caps found on the planet as well as the details of the clip, representing "astronomer Tycho Brahe's Mural Quadrant ". Clearly, the designers of this amazing work of art and historical representation have left no details out.

Is it really worth the price?

There are four factors that go into determining the value of a high-end luxury collectible pen. The first is its rarity. There have only been 30 examples of this pen ever made so it passes the first requirement by being a pen that is hard to find. It's extremely rare and not one that you can just go out and buy unless you find someone willing to sell theirs, and it's likely to be offered in an auction format so the selling price may be less, but it is likely to exceed the MSRP if in mint condition. The second factor is the design and materials used in the creation of this pen. We've already established the fact that high-quality materials were procured in the creation of this unique collectible. The third is a comparable value with similar pieces. We noticed that the Omas Phoenix Platinum Fountain Luxury Pen in a Limited Edition with Diamonds retails for $60,000. There are other pens in the most expensive list that top $1.4 million, so this doesn't make $43,000 seem quite so bad. The fourth factor is the value that the individual places upon the item. There are 30 collectors out there that would counter, it's very much worth the cost for the privilege of ownership.

Final Thoughts about the Marte Omas Fountain Pen

The Marte Omas Fountain Pen is truly one of the most spectacular fountain pens we've seen. The aesthetics alone are enough to get your attention, but this pen is a special limited edition that would not only appeal to those who collect unique luxury pens, but for those who have a passion for Mars exploration as well as for Greek mythology. The Marte Omas has a design that has been well thought out and planned and it has a place along with any other fine collectible accessory that pays tribute to important historical events in the history of man. Our conclusion about the value of this piece is that it is well-deserving of a close look as well as a description that points out its true value on the collectibles market today.

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