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10 Things You Didn't Know About the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze

MeisterSinger Metris Bronze

MeisterSinger has a penchant for the whimsical on occasion and they've shown this side in a tasteful yet fun rendition called the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze. If you're a fan of uniqueness within a nod to the natural world and its wondrous beauty this model may fit the bill. Here are 10 things you didn't know about the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze watch that might make you want one for yourself.

1. Each example changes with time

The beauty of bronze material is that over time, it develops its own unique patina. Changes in the metal create a myriad of complex designs and variations so no two pieces made of the material will be identical. It's full of surprises because you never know what it will look like from one year to another. It's the king of distressed metals and highly stylish for those who enjoy the mysteries of patina development.

2. The case is slim for a thin profile

The Metris Bronze has a bronze cushion case that measures 38 mm in width and 10. 3 mm in depth. This creates a thin profile for the ultimate in comfort. Meistersinger kept the lugs short at 45 mm. The case back is made of stainless steel that adds just enough weight to make it solid but not enough to make it heavy. We applaud the use of stainless steel for the case back that rests on the arm because unlike bronze, this metal will not turn your wrist green.

3. The texturing is diverse

The Metris Bronze is designed with great attention to small details that culminate together to create a very unique watch. There is a mix of curves and angles, along with faceting and a combination of polished and brushed surfaces that catch the light in different ways, to catch the eye and draw attention to the multiple aspects of the aesthetics.

4. This odd watch gives you an approximate time

To make this model even more interesting MeisterSinger only gave it one hand. This single hand is tipped in red. Minute markers are placed around the outer track of the dial with red hour markers placed at 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions to make things even more ambiguous. Each minute mark is used to express five-minute increments and this is about as close as you're going to come to provide a ballpark of correct time when using this watch. This is the ultimate watch for the laid-back personality who doesn't like to be pinned down with exacts. It's more for the relaxed soul who has no problem saying It's around 5 pm.

5. The average price for a Metris Bronze is around $2,200

We don't feel bad about giving approximate prices for used versions of the Metris Bronze because it is made for coming close to telling the right time. If you're a perfectionist you can figure it out but it would take a lot of work and it's easier to take the path of least resistance and get the time right within 5 minutes or so. Pre-owned examples of the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze start at $1,990 and go up in price to just under $2,500 with a true average cost of $2,250.

6. The leather strap is as unique as the rest of the watch

We love the brown leather strap because of its unusual styling. There are perforations at the very top of the strap that allow what looks like a decorative twine to protrude from both sides, to wrap around and hold the under-fold of the leather neatly in place. This is an amazing aesthetic that gives the watch yet a more whimsical and earthy feeling.

7. The crown guard levels out the side

We couldn't help but notice the ornate crown guard that gives the Metris Bronze a unique angular shape. The rounded wedge-shaped inserts on either side of the crown lend a sense of stability and help to finish the look. A stand-alone crown would appear out of place. This is another one of those small details that makes this watch so unique and interesting to observe.

8. It's powered with a Swiss automatic movement

The movement for the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze is a caliber ETA 2824-2 automatic, and in some cases a Sellita SW 200-1. The movement beats at 28.8 kbps with 25 jewels. Although there is no second hand to confirm this, it's the claim that the manufacturer makes so we'll assume that this is the case. Functions include a date display and a power reserve of 38 hours.

9. It's hard to tell if it's running or if it has stopped.

We love the fact that this Metris Bronze only has one hand. The only real drawback to the novel timepiece that we've observed is that you really can't tell if it has stopped running unless you check back every hour or so to see if the single hand has advanced to the next hour. If you have keen vision, you could look at it every five minutes to see if it advances to the next five-minute marker, but it could cause eye strain if you don't look away.

10. The MeisterSinger Metris Bronze is one of the most unique designs in the world

We must take our hats off to the design team at MeisterSinger for producing one of the most interesting wristwatches we've ever seen. We love the round display for the date that is placed at the 6:00 position where the numeral would otherwise be. It's not inset over the time indicator, but rather in its place. The single hand is such a novelty that we can pick out half a dozen acquaintances that it would be the perfect timekeeping device for. If you have the luxury of approximating time for the sake of conversation, this is definitely a watch you should at least consider. It has our vote for the most unusual timekeeping indications.

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