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10 Things You Didn't Know About the Mercedes E350

Mercedes-Benz has released a luxury model they call the E350. It is a member of their E-class which places it a unique category of vehicles. As a plug-in hybrid, it's a vehicle that represents a change for some Mercedes enthusiasts who have been resistant to change and prefer the old classic and traditional styling to which they've been accustomed. In reality, the E350 doesn't take a lot of effort to get used to the differences. Here are 10 things that you didn't know about the E350 that may change your mind.

1. The technology isn't difficult to understand

The engineers at Mercedes-Benz do all the hard work in designing this fuel-efficient vehicle for the convenience and pleasure of their customers. While some consumers are hesitant to go with a hybrid because of the extra time needed to plug it in for a charge, the truth of the matter is that it's an easy process and it isn't time-consuming at all. You don't have to be an engineer to plug your vehicle in for a charge, besides when it runs out of power, it's also a gas or diesel powered car that won't leave you powerless if there's fuel in the tank.

2. It's good for the environment

The Mercedes E350 hybrid feature cuts down on the level of carbon emissions that are released into the air. By driving this car, you're doing your part to cut down on the amount of air pollution that also affects the ground and water sources. It also used fewer natural resources because of the dual power source. You get more miles per gallon of fuel and it saves you money at the gas pump.

3. The interior lighting is customizable

You know that the E350 is a true luxury vehicle because it comes with a choice 0f 64 colors for the interior lighting. This allows you to make it an individual expression of your color preference. It's nice to have the ability to change the ambiance of the vehicle. An extra bonus is that the interior lights feature LED technology.

4. It doesn't take long to charge the battery

The electric battery system that is installed in the E350 is easy to charge. You just plug it into a standard socket that you already have in your home. The charging time is about three hours. This will give you a distance of about 21 miles when fully charged. This helps to improve your fuel efficiency and in fact, in many cases, you will get a higher fuel efficiency rating than many of the compact models out there.

5. The E350 can park itself

Because of the amazing innovative technology that the E350 is equipped with, the E350 can actually park itself. All you need to do is find a suitable parking space, get out and press a button on your phone to activate the autonomous parking feature. You'll be thrilled as you watch your luxury car take over the task of parking. This is particularly helpful if you're not especially proficient at parking.

6. The E350 can talk to other cars

Another special feature of the E350 as well as all other vehicles in the Mercedes E class is the Car to X Communication system. It allows the car wireless communications with other vehicles and parts of the infrastructure of transportation. The car knows the location of other vehicles and it will soon be able to get information from other cars such as warnings about hazards and other useful information.

7. The ride is ultra soft

Can a luxury vehicle ever really be too soft? This is a contention that is posed regarding the E350. It's highly luxurious and it offers a soft ride with handling features that could be described in the same way. If it's too soft for you, just activate the sport modes and it will help to ease the softness with a good dose of sportiness.

8. It's gaining an edge in autonomy

Although the E350 is not classified as a fully autonomous car, the technology is edging towards an easy transition. You can add on the optimal driver assistance package that takes you to the verge of full autonomy. The package is capable of sensing a side crash and it will move the seats of the front passenger and driver away from the perceived danger zone to reduce the likelihood of injury. Intelligent light features dim the lights automatically as a courtesy to oncoming drivers.

9. The E350 has an amazing new infotainment system

The new infotainment system in the E350 is touch sensitive for input and you can do anything you want from the steering wheel. This gives you the advantage of changing stations, programs, climate control and sound without the need to take your hands off the wheel.

10. The E350 attempts to evade potential crashes, just like Air Force 1

Most of us have watched films where the presidential airplane was under attack. It's really cool that such an aircraft has a system built-in that gives it the autonomy to evade incoming missiles and other aircraft. The E350 is semi-autonomic in that it will take evasive measures in the form of fancy maneuvering to attempt to avoid a crash situation.

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