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10 Things You Didn't Know About Miguel Fernandez

Miguel Fernandez

Miguel Fernandez is an amazing young entrepreneur who has achieved nearly unbelievable success in his business ventures. In case don't know who he is, Mr. Fernandez is the chief executive officer of a FinTech company called Capchase. This is a unique company that is multinational and making the news in business circles. Miguel leads one of the most successful businesses in the InsurTech arena. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Miguel Fernandez that we believe you will find to be inspiring.

1. He is also the founder of Capchase

According to Crunchbase, Miguel Fernandez not only is the leading executive officer of Capchase, but he is also a co-founder of the enterprise. Capchase is an InsurTech business that helps SaaS businesses to manage their payments and finance their largest expenses with a unique model that has not been used by any other company in the InsurTech industry.

2. Miguel Fernandez has an international education

According to LinkedIn, Mr. Fernandez attended Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia UNED, a distance learning school based in Madrid, Spain. He attended the school from 2008 through 2013 and earned his bachelor's of economics degree. He went on to attend Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, earning his M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Miguel also attended Technische Universitat Munchen in Munich, Bavaria, earning an M.Sc in Energy and Proces Engineering and Industrial Engineering. He also attended the Harvard Business School where he earned his MBA. He has been educated in a variety of different places around the world.

3. He interned at Tecnicas Reunidas

Miguel Fernandez spent less than a year in an internship with Tecnicas Reunidas, in Madrid, Spain. The company is an international general contractor specializing in the construction and engineering of oil and gas, refining and petrochemical, and power generation facilities. He gained hands-on experience in testing and design of alternatives to patented technology. He was charged with the responsibility for these tasks to achieve improvements for industrial-level implementation.

4. Miguel Fernandez is a serial entrepreneur

Capchase isn't the only business that Miguel Fernandez has helped to establish. Before Capchase, he and his partners co-founded a business called Wibbou in 2014. Wibbou is a person-to-person lending platform that helped its users by providing them with plans for trying new activities while renting equipment from other users. He spent two years with the company, leaving in 2016 to pursue other business endeavors. Wibbou was his first experience with business ownership.

5. He worked as a strategy consultant

While Mr. Fernandez was involved with his business Wibbou, he was also working as a strategy consultant at the same time. From 2014 through 2016, he worked in the position of monitor Deloitte in Madrid, Spain. This tells us a lot about him and his drive to succeed. He can juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time and has held down two hobs at once. He has a strong work ethic, that has no doubt helped him to make significant contributions to the current success that he and his partner are experiencing with Capchase.

6. He is the founder of HeydeyBrands

In 2016, after leaving Wibbou and his work as a consultant, he went out and co-founded his second business with partners. The name of the company was HeydeyBrands. The business was headquartered in Madrid, Spain. The company provided an online marketplace for goods to be delivered on the same day that they were ordered. It was in the line of e-tailer businesses selling apparel from fashion brands that were up and coming. HeydeyBrands promised to deliver the orders within two hours of receiving them. Miguel spent a year with the company that he cofounded before leaving in 2017 to pursue other interests.

7. He took a job at Geoblink

In 2016, while helping with HeydeyBrnds, Miguel also worked as an account executive for a company called Geoblink with its headquarters in London, and offices in Reino Unido. This is a location intelligence software that helps retailers to understand factors influencing their store networks. He became Country Manager in the United Kingdom in 2017. He served in the position for two years, leaving in 2019.

8. He co-founded Capchase in 2020 and has only been with them for a year

Miguel Fernandez is the CEO and co-founder of a new company that is still in its infancy in terms of development. He and his three other partners make up the core executive team of Capchase. The company is in the InsurTech industry. it helps SaaS companies that are financially strapped to make their largest payments with customized financial services plans that help them with financial resources as well as management solutions.

9. He runs a venture, equity, and debt capital-backed business

Capchase is a privately owned company that is backed by venture capital, equity, and debt funding Several wealthy firms have invested in the company to make it a huge success. Although Capchase is not yet profitable, the funding has raised hundreds of millions in support of its growth and expansion. According to Crowdfundinsider, Capchase raised approximately $125 million in June of 2021. In July of 2021, it raised an additional $280 million in debt and equity funding from the i80 Group.

10. Miguel's company is worth billions

Remarkably, after being in business for only one year, Capchase has achieved a valuation of more than $2 billion. This puts it well over the requirements for becoming a unicorn status business. Now, Capchase is a member of this exclusive group of elite companies. Any business rarely becomes so successful within a year of its initial launch. Capchase is valued at twice the necessary amount to reach unicorn status. Capchase has attracted multiple investors including Bling Capital, Scifi, Caffeinated Capital, Box Group, One VC, and several others. Capchase is headquartered in New York, USA with offices in Madrid, Spain. It is a multinational company with plans to use the funding it has received to expand its operations into other parts of the world.

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