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20 Things You Didn't Know About Miro


Miro is an American technology company. It was established in 2011 in the San Francisco Bay region. It offers a platform for teams working in different areas to work together and collaborate on projects. The programs provide a whiteboard for conducting workshops, brainstorming, and sharing ideas as if they were in the same room. If you haven't heard about this intuitive and engaging platform yet, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Miro to familiarize you with the company and its products.

1. Miro is an established business

According to Crunchbase, Miro has been in operation for ten years as of the end of 2021. it is going into its 11th year of operation and has weathered the ups and downs of a shaky economy. Miro is the common name of the company, but the legal name of the business is RealtimeBoard, Inc. Both titles refer to the same company.

2. Miro is a versatile tech company

Miro is listed across five industries on the internet. This reference shows its versatility and applicability to various companies. It operates on a B2B basis, providing enterprise software and enterprise applications. It is also listed as a UX design company that provides product management tools for teams distributed across different parts of the country or world.

3. Miro gained high profile clients

Miro offers useful tools that are popular switch many of the Fortune 100 companies. Statistics show that eighty percent of the Fortune 100 companies use Miro applications and software. The platform has a total of 20,000 paying customers and more than seven million users.

4. Miro provides integrative programs

The Miro platform saves time and money by integrating with existing programs for a seamless transition for companies and their teams. It is compatible with Google Drive, Box, Trello, Sketch, Slack, JIRA, Confluence, Atlassian, and many other existing applications. The development teams at Miro designed the platform for easy use with other programs, so there are no conflicts and no downtime due to the need for the migration of data. The versatile service is available for desktop or browser, IOS, or Android. This feature makes it compatible with most devices and interactive whiteboard applications. Miro is all about collaborative solutions that bring teams together to complete their joint tasks in an environment that opens up communication with the tools for planning and strategizing.

5. Miro uses a complex array of technologies

The Miro website actively uses seventy-one technologies to power its website. Although it's a complicated assortment of technologies, they all work together to provide visitors and users with a seamless website experience. These technologies are distributed across forty-six technology services and products. Some of them include iPhone Mobile compatible, Google Font API, Viewport Meta, jQuery, HTML5, and Google Analytics.

6. Miro stands out among other technology companies

Miro has ensured its uniqueness in the sea of technology companies that offer whiteboard platforms. The business has secured two registered trademarks in the scientific and technological services category. Miro has not disclosed the details of its trademarked intellectual property, but it prevents similar companies from copying or imitating the processes protected under the registration. Miro maintains all legal rights which make it stand out uniquely in the products and services offered to clients.

7. Miro has one of the largest websites on the internet

The Miro website is one of the largest when assessed by web traffic volume. Statistics maintained for the website show that Miro received a total of 19,841,868 visits over the past thirty days. The volume of web traffic has resulted in the website achieving a ranking of number 2,652 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web. The monthly visits growth rate continues to climb at a rate of 1.6 percent.

8. Miro is the most popular in the United States

The web traffic for Miros's website is the highest among people in the United States. Twenty percent of the web traffic comes from people in this country. Eight percent of the web traffic is from Germany with a monthly visits growth rate of 12.41 percent. Eight percent of the traffic is from the United Kingdom with a growth rate of 11.06 percent. Eight percent is from the Netherlands with a monthly growth of 7.79 percent. Four percent of visitors are from the Russian Federation.

9. Miro has downloaded thousands of times monthly

The Miro platform has been downloaded thousands of times daily. Visitors downloaded 176,077 times over the past thirty days. The most popular application download is the Miro Online Whiteboard. It is downloaded the most often through Google Play, followed by iTunes Connect.

8. Miro has a 19-member executive leadership team

The executive leadership team at Miro consists of nineteen members. The highest-ranking members are as follows. Andrey Khusid is the chief executive officer and founder. Grisha Pavlotsky is the head of operations. Zhenya Loginov is the chief revenue officer. Yuliya Malysh is the head of self-service business and product growth. Adam Carr is the head of sales. AJ Josephson is the head of people. Ivan Demshin is the head of engineering and Madhum Akula is in charge of security engineering.

9. Miro has a 9-member board of directors

There are nine members on the board of directors for Miro. Igor Ryabenkiy is a managing partner at AltaIR Capital with nineteen portfolio companies and one exit. Oleg Shardin joined the board on June 1, 2011. He is a founder of Miro and has founded one organization and currently serves on one board in an advisory role. Will Griffith joined the board in April 2020. He is a founding partner at Iconiq capital. He founded one organization and currently serves on forty-one boards in advisory roles. Matthew Jacobsen is a founding partner at Iconiq Capital. He currently serves on six boards of directors in advisory roles. Harry Nelis joined the board in Februarys 2020. He is a partner at Accel and currently serves on thirteen boards of directors in advisory roles.

10. Miro is a venture capital-backed business

Miro has participated in four rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series C funding closed on January 5, 2022. The total amount raised is $476.3 million. Twelve investors support Miro with their investments. They include Julien Codorniou, Atlassian, TCV, Iconiq Capital, Salesforce Ventures, GIC, Accel, Dragoneer Investment Group, Bradley Horowitz, and several others.

11. Miro is a unicorn company

According to Techcrunch, Miro is a successful business that has reached an elevated status. The current valuation of Miro is $17.5 billion. It has by far surpassed the required $1 billion in valuation required to join the elite unicorn group.

12. Miro just held its largest fundraising campaign

The most recent round of fundraising has made Miro a multi-billion dollar business. The most recent round of Series C funding brought in the largest amount in the company's history. Investors brought in $400 million.

13. Miro is an online company

Miro's platform is delivered on an online platform. The company offers timely products and services that help professionals connect at a time when in-person contact is limited due to the current pandemic. The company is a pioneer of applications that deliver tools for visual collaboration. Users can not only hear one another as they talk, they can also see the speakers for enhanced communication.

14. Miro is a privately owned enterprise

The founders of Miro remain in control of the company they launched. Their funding comes from private investors through VC fundraising rounds. They've opted not to take Miro public at this time. This is why you won't find shares of Miro stock for sale or trade on any of the public stock exchanges.

15. Miro continues to grow

Miro is growing by leaps and bounds. The company has scaled its operations to meet the increasing demand for its products and services. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic impacted the world with social distancing that has taken a toll on the business world. Online services such as those provided by Miro allow individuals and teams to stay connected at a time when more companies are resorting to remote workers. Miro has partnered with other companies to provide the tools necessary to keep businesses going and their workforce connected. Demand for Miro's platform continues to grow.

16. Miro has built a strong brand

Although many people have not yet heard of Miro, millions currently use the products and services. The brand is firmly established in the business world and it is continuing to gain momentum. the leadership at Miro confirms that the business has grown three times over in the past two years. Their partnerships with investors help to strengthen the brand and give prospective customers confidence.

17. Miro is strong in customer service

Customer service and support are top priorities for the employees of Miro. The leadership tries to keep on top of the trending demands and to supply these for its clients. They're in the process is picking up the pace of development and innovation to give clients more of what is needed to function in remote workplaces. They realize that the businesses and people using their products depend on reliability and ease of use.

18. Miro is an international company

We also learned that Miro has grown and expanded its operation throughout key cities in the world. The enterprise has offices in eleven cities throughout the globe, including Tokyo, Japan, Sydney, Australia, London, England, Berlin, and Munich, Germany, and several other branches. Miro's strategic plan is to reach all areas of the planet wherever there is internet available. The capital that was infused into the company is being used to fund new offices, more workers and to increase the products and services and keep them relevant in an ever-changing work environment. Miro continues to grow and expand its global footprint.

19 Miro is currently hiring

According to LinkedIn, Miro has posted thirty new jobs available on its LinkedIn page. The number of new jobs is only ten percent of the total openings the company has listed. There are more than three hundred open positions in various places throughout the world. Most of the job openings are for technical positions including software developers, multimedia designers, product data analysts, and many other administrative jobs. We also noticed that Miro is hiring for other parts of the United States such as in Austin, Texas. it is establishing new offices that require staffing, but some of the jobs are for remote workers. we also saw that there are many new jobs in the marketing, sales, and advertising areas as well.

20. Miro provides educational resources

According to the official Miro website, Miro offers links to useful information about the remote work resources it offers. Here you will find comprehensive information about what it means to work remotely, and tips about how to be successful in a remote work environment. They provide a guide for remote workers. Miro also gives web visitors information about how to conduct meetings and workshops successfully in an online environment. there is even a section on "How to" webinars.

Miro is a tech company that is making an impressive footprint in the world today. The company has risen to meet the demand of remote workers across the globe. It has grown past the size of decacorn with its most recent valuation estimates. It's a company that is relevant and on the move. Miro helps to keep people connected to brainstorm, collaborate, and plan projects. It's the next best thing to being together. Miro is a company that bears watching as the products and services offered will only increase in their demand by business. If you require tools to help your team collaborate better in a remote environment, Mirro may have the best solution.

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