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20 Things You Didn't Know about Modern Electron

Renewable Energy

These days, there is a lot of information in the news about companies that are thinking of different ways to utilize energy in order to help people accomplish day-to-day tasks. In some cases, there are companies that are rethinking the way energy is imagined and produced in ways that would have never even been possible a few short years ago. One of the more dynamic companies in question is called Modern Electron. If you're not yet familiar with them, there is every chance that you will become acutely aware of the sweeping changes they're making to the energy industry in the very near future. Here are 20 things about them that you might want to know right now so you can be watching for the things that they do in the months and years to come.

1. They operate on the idea of reusing wasted energy

The company operates on the premise of reusing energy that is otherwise wasted. In short, they have a system that is capable of converting wasted energy from furnaces and boilers into energy that is sustainable for homes and businesses. It's relatively easy to see if your home or business qualifies. As a matter of fact, they have everything laid out on their website so that you can see whether or not you might be a good candidate for the types of services that they offer. If you are, you stand to be able to convert your existing system into one designed and serviced by them that essentially takes all this wasted energy and converts it into the energy that you will then use to heat and cool your own space.

2. Their ideas could make power outages a thing of the past

It's not outside the realm of possibility to say that utilizing their system could potentially make power outages something that you no longer have to deal with. There is little doubt that power outages are one of the most frustrating things that a person will ever experience, especially when they last for days or even weeks on end. It's also worth noting that in some cases, these types of power outages can be potentially life-threatening. It all depends on the physical strength of the individual (or individuals) in question as well as whether or not there are certain pre-existing medical conditions which could potentially be problematic. Whether you're talking about saving a life or just being able to go about your day-to-day activities in relative comfort, the very idea that power outages could stop making it impossible for you to properly heat and cool your home is something that is worth examining further.

3. They want to make energy more sustainable for future generations

The company is all about creating sustainable energy. They have essentially re-imagined the way that energy is used. As opposed to allowing wasted energy to simply dissipate, they've learned how to harness that energy and then use it to the advantage of the individuals who utilize their systems. This type of technology has the power to completely transform the way that people live and work. In addition, it is something that has far-reaching benefits for everyone involved. More about that will be discussed later on. For now, you need to know that there is a very real potential here to completely transform the way that things are done when it comes to using energy more effectively.

4. The company is also working to reduce energy costs

Of course, utilizing this type of system has additional benefits such as reducing energy costs. It's unfortunate that energy bills continue to rise exponentially, often taking as much as one-third of a family's household income. In some extreme cases, the cost for energy bills can be as much as two-thirds of a family's household income. This leaves very little money for other expenses such as the rent or mortgage, food, other utilities and basic necessities that every family must have on a monthly basis. Reducing energy costs effectively could go a long way toward helping people manage their own finances more effectively, thereby strengthening the economy in the long run.

5. Their goal is to help both homeowners and businesses

The company is not exclusive to homeowners. In fact, they're just as capable of installing major systems that allow businesses to run more effectively. In much the same way that any traditional HVAC company would operate, so too do they. The difference is that the systems installed and maintained by them are capable of harnessing and utilizing energy in a way that has never been fully explored in either the residential or commercial sectors until now. The best part is that they have solid technology that is capable of doing these things in a very practical manner. There might have been a time when all of this was only capable of occurring in theory, much like something in a Sci-Fi novel. Today, it is a reality.

6. Their ideas also mean a healthier planet

Of course, changing the way that energy is harnessed and utilized also means a healthier planet. In fact, use of their system allows for dramatic reduction in one's carbon footprint. This is something that every homeowner or business owner should be interested in exploring for this fact alone. It is everyone's responsibility to do whatever they can to reduce their own carbon footprint and make the planet a healthier, safer place for other people. This is one of the more effective ways to accomplish that goal. While achieving that particular goal, there are all the added benefits which have already been discussed such as saving money on energy bills and not having to deal with power outages.

7. They just completed their second round of funding

It's important to note that the company only recently completed their second round of funding, meaning that they likely have at least two more rounds to go before this fiscal year ends. The reason that this is so important is because developing this type of technology obviously takes a fairly significant amount of money. By raising enough money through these fundraising sessions, they have the capability to pass certain savings on to both homeowners and owners of businesses while still remaining a viable company in their own right. In addition, it increases the speed with which they are capable of doing business, thereby allowing them to expand into areas where they may not have a significant presence as of yet. Of course, the extra funds can also be used for things like hiring additional staff members, research and development or even marketing campaigns.

8. They raised more than $30 million

In the second round of fundraising alone, they have raised slightly more than $30 million. This goes to show how much current investors believe in what the company is doing, not to mention their ability to get the job done. Major investors don't have a tendency to sink that much money into a company unless they are fairly certain that the company will be able to keep every promise it has made and then some. The fact that they have been able to raise so much money in a single round of fundraising alone speaks volumes about the way that their current investors think of them. In short, it's a solid indicator of how well the company has delivered on their promises thus far and what people in the know think they are capable of doing in the future.

9. They’ve been in business long enough to have learned a thing or two

Despite the fact that they're only in the second round of fundraising for this particular project, they have been in business long enough to have learned what works and what doesn't. They're not exactly new to the business world, nor are they new to developing unique energy solutions. In fact, the company has been around since 2015. That's given them roughly seven years to do plenty of research and development in order to see which types of techniques are more effective. That is precisely why they have developed a system that works as well as their current system does. It's also why they are constantly exploring new ways to do even greater things with energy by reimagining things that people have been using for decades.

10. To date, they haven’t lost a single investor

It's also worth noting that they haven't lost a single investor between their first round of fundraising and their most recent, second round. That's not something that every company can claim. In fact, it's relatively rare that a company has the exact same investors for two consecutive rounds of fundraising, all while picking up a few additional investors along the way. That is true of any company, but it is especially true of tech companies that are dealing with things that were thought to be impossible five or ten years ago. Again, it speaks to the quality of this company and what people believe they are capable of doing, both now and in the future.

11. They claim that they can eliminate carbon emissions from homes

It's true, the company claims that they can eliminate carbon emissions from homes, effectively reducing the carbon footprint to something so negligible that it would be almost like not having a carbon footprint at all. While the company says that larger businesses would obviously produce more waste, it's still possible to reduce the carbon footprint down to almost nothing. For homeowners, that reduction would occur almost instantaneously with the installation of one of their systems. That's a lot to claim, but it's also something that they have been able to back up with science, not to mention proving it in a practical sense by installing their systems and seeing how they operate in the real world.

12. They use hydrogen to provide cleaner, more reliable energy

If you're wondering how all of this is accomplished, it's done with hydrogen. It's also worth noting that many countries, such as the UK, will be moving to hydrogen furnaces in the near future. As a result, this company is developing their technology at a time that is most appropriate for both them and virtually everyone else around the globe.

13. They can use captured energy to run household electricity

Perhaps the thing that is most interesting is the knowledge that this energy which can be harnessed can then be used to produce household electricity. When the company says that you might never have to deal with another power outage, they're not joking. With their system, it is indeed possible to effectively heat and cool a home, all while producing electricity from the same exact system.

14. The first product they designed was no bigger than a can of soda

It's interesting to note that the first product the company ever developed was about the size of a can of soda. It's a very simple part that is added onto any natural gas furnace or boiler which instantly converts it to a hydrogen system. This is also a product that has been in production for some time now and it's been proven to be quite effective.

15. The only waste produced is in the form of carbon solids

It is almost impossible to generate this type of power without producing some form of waste, but there's no question that their system produces as little waste as anything out there. In fact, most households produce what amounts to the same graphite that is used in standard pencils, producing about a single dust pan full in one month's time.

16. This waste can be recycled to companies that can actually use it

The good thing about this waste is that it can be thrown away or recycled and sold to companies that actually use it for their day-to-day operations. If you're in a household, it may not benefit you to try and recycle it, at least not yet. The rest of society hasn't quite caught up to everything that the company is working on. However, it's much better to throw this away as opposed to releasing it into the air, which is what your current system is doing. Larger businesses can easily recycle and sell the waste material so that their carbon footprint is reduced to almost nothing.

17. The company is always working on something that’s even more effective

It probably won't come as any surprise to you that the company is always working on advancements. That's what their entire existence was founded upon. As such, they currently have a brand new product in the research and development phase. It promises to be even more efficient than their current system. More importantly, they plan to debut it later on this year.

18. The company is based in Washington

Currently, the company is headquartered in Washington State. If you're curious, you might want to know that they're headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. As they grow, there is every chance that they might expand their current headquarters or even create a secondary hub in another city.

19. They haven’t gone public yet

Many people have started to wonder when the company will start being traded publicly. At the moment, that is simply not the case. However, there is every chance that they will re-evaluate this option in the future.

20. They’re hiring

It’s true, the company is currently looking for people who want to come to work for them. They are a dynamic company that is no stranger to doing things differently. This is something that has many people excited about both the future of the company and their own individual futures as they embark on the journey with them.

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