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How Modobag Will Forever Change the Way We Travel


Traveling with your luggage can be quite a hassle. Traditional suitcases are bulky, heavy, and hard to maneuver. You will find yourself working entirely too hard to make it to your destination promptly. People everywhere have been struggling to get around especially those that are not able to walk long distances or have trouble doing strenuous tasks. You see this happening all over airports. You might have thought that there must be a better way to get your belongings where they are going without having to struggle. You would be right if you have wondered because now there is Modobag. This revolutionary luggage is both a carry-on and a motorized scooter.

Modobag incorporates feather lite technology into a regulation-sized carry-on suitcase. The bag allows for up to eighty-five percent of its internal storage area for your belongings. Instead of lugging your bag with outdated wheels you can simply sit on the Modobag and extend the handle which is where the controls are located, and you can simply be on your way. Modobag is efficient and fun to use. It can get you to your destination three times faster than conventional means. It can reach speeds of up to eight miles per hour which is a pretty good pace. No more having to struggle and pull. Modobag will pull you instead. People all over are singing its praises. The Modobag is also great for those individuals that have issues walking long distances because of injuries, age, or other personal problems. The Modobag can make traveling manageable and fun for many that had issues getting around efficiently before.


Modobag charges just like other technology such as a cell phone. Simply plug in the charge cable and it quickly completes its charge so you can be on your way. The onboard controls are easy to use as well. It also features USB ports so that you can charge your electronics. No more having to search for a place to charge your phone at the airport, all you have to do is plug it in and go. It has GPS technology so that you will never have to wonder where your bag is. How many times have you lost your luggage and wished there was a GPS onboard so that you could easily find it? So it is not only convenient it is also smart. The bag also has a comfortable memory foam padded seat, and a great design that allows for just about anyone to hop on and go.

The Modobag is great for airports, but it can also do so many other tasks. Are you a busy college student with lots of books and items to tote around? It can be very difficult to make it to all of your classes with a stack of large, heavy books. Rolling bags are bulky and can be hard to pull on different surfaces. If you have a Modobag, you can pack all of your books and other items in the compartment and zip across campus so you can make it to class with time to spare and not be worn out when you get there. This would also be a great way to commute to work if you are currently walking. You can put all of your work gear inside the bag and be at work without sweating and struggling. There are also convenient exterior compartments that allow you to quickly store documents or your laptop. This allows for easy access while you are on the go.The great thing about the laptop compartment is that it is crush proof, so you don't need to worry about the possibility of damage.If you work in a large building, you can get around much faster and without taking such a long time to arrive at your destination. This motorized bag can make you a more efficient person and help you get where you need to be on time.

The Modobag runs on lightweight lithium batteries. It attains an eighty percent charge in only fifteen minutes. It has an external indicator to let you know what the level of charge is at. There is a telescoping handle so that you can pull it when you are not riding it with little effort. It also features a dual wheel braking system that will safely stop the Modobag at any point. There are slip resistant foot pegs that keep your feet comfortable in place without being bulky. They simply fold in when not in use.The exterior is made of sturdy Dupont Ballistic nylon which will stand up to daily wear and tear beautifully. All of this technology is built around a tough but lightweight aluminum shell. The Modobag only weighs nineteen pounds. Its maximum weight capacity is two hundred sixty pounds.

All of this wonderful technology is available for around $1000 for a single Modobag. This is a great deal considering that the going price for a simple well-made carry on bag is over five hundred dollars or more. You get a great deal when you decide to use Modobag. You will never want to use traditional luggage again. Once your friends and family see all of the great features that it has to offer, they will want to buy one too. You can also purchase to Modobag tracking app for around seventy dollars. It will let you know where to find your bag at all times. You will never have to worry about your bag becoming lost. You can order your Modobag in multiples for the perfect gift for friends and family.

You can get two Modobags for around $1900. You can order five Modobags for around $4750 and finally you can order ten Modobags for only $9250. Prices do not include shipping and handling. This great new product is scheduled to be available to the public in January of 2017. Don't be left out, be sure the pre-order your Modobag today so that you will be one of the first lucky individuals to have access to the revolutionary new travel bag. You will never regret buying the great new product that is designed to make your life easier and more fun.

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