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A Closer Look at the Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Evo 2 Automatic Watch

Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Evo 2 Automatic Watch

Mondaine is a watch brand that was founded in 1951. With more than fifty years in the industry, it has earned a solid reputation for innovations and a passion for creating new technical developments. It created one of the first digital watches of the 1970s era. It's a Swiss watch brand and family-owned enterprise that leads the way in the industry for promoting sustainability. All of the current watch models are produced by solar power at their factory. Their latest production is the Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Evo 2 Automatic. It's an exquisite piece that deserves a closer look and inspection to highlight its full value.

A tribute to Swiss railways

Mondaine offers a nod to the history of the famed railways of Switzerland, which are known for consistently running on time. A Blog to Watch provides a review that points out the inferences drawn between the two with Mondaine's Official Swiss Railways Evo 2 Automatic watch. It further suggests that the timepiece bears the same competence and reliability as the Swiss train system. It even bears design uses that point back to the railways with its unique dial design. It's a simple watch that has just enough eye appeal to draw casual observers in for a closer look. We think it's destined to become a classic with its clean aesthetic and affordable price. The brand is the official Swiss Railways watchmaker and it has maintained this distinction for a good number of years. It's produced many versions of Swiss Railway's timepieces for all genders, sizes, and ages. A few distinctions that set Mondaine watches apart are the uncommon mechanical movement which we'll get into briefly, and its long history of the production of these novel timepieces, designed in the image of a Swiss train station clock.

A Closer Look at the Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Evo 2 Automatic Watch

The Mondaine Official Swiss Railway Evo2 Automatic features a case that is water-resistant up to fifty meters. It is made of premium stainless steel material and measures 40 mm in width and 11 mm in depth with an attractive and eye-catching mirror-polished finish. The lug to lug width is 51 mm. The case back is pressed to enhance water resistance, and covered with a sapphire crystal glass in an exhibition style. You can see the inner workings of the delicate movement beneath when the watch is flipped over. The sapphire case back is treated with a coating of anti-reflective treatment to reduce light glare for a clearer view of the inner mechanics. The crown is a gasket style set at the 3 o'clock position in silvertone with the signature M initial in white against a brilliant red background at the top of the crown.

The dial

The dial is simple with a brilliant white background. The applied hour markers and minute and hour hands are black. They stand out with a striking contrast that is highly legible against the background. The seconds' hands are a lollipop red color with iconic Swiss train station styling. It's a simple format that offers a clean aesthetic with chunky features that make them pop out. The dial is covered with a flat sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on the inside and the outside, according to Mondaine. The crisp appearance of this timepiece melds the history of Swiss railway clocks in a vintage flavor with the innovations in technicalities of the modern era. The movement Mondaine Official Swiss railways Evo 2 Automatic watch is powered with a Swiss-made Sellita SW200 automatic movement that beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour or 4 Hz. The power reserve is approximately 48 hours. Functions are hours, minutes, seconds, and date which is displayed on the dial in a window at the 3 o'clock position. It's a simple movement that is reliable and durable for years of precision timekeeping function.

Other features of the Mondaine Official Swiss Railway Evo 2 Automatic watch

The original strap is made of genuine leather in a bright and festive red color that matches the splashes of color on the seconds' hand and the capper of the crown. This lends a sense of symmetry that ties the theme in together with a bit more detail, offsetting its otherwise plain personality. The Official Swiss Railways Evo 2 is available in a choice of several variants. It comes in a style that features a smaller case size, for more feminine hands. It is also available with a black leather strap or your choice of a Milanese-style stainless steel bracelet. The cost does go up for the latter, however. The quick-release spring bars on this watch make it easy for owners to change the straps at will. The starting price for this model is $665, with added costs for the metal bracelet.

Final thoughts

There are no complicated functions associated with this timepiece but it is rather a simple watch that is a decorative accessory suitable for casual or sportswear. Those who are familiar with the Swiss Railway system will get the inferences through the design. The Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Evo 2 Automatic watch is a luxury timepiece from a well-respected brand that is sure to become a classic in the years to come. It appeals to all generations, but the younger group in particular. It is a utilitarian and simple timepiece that is both attractive and functional. It's affordable for the quality that Mondaine is known for, and it's made available to a larger segment of the population of watch enthusiasts. It's one of the loveliest of the simple pleasures we've seen in this year's lineup. We predict that the Mondaine Official Swiss Railway Evo 2 will become one of the most popular models for the brand in the months and years to come. It's refreshing to see such a clean and crisp wristwatch offered from a notable brand that melds the past with the present at a reasonable cost.

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