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Monta Oceanking Dive Watch Description and Review


If you have not yet heard of the Monta Oceanking Dive watch and you are a lover of luxury wristwatches it may be worth your time to continue reading. The Monta watchmakers have designed and produced a fine new luxury wrist watch that is turning heads and creating a stir. While not yet in the elite grouping of fine collectibles, it would not surprise us to see the brand end up there in the near future. We're taking a closer look at Monta's Oceanking with a complete description and review for your consideration.

Luxury for the Modern Era

With so many luxury watchmakers creating wrist watches that are inspired by vintage models and historical era, Monta takes a more modern approach to the delivery of elegance and practicality. While some may believe that the aesthetics and psychological effects that are profound for some watch enthusiasts and collectors, and we tend to agree, there is still room for more players in the arena of fine luxury watchmaking.

Giving Monta a second look

The Monta watch company has produced a very special edition called the Oceanking Dive Watch. If you're a watch enthusiast and have not yet heard of it, you may want to continue reading. Some have compared it to larger brand names including the Tudor Black Bay. When compared side by side we immediately noticed similarities as well as differences. The Oceanking has the look and feel of a luxury watch but is slightly smaller in diameter with a thicker width. There is a difference in the Monta case but is not as ornate because it lacks the brushed design of the Tudor. The reason why we aligned the two together is to build the case that the Monta Oceanking Dive watch is comparable with the better known luxury brand.


The significance of the micro brand

While the Tudor Black Bay, Audemer's Piguet Royal Oak, Rolex and the other brands well known to collectors have set some pretty tough standards, they do not have a total monopoly on luxury and desirability, that is for everyone. The Monta Oceanking does not share the historical significance nor does it yet have the loyal fan base of the others, but it is an up and coming brand that may one day exceed the class of microbrand and move up in the ranks. With this in mind, we turn to the things that make the Oceanking Dive worthy of a second look.


The initial prototype was created as a pre-production model for the sake of in-depth examination under close scrutiny for any sign that further revisions were needed. The final product has been completed and is fit for even the most discriminating enthusiasts.

Description: The Oceanking is aptly named because it is a dive watch that boasts water resistance up to three hundred meters. It weighs 157 grams including the bracelet crafted of steel material and sized for a wrist of seven inches. This model is manufactured with a 40mm width, 13.8mm in thickness and lug to lug it is 49mm. The lugs are 20 mm. One of the most remarkable features is the proportionate design of the case and bracelet. The well though out design becomes apparent once you try it on and feel the immediate comfort of wearing.

The dial sports a matte finish with attractive polished hands with a functional internal AR. The double domes sapphire crystal features a layer of anti reflective materials for enhanced legibility and protection. The only drawback is that the double doming tends to cause issues regardless of anti reflection attempts when used under extremely bright lights.

The bezel has a good feel about it. Even though it is unlumed, it features a laser cut with a bearing mounted design with good gripping at the edge complemented with a ceramic insert. The watch features a smooth action that is extremely low noise with the bezel bringing a smile of approval.

Monta chose an interesting shape for the case. It comes across as an organic design that is smaller than the Tudor's Black Bay. Beveled edges, polished flanks and fine brushing are visible on bottom and top for an aesthetically pleasing finish. The lugs feature internal beveling which are fairly remarkable and it shows the utmost in attention to the finest of details. In fact, it is somewhat of a rarity that lends an aire of refinement to the product.


A closer look at the dial

The oversized dial in matte black features fine details worth mentioning. The Monta logo is oversized and placed at the 12. The date window is crafted with a polished aperture with a black date display which contrasts nicely with the white background. The chapter ring or rehaut is a flat black color. Applied markers are also attractive and do a fair job of catching any available light. Low light inspires the blue glow of the SuperLuminova BGW9 component which isn't overly bright but offers a clean white in daylight.

The movement

Monta wisely equipped the Oceanking Dive watch with a fully Swiss made Eterna's 3903A Calibre 39 movement running at 4 Hz offering a sixty five hour power reserve. Although it is not COSC certified, it does keep excellent time so the absence of the certificate is not likely to be missed.


The strap

Monta has chosen to go with Everest straps. This is the same company that is the proud supplier for Rolex watches and the name is synonymous with high quality and a recognizable brand name. They are also linked with Everest for the making of Monta watches. While it's not common knowledge, their horology is pretty amazing.

The Monta Oceanking price tag

Owning a Monta Oceanking Dive watch will set you back $3,550. It isn't the most expensive luxury watch on the market, but neither is it an inexpensive one. While some may be skeptical because of a lack of exposure to the brand and its products, there are those who are willing to give it a test run. In our estimation, the Monta Oceanking Dive watch is well worth every penny of the asking price.

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