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The 10 Most Expensive Baltimore Orioles Baseball Cards Ever

Baltimore Orioles

People from all walks of life collect baseball cards. Some of them do it because they enjoy having a collectible that reminds them of a particular player or even a game that they witnessed. Others collect cards purely as a money-making prospect. Making money from baseball cards isn't exactly the easiest thing to do, but it's not impossible, either. In fact, there are a number of different ways to make a rather significant amount of money from trading baseball cards, provided you know what you're doing. Of course, that involves knowing which cards actually have the capability of making you some money in the first place. That can largely be accomplished by choosing the right team (think popular) and then amassing a collection of that particular team's top players over a series of several years. It also helps if there have been a few monumental moments for either the team as a whole or an individual player while they were playing for that particular camp. Below are 10 of the most expensive Baltimore Orioles baseball cards in history. Some of them might surprise you. Who knows, maybe you'll go out and start making a little side money of your own.

10. 1983 Topps #163 Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles HOF ($400.00)

Cal Ripken, Jr. was considered by many to be one of the greatest players to ever grace the baseball field. He was also widely considered one of the most likable players. As such, there is more than one card featuring his likeness that shows up on this list.

9. 1974 Topps #235 Dave McNally Baltimore Orioles ($400.00)

McNally was widely considered one of the team’s most dynamic pitchers. That makes this a card that is quite valuable, especially in the eyes of dedicated fans. Considering the relatively small number of these cards that were produced, it’s easy to understand why it would sell for several hundred dollars.

8. 1976 Topps #414 Wayne Garland Baltimore Orioles ($750.00)

One reason this card is worth more than $700 is because of its age. After all, the card is roughly 45 years old, making it more difficult to come by than a lot of other cards that have been produced more recently. In addition, it features one of the more influential players for the team, Wayne Garland. In short, it’s a card that is widely loved by Orioles fans. It’s also one that has been highly sought after solely because of its monetary value. It’s definitely not the most expensive Orioles baseball card ever sold, but it’s not cheap, either.

7. 1985 Topps #30 Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles HOF ($800.00)

As previously mentioned, Cal Ripken, Jr. was easily one of the most dynamic players to ever come along in the MLB. The Orioles were fortunate enough to have him on their team, something that allowed them to out-play many other teams throughout the years. His popularity is the reason that he is featured so many times on this list. That fact alone serves as a testament to his ability as a player.

6. 1982 #98 Cal Ripken, Jr. Baltimore Orioles ($999.95)

Even those who don’t usually consider themselves baseball fans seemed to be fans of Cal Ripken, Jr. There was just something about him as a player that made people want to cheer for him. He had that rare blend of magnetism and ability that only seems to come around every once in a great while. Anyone who saw him play knew that they were witnessing something special.

5. 1973 Topps #618 Andy Etchebarren Baltimore Orioles ($1,000.00)

The thing that immediately stands out here is that the player in question, Andy Etchebarren, played as a catcher for the team. There aren’t that many catchers that truly make a name for themselves, but he was the exception to the rule. That is precisely why he is prominently featured on this card. It’s also why the card itself is worth so much money. The more unique the card or the player in question, the more money is typically involved.

4. 1987 Topps Baseball #784 Cal Ripken Baltimore Orioles ($2,100.00)

The thing that makes this card worth collecting is that there was an error in printing. The bullseye ink on the card has a slight error, meaning that if you’re lucky enough to have a card like this, then you might be able to cash in on a relatively big payday.

3. 1966 Topps #368 Charlie Lau Baltimore Orioles ($2,296.00)

If you ask the average baseball fan who this particular individual is, many of them wouldn't be able to tell you. That said, people that are die-hard fans of the Orioles know exactly who he is. The same is true for anyone that ever tried to hit a baseball. He didn't have the most prestigious position when he was on the team, to be sure. In fact, he served as the team's catcher. That said, he did an outstanding job every time he was on the field. Over time, he became so important to fans of the team that his card went up in value dramatically. That fact, coupled with the fact that it’s relatively rare, makes it worth a great deal of money today.

2. 2021 Topps Ser 2 Ke’Bryan Hayes RC Ultra Short Print ($6,299.99)

What makes this one special? It is a card from 2021 after all. Most of the cards that are actually worth something are much older. The catch here is that the card was produced in extremely limited numbers, which means that it’s already one of the rarest Baltimore Orioles cards you’re ever likely to find.

1. 1968 Topps #20 Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles HOF ($10,000.00)

Brooks Robinson was easily one of the most famous players for the Orioles. As such, a number of the cards he has been featured on have obtained a rather high monetary value. This one is no exception. In fact, it is one of the most highly sought after cards as well as one the most valuable card on this list.

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