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The Five Most Expensive Cooper Kupp Football Cards Ever Sold

Cooper Kupp

During the 2017 National Football League's third draft round, Cooper Douglas Kupp earned himself a place as a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams. Prior to this, he played college football for Eastern Washington University where he received All-America honors. During the 2021 season, Kupp has earned himself 145 catches, ran 1,947 yards, and scored sixteen touchdowns. This has caused him to lead the NFL in all three of these categories. He also has the most amount of yards from scrimmage during an NFL season by a wide receiver at 1,965 yards. This broke the 2012 record set by Calvin Johnson. Kupp is also the first receiver to accumulate over two thousand receiving yards combined in the regular season and post-season play. Prior to the start of his NFL career, Kupp had already earned a name for himself as a two-sport athlete that competed in basketball and football while still in high school in Yakima, Washington. Cooper Kupp's face and name, as a football card collectible, already seems to fetch decent money among collectors. How much more valuable his name will be as a coveted trading card will depend on the final outcome of the LVI Super Bowl game that's scheduled for February 13, 2022. Currently, on eBay Auction, which seems to be the only reputable website featuring Cooper Kupp football cards, there are approximately sixty trading cards featuring his name on them. At the time of writing this article, there was nothing registered on the PSA grading website, but should any of the cards sold on eBay take place, it will most likely show up there. While there are a number of sites that offer highly coveted trading cards, eBay happens to be the largest carrier of these cards with the highest price tags, at least for now.

5. Cooper Kupp 2017 Contenders Auto RC Draft Class 2020 honors PSA 10 ($538.00)

This autographed football card of Cooper Kupp was sold for $538.00 USD on January 30, 2022, through the eBay auction site. According to the PSA website, there are only two of these PSA-9 trading cards of its kind.

4. Cooper Kupp 2017 Panini Contenders Optic Autograph on Card RC SP PSA 9 Rams ($920.00)

According to PSA, there are only five known copies of this particular football card featuring Copper Kupp and his autograph. This card was purchased for $920.00 USD on January 25, 2022 at the eBay auction site.

3. 2017 Contenders Cracked Ice Auto Cooper Kupp #6/25 PSA 10 ($1,237.00)

This PSA-10 graded rookie card of Cooper Kupp was purchased at $1,237.00 USD on December 3, 2021, from the eBay auction site. The rarity of this card is only registered at two, according to the PSA rating site, which is an informational database that's updated daily.

2. 2017 Cooper Kupp Optic Gold PSA 10 10/10 And Jersey Number Rookie ($5,300.00)

On January 2, 2022, this football rookie card of Cooper Kupp had so far become among the most expensive ever sold on record. However, this is likely to change as time wears on and cards of this rarity and value continue to win over the attention of collectors. According to PSA's site, there are only two of these cards in this condition of its kind.

1. 2017 Donruss Optic Cooper Kupp Rated Rookie #179 Gold Vinyl 1/1 PSA 10 Rookie RC ($10,100.00)

$10,100.00 USD has so far been the largest sum of money forked over to collect a Cooper Kupp football card. According to PSA's website, there is only one of this card of its kind. On January 3, 2022, on eBay's auction site, the winning bidder was allowed to take home this pricey prize.

Why eBay

Like it or not, it seems eBay Auctions is the main site that seems to have the most amount of activity going on between buyers and sellers of collectible items, especially trading cards. There are other auction sites that are just as reputable, namely Heritage Auctions, but at the moment there isn't anything to be found with them. However, this can change quickly once the big game on February 13, 2022, is over. Already on eBay, there are a number of auctions taking place right now that have bids that are even higher than some that are posted here. This even includes the 201 Donruss Optic Cooper Kupp card that currently sits at number one. Should he and his team win, there's a strong bet what is ranked at number one now could very well sit at the number five spot. According to Auction Report, Joe Burrow, the quarterback from the Cincinnati Bengals, and Cooper Kupp, the wide receiver for the Rams, are the two hottest names as far as sports memorabilia collectors go. Whichever player happens to be on the winning team is bound to see the value of any item associated with his spike in price as history does have it everybody loves a champion. However, whichever of these two players happens to be on the losing team after the big game will not have his name diminish anytime soon, either. These two players are where they are for a reason and have the benefit of youth on their side that will see both of them see at least a few more years before retiring from the sport.

Outside eBay's World

In addition to eBay, there are also a few other auction sites worth following should one be interested in collecting sports memorabilia. Goldin Auctions is one such site, which is known for fetching big money for sports memorabilia. Another is Heritage Auction. Those two auction sites, plus the rest of the bunch that is not necessarily part of eBay's realm, are usually listed on Auction Report, along with the schedules when bids take place. Already on a few of the sites listed, there are little bidding wars taking place over Cooper Kupp, as well as many other big-name athletes that are already legends in their own right.

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