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The Five Most Expensive Hennessy Bottles Money Can Buy


Hennessy is among the oldest cognacs that have existed. It was established in 1765 by an Irish ex-military man called Richard Hennessy, who had a good taste for Cognac. This particular Cognac was processed using grapes harvested in the rich grape regions of France. The brand cognac had gone through a double distillation process inside a copper pot, followed by a well-calculated aging process in Limousin oak and casks of Troncais until it developed an Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of forty percent. Hennessy is 100% cognac, and it is expensive because of the distillation process used. It has also gone through high-quality ingredients that are aged carefully to give this brand an extraordinary taste. This article is a compilation list of five of the most expensive Hennessy Bottles.

5. Hennessy Timeless ($16,318.68)

You can recognize the Hennessy Timeless with the unique baccarat crystal decanter bottle that holds the liquid. Hennessy has limited this 70 cl bottle to only 2,000 of them. The Cognac had gone through a unique distillation process and aged for 100 years or more inside oak barrels, ensuring that it has reduced the liquid tanning content. According to, the final product is a golden amber drink that looks shining in the light. Hennessy Timeless has a fantastic aroma with a delicious flavor that comes from the fruit flavors and overtones of flora the manufacturer has used. To enjoy this sensational Cognac that began to be rolled in the market in the 1990s, you will have to part with $16,318 or 12,000 pounds.

4. Hennessy Ellipse Cognac ($16,996.69)

Hennessy Ellipse Cognac is another unique brand of Hennessy that first hit the market in 2006. This Cognac has been aged for over 100 years in the company plant in France. The production of this Cognac was limited to only 2000 bottles, and some bottles are believed to contain distilled wines that were brewed from the 1700s, which means this rich Cognac is timeless and priceless, which indicates why Hennessy brands are the oldest in history. The flashy bottle that houses Hennessy Ellipse Cognac is an improvised bottle that was used for the Hennessy Timeless cognac. The changes done to that bottle included encasing it with a sequel to give it a futuristic fancy crystal decanter appearance. This cognac content flashes gold and has a nutty flavor of another age cognac called "rancio," rose, and sugared fruit. A bottle of Hennessy Ellipse Cognac goes for $16,996.69 or 12,500 Euros when you buy it online.

3. Hennessy Edition Particuliere ($36,899.99)

Hennessy Edition Particuliere is a rare cognac from this historical French company that produces the most lavish Cognac in the world. Hennessy sold this Cognac in several exceptional bottles at one time in a charity auction event known as La Part de Anges in France, where a bottle fetched over 20,000 pounds. According to Luxe Digital, to get one of the remaining bottles of Hennessy Edition Particuliere, you will dig deep into your pockets and pat with $36,899.99 and more. A bottle holds 750-ml Cognac that has been aged for 100 years in Hennessy barrels developed using the tiercon French oak. This oak was developed by a Master blander called Alfred Fillioux, whose great-grandson currently holds the same position at the company. The Hennessy Edition Particuliere edition was released in the market in 2014, and only a limited number of 29 bottles were produced. It is rare and known worldwide as one of the most coveted delicious cognac money can buy.

2. Hennessy H8 ($96,937.54)

What can you do with $96,937.54? You will spend that amount to get hold of this unique smooth Cognac. This bottle of H8 Hennessy has gone through the best distillation process at Hennessy and aged to match the status of Hors d'Age, which means it has taken a minimum of 30 to 50 years on the lower side or up to 100 years. This Cognac has an Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of forty percent inside the expensive 70 cl bottle that houses it. H8 Hennessy comes in a symbolic bottle that Baccarat shapes to form 8 rings of crystal sparkling which are engraved using floral patterns by an artist called Arik Levy. The bottle was designed to celebrate 250 years since the touch was passed at Hennessy's house. This entire time the Fillioux family and Hennessy have been trading places from 1800 as cellar masters. The truck designed to house the crystal decanter is made using 25 layers of precious wood. It comes with four tasting glasses created by Georg Riedel and Yann Fillioux. This well-refined Cognac is a fine savor. It contains toffee notes, spice, toasted oak, berries, and vanilla that leave a lasting taste.

1. Hennessy Beaute du siècle Cognac ($243,750)

The most expensive Hennessy brand is the Hennessy Beaute du siècle Cognac. This Cognac is housed in a 1000 ml bottle aged 80-150 years in Hennessy warehouses before being released for sale. A bottle of this Cognac has an ABV of forty percent, and it is known worldwide as the most coveted Hennessy production masterpiece in the world. Only 100 bottles were released from the company. The unique bottle of Hennessy Beaute du siècle Cognac was designed by Kilian Hennessy, who was in control of the Hennessy brand from the 1940s to the late 1970s. Additionally, the custom chest was created by a contemporary artist called Jean-Michel Othoniel from France. When the 100 bottles were made available for purchase, one was going for $243,750.

Final Verdict

Hennessy's many years of mixing and distilling some of the most luxurious cognacs in the world can be dated back to 1765. These five coveted bottles that we have featured represent the respect the company has created worldwide, which is why they cost top dollars. Among liquor collectors, when you taste any of their brands, you will savor the taste they leave on your mouth forever. Even a small of these Cognacs' scents is mesmerizing, and you will be lucky even to come close to them.

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