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The Five Most Expensive Jacob deGrom Baseball Cards

Jacob deGrom

Jacob DeGrom is one of the most recent baseball players to see some of his baseball trading cards go up exponentially in value. It's worth noting that the majority of these cards come from his 2014 rookie year. In fact, all of the cards that are listed in this top five list are from that year. There's no doubt that he has achieved some impressive accomplishments in his chosen line of work. Beginning his career as a starting pitcher with the New York Mets in 2014, he was named Rookie of the Year. He still plays with the same team to this day. Currently, his Win/Loss record is 77-53. He also has an earned run average of 2.50 and has enjoyed 1,505 strikeouts. DeGrom earned the Cy Young Award in both 2018 and 2019. He was named the ERA Leader in 2018 and also the Strikeout Leader in 2019 and 2020. DeGrom has been an All-Star four times throughout his career. Below are five of the most valuable cards that have ever been sold, along with a few examples of cards that are similar which are also currently for sale. Of course, the cards are ranked from number five to number one. While some of them are far more affordable than others, they all have a value that is definitely worth your attention.

5. 2014 Topps Heritage RC #H549 Jacob DeGrom PSA 10 ($224.00)

This is definitely one of the most affordable Jacob DeGrom baseball cards out there. It's important to remember one thing in this particular case. This is still a very recent card, meaning that it's highly likely it will only increase in value as time goes on. That means that if you're holding on to one right now, there's definitely a better than average chance that it will increase in value by quite a lot at some point in the future. That said, there's certainly nothing wrong with taking an opportunity to enjoy a payday in the amount of more than $200 when the only thing you're selling is one card. This particular card Is a favorite among fans of the player, largely because it shows a great deal of his personality as opposed to just being a standardized, formal photograph. At the moment, similar examples of this particular card are available for sale for approximately $94. One site on the internet also has one for sale for $237, so if the person does get the asking price for the card, that will become one that should be on this list as well.

4. 2014 Topps Update RC SSP #US50 Jacob DeGrom “Pointing” PSA 9.5 ($299.45)

One of the first things you will probably notice with this particular card is that it is another example of him showing a bit of personality, something that collectors seem to love. As a matter of fact, this has become one of the major selling points with many of his cards and this one is certainly no exception. At the moment, this particular card is still relatively affordable. However, that's something that is likely to change as more time passes.

3. 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft RC #BCP73 Jacob DeGrom PSA 10 ($347.00)

One of the first things you are likely to notice about this particular line of cards is that there are several different variations available. For example, this particular example is a chrome variation. There is also one that's done in solid black. The amount of money that you stand to make from the card that you're trying to sell will depend largely on the exact variation that you have. Of course, it's also crucial that the card be in notably good condition. As you can see, this particular example is in mint condition. While it's not a payday worth thousands of dollars, it's definitely a respectable amount of money for a single item.

2. 2014 Topps Update RC #US50 Jacob DeGrom “Throwing” PSA 10 ($2,027.49)

Clearly, this is a card that's worth a great deal of money. Granted, it may not bring you the $5.2 million that some other players’ baseball cards can potentially bring, but a card worth a little over $2,000 that was issued as recently as 2014 is actually relatively rare. It serves as a testament to both the player's popularity and the fact that collectors are already snatching up these cards as quickly as they're being manufactured. Of course, you can find one of these examples for far less, but it's also likely to be in less than mint condition. This particular example received a 10 out of 10 for its PSA score. It’s interesting to note that when the card was first made available to the public, it could be purchased for less than $10. That's definitely not a bad investment if you happen to have one.

1. 2014 Topps Supreme Auto RC #SADJE Jacob DeGrom PSA 8.5 ($11,000.00)

It's almost unthinkable to even entertain the idea that a card from somebody's rookie year that occurred as recently as this could potentially sell for this much money, but that is precisely what has occurred with this particular example. Rest assured, there are others on the internet that are vying to sell for just as much, and perhaps even more. Perhaps the most interesting thing to note here is that this particular card doesn't have a low PSA score, but it certainly doesn't have the highest score that it could potentially have, either. It might not be quite so surprising to see a card that sells for this much money if it was in perfect condition. Seeing one sell for this much that has a score of 8.5 out of 10 is unique, to say the least. This is especially true when you consider the fact that the card itself isn't really that old. Imagine what it could potentially be worth in 10 or even 20 years. It’s also worth noting that DeGrom signed these cards, as players sometimes do. That fact alone is largely why the card is worth so much more than the others on this list.

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