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The Five Most Expensive Steph Curry Basketball Cards

Steph Curry

The value of Stephen Curry’s basketball cards has since skyrocketed thanks to his sheer talent and profound shooting range. His unique shot-making ability is unmatched. It is no surprise that his rookie card has become the most expensive ever sold at $5.9 million. A rookie card value worth this much shows how much he’s captured the attention of anyone in the sports card world. While it’s rated the highest priced rookie card of all time, you still have tons of options to choose from. According to Beckett, over 27 of Steph’s cards are out there. If your budget doesn’t allow you to get the 5.9 million-dollar, you can still collect other Steph Curry’s rookie cards. Here is a ranking from the least to the most expensive.

5. 2009-10 Playoff Contenders Stephen Curry RC #106 Autograph SP ($2,800)

The 2009-10 Playoff Contenders Rookie Cards might not be as popular as football cards, but they are hard-signed and feature pristine print runs. The unique element that Curry collectors can take advantage of is the oversized signature. Not revealing the original print should be the least of your worries because Panini always assumed that Steph Curry’s contenders rookie were part of the group limited to less or more than 649 copies. Even though the product range for these cards was high, their values remain strong. To imagine that card collectors have a fetish for quality-assuring signatures is an understatement. Many of these signatures might look like they have ink issues, so it would be best if you checked them out in a close-up range during your search.

4. 2009 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor Stephen Curry BGS Pristine 10 ($480,000)

Did you know that the best way to get a significant value of Topps Chrome basketball in outperforming graded conditions is by checking out their labels? Card collectors regard BGS 10, PSA 10, and BGS 10 Black as top graded for starters. One of the most priced rookie cards in this list is the Topps Chrome, and it is worth $480,000. Before signing the exclusive licensing deal with Panini, Curry had already qualified to join the league. It will be a good idea to have at least one now, hoping to invest in them later. Look at it from this angle; the card is worth $480,000 now, making it more affordable. Its simplistic and classic design perfectly depicts Curry’s charms. You have more to gain from buying it, even if it takes hundreds of years to gain value. Unlike other Steph Curry’s rookie cards, the Topps Chrome doesn’t have a jersey patch or an autograph, making it unique. It boasts pristine condition, making sense that it should cost close to half a million dollars. If this fits your budget, go for it by all means.

3. 2009 Playoff National Treasures Stephen Curry Rookie Patch Auto – PSA 10 ($800,000)

If the “Logoman” seems far out of reach due to its $5.9 million price, you’ll be pleased to discover the “Playoff National Treasures.” It is also one of the original 2009 sets. Almost every rookie card collector at the time wanted to get a taste of this. However, the hype shifted when Logoman and Century Platinum took over. Currently, there are 99 Playoff National Treasures in the market, making them daunting to land. However, their grading justifies their current price, around $800,000. You might notice this card closely resembling the Logoman rookie patch upon close observation. The only difference is the Logoman has an NBA logo patch from Steph’s Jersey, while the Playoff Rookie Patch is a jumbo jersey patch with Warriors’ colors.

2. 2009 Panini National Treasures “Century Platinum” Stephen Curry Rookie Patch Auto (3/5) – BGS 9.5 ($960,000)

One of the unique facts about the “Century Platinum” is its rarity. Currently, only five cards have been manufactured. Valued at $960,000, “Century Platinum” almost looks like the “Logoman.” It also features Steph Curry donning a dark-colored jersey patch and an autograph. His jersey has an NBA logo patch with an autograph on the left-hand side.

1. 2009 Stephen Curry National Treasures Rookie Logoman ($5.9 million)

Without a doubt, Steph Curry’s rookie card “Logoman” is the most expensive and rarest of cards. And there are some significant reasons to show for it. First, it’s hard to come by. Second, whoever manufactured it must be trustworthy among card collection enthusiasts. According to Ventured, Steph Curry has other cards to add to his collection. In July 2021, the Stephen Curry National Treasures rookie card sold for $5.9 million to the Alt Fund, making it the most expensive sports card any collector had ever seen. The rookie card is manufactured by Panini and has a “Logoman” patch from the game and is very rare. According to Bleacher Report, the rookie card initially sold for $611,000 in 2020 at the Golding Auctions, making it the most priced by then. You can see young Curry looking sexy in his navy blue with orange and yellow side-stripped jersey while interlocking his fingers together. His jersey is of Warriors and has the number 30 embedded on it. As a pioneer in the collectible industry, Alt fund intends to allow card collectors to buy a fraction of shares of the item, giving them the chance to possess some of the most talked-about things in their collections.

Our take on Steph Curry’s cards

Currently, there are 27 cards patented to Stephen Curry. Some appear basic, stylish, pricey, and affordable. Others have autographs, NBA team patches, larger signatures, and many other features to suit different card collectors’ needs. Some derive their prices from the brands they come from, like Panini and the likes. Whatever the case, it boils down to which one sets your adrenaline kicking and makes you feel like a calculative card collector. Now that you have many Stephen Curry Rookie cards to choose from, what stops you from breaking the bank to add some to your collection?

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