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The Five Most Expensive Water Guns Money Can Buy

Water Gun

Now that summer is approaching, it's high time to shop for a water gun. After all, the summer parties and outings are more fun when there are water guns. Water guns are useful in swimming pools, backyards, or beaches. In contrast to the famous belief that water guns are for kids, adults can also have some memorable moments with water guns. Nothing will make you relapse to your childhood faster than shooting an unsuspecting family member or friend with a water gun. Whether playing survival or having fun on a hot day, you will need the best water gun. Here is an exclusive review of the five most expensive water guns money can buy.

5. Team Magnus Incog Water Gun ($36.00)

The Team Magnus Incog Water Gun is one of the most expensive water guns which looks like a briefcase for an undercover spy. It features a compact size that makes it easy to hold. One of the impressive features of the water gun is its massive capacity of 40 ounces. But even with the impressive capacity, it remains lightweight and provides a great soaking power. You might also be surprised to know that the Incog water gun shoots up to 32 feet for every shoot. The water gun comes with a unique design that makes it easier to refill with fewer chances of a leak and reduced waste. When it comes to the material of the water gun, it has been designed with the highest standards of modern plastic production with a sturdy ABS casing around the PE water tank. Depending on your color preference, the water gun is available in three color combinations; grey/blue, grey /purple/red, and light grey. This is a fun water gun, especially for older kids and adults.

4. LUDILO Water Gun for Adults, 2100CC Super Big Squirt Gun Water Soaker Blaster ($37.99)

Next on the list of the most expensive water guns is the LUDILO Water Gun for Adults. This is a high-capacity 21000cc squirt gun that allows it to hold a huge amount of water at one time. Its 2100ml is larger than most of the normal water guns. A single load will last for about 70 times constant shootings meaning you won't need a lot of reloading. Another unique feature about this water gun is that it comes with a lot of shooting fun. The gun's handle is an anti-slip texture making it easy to hold. To pump the water, you just need to slide the water gun pump back and forth, and a solid water stream will be flying out. When engaging in water battles, you want a gun that shoots the longest distance possible. The LUDILO water features a big water shooter nozzle that produces a powerful line of squirt up to a minimum of 35 feet in distance range. This is a far enough blasting range for older kids and adults in water gunfights. Although expensive, the gun offers great value for your cash in its cool color combination of white, green, and blue and is made of quality, non-toxic and eco-friendly ABS material. Generally, this durable gun offers a safe and fun way of cooling off during a hot day.

3. HITOP Water Guns for Kids Squirt Water Blaster Guns ($39.99)

Looking for a high-quality water gun specially designed for kids, the HITOP Water Guns have you covered. The pistol part of these water gun kits can shoot as far as 27 feet with its easy pumping action. However, the best feature of this water blaster is the massive capacity of up to 15000 CC. This higher capacity is sufficient to give the gun an upper edge because you will remain loaded for longer than most of your buddies, allowing you to hunt them down as they try to refill their guns. With a cool design inspired by cartoons and video games, kids wear this water blaster to get transformed into cartoon hero cosplay, ready for the water fun. It's also made with non-toxic, high-quality plastic materials ensuring high durability and safety. Generally, this pack will offer endless fun for children and adults with its easy-to-fill and easy-to-shoot features.

2. Tinleon Water Gun with Backpack Tank ($39.99)

Are you looking to emerge the winner during summer water battles? The Tinleon Water Gun Squirt Guns Water Blaster is a perfect option. With a high capacity of 2800cc, you will have sufficient water to blast your family members and friends for a prolonged period. This gun is significantly more interesting than most options out there, perfect for family fun in the swimming pool, summer water fights, and outdoor activity toys. Regardless of its size, Tinleon is still suitable for young water fighters, thanks to its easy-to-operate shooting mechanism. You only need to pull the handle and fire. The water gun is easy to use as you only require to move the handle to shoot. To refill the tank, you just need to open the cap and fill the tank and pull back the handle. You can then push the handle in to unleash a huge water stream to your targets. The water gun also features a round-edge design that protects one's hands and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This is a water gun worth considering regardless of its high price tag.

1. SpyraTwo Water Gun ($159)

SpyraTwo is the water gun you never knew you required. The cost of SpyraTwo is a huge jump from the costliest on the other reviewed, going for more than double the price, but it's worth it. The gun will leave your friends wondering what hit them, and those daring to challenge you with their water gun toys will soon run to get cover. This water gun is semi-automatic, meaning you won't have to pump it up. You only need to pull the trigger, and it can shoot the water bullets up to 46 feet. It can also self-reload in only twelve seconds by dunking it in water. The gun also has a battery charge that can withstand an enormous 2000 blasts per charge. If you both have a SpyraTwo water gun, you will experience the most epic water gun shoot-out with super-fast water blasts exploding. Ultimately, this water gun features a sleek design and innovative technology out of this world. So, next time you go for a water fight, leave your toy water gun in the kindergarten and up your game to get this great water gun.

Bottom Line

Water guns offer a fun way for you to spend time and create bonds during summer. But to get the best from water guns, always ensure you get the right model. Ultimately, these are the five most expensive water guns money can buy. Therefore, if your budget allows getting one of these high-end water guns with swankier accessories.

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